10 Reasons Why It’s Better to Rent an Office Coffee Machine

10 Reasons Why It’s Better to Rent an Office Coffee Machine

If you’re looking for a new coffee machine for your office for the new year, you may have found yourself stuck on Google searches and looking at online catalogues, not sure where to start with making your purchase. You may also be bracing yourself to fork out for a new machine, which doesn’t tend to be a relatively small investment, regardless of the brand or range of machine you might have your eye on. 

Did you know that companies like Aquaspresso provide you with the option to rent a machine, rather than buying it upfront? Many business owners are unaware of this, so today we’re exploring a couple of reasons why it’s better to rent, rather than buy, especially when it comes to coffee machines.

  1. Diversifying Your Options

Renting a coffee machine diversifies the range of machines available to you. While you may not have been able to afford a high-end machine when planning an outright purchase, your budget may allow for you to explore ranges with more features, as you’ll be paying for them monthly, rather than in one go and upfront.

  1. Cash Flow Considerations

Speaking of payment, renting an office machine has a naturally positive effect on cash flow. If you’ve budgeted in a bulk purchase, but you unexpectedly get hit with a client departure or a slowdown in sales in the month that follows, you may find yourself in a spot of trouble. Renting a machine gives you  clear idea about the monthly payment due, and allows you to spread your spending more evenly over a longer period of time.

  1. Regular Maintenance

Nobody likes to engage in maintenance activities, especially when it comes to a work day that is already full of other tasks and meetings. Renting a machine means at specific suppliers means you’ll gain regular access to their maintenance teams, who come in to do routine maintenance checks and modifications as per the warranty of the machine. Find out about this before you buy.

  1. Access to Hands-On Support

If you’re worried about not understanding how a machine works, especially if you’ve gone for a higher-end model, than it’s good to know that a rental allows you access to on hand customer support, which will always be happy to hear from you, especially as they are the original owners of the machine.

  1. Bringing New Meaning to “Try Before You Buy”

It can be hard to figure out which coffee machine will suit a majority of the office, and some employees may get complacent over a machine that only caters to a select few in the office. When renting a machine, you can “try before you buy”, getting a sense of what the team enjoys, and what works practically as well. 

  1. Upgrade as New Models are Released

When you’re renting a machine, and a newer model comes get release via your supplier, you can chat to them about switching your subscription. While the new model may be slightly more expensive to rent, it does give you access to regular upgrades at what is a fraction of the price, when compared to buying it upfront.

  1. An Unconventional Guarantee

When renting a machine, you also have access to a somewhat unconventional guarantee and warranty. While it’s your responsibility to take good care of the machine, regardless of whether you own it or not, any damage and repairs can also be handled directly by your supplier, giving you peace of mind in case of accidents. 

  1. Adaptable Coffee Machines as Your Business Grows and Changes

If your business starts taking off and the machine grows exponentially, as is often the case in smaller startups, you’re able to adapt your coffee machines to the needs of your employees as the business grows and changes. You have the flexibility to upgrade/change your rental at any time, depending on the kind of agreement you sign.

  1. Keeping With The Times

…regardless of technological advancements and changes. Your business can’t be seen to be lagging behind, with a machine that looks and sounds like it is from the stone ages. You can maintain a professional image by renting a more recently released machine, which shows you are with the times, without having to do much in terms of research in the first place.

  1. Gain Access to an Automatic Barista at the Touch of a Button

When you rent a coffee machine, you gain access to an automatic barista, available at the touch of a button. This comes in very handy in offices where people enjoy a range of different products, and where you want to make the team feel special and valued. Renting is the way to go if you’d like this barista to continue to offer you a wide selection of options, at a fraction of the price.