Juicy Java – Top Filter Coffee Makers in USA

Juicy Java – Top Filter Coffee Makers in USA

If you’re anything like me, a point-form list that takes away the need to research any given topic by myself is your idea of a good life. Need to know the best rates you can get for an apartment? “Top Ten Affordable Apartments in New York” (insert the giggle here).

“How To Get 8 Hours Sleep In 4 Hours”. Lists are everywhere – and for a good reason. Comparing, researching and finding out all you can before committing to anything nowadays is almost standard practice. So, if you’re in the market for a drip coffee maker, here’s a list to help you with that.

Do note that we have featured these machines according to pricing – from an entry level machine all the way though to “top-of-the-range” coffee makers.

Also, we know you’re in South Africa – so if our own local range of filter coffee makers is just not meeting your standards, consider getting local friend to accept your Amazon delivery and let the Java flow!

Best Affordable Filter Coffee Makers USA

You need something that’s going to make you great coffee, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on it.

The Bunn Velocity Brew BT – $ 120.00 – $ 180.00











  • In the review by cnet.com, we’re told this drip coffee maker is capable of brewing a pot of coffee in about 3 minutes. It contains a thermo-flask to keep that coffee hot, but meets it’s downfall in that it only has capacity to brew one pot per time.

KitchenAid Siphon Brewer – $ 150.00 – $ 200.00











  • This piece demonstrates there is space for a hybrid of both trusted types of machines and more “artsy” machine styles. The KitchenAid Siphon brewer combines the syphon-style top of coffee makers, coupled with the drip-coffee maker style pot we have come to know. This review, from cnet.com, we’re told that this coffee maker produces typically “cloudy” coffee, and because of the method of extraction, often yields a far stronger cup than the rest of the coffee maker styles.

Ninja Coffee Bar – $ 145.00 – $ 175.00











  • We can see where this machine derived it’s name from; it’s sleek, and quiet – just like a ninja (well, the good one’s anyway). This machine features selection buttons, which allow you to choose which coffee strength you prefer, as well as speciality brews set to your unique taste. Also, it features a removable water tank, which is something we rarely ever see on drip coffee makers. Check out the full review on cnet.com

Technivorm Moccamaster KBT 741 – $ 309.00 – $ 360.00











  • This top of the rage drip coffee maker has deceiving looks; it appears almost “old fashioned” in styling, while at the simultaneously “ahead of it’s time”. If you’re a lover of piping hot coffee, look no further, The tower has a capacity to heat the water reservoir to 200 degree, ensuring it’s as hot as can be. You’re ensured q quick cup too, as brewing a whole pot takes as little as 6 minutes. Want to see the full review? Check it out on cnet.com.

Information sourced from cnet.com