The Best Coffee Capsule Brands in 2019

The Best Coffee Capsule Brands in 2019

Brands like Aquaspresso are making it all the more easy to own a fancy, high-end coffee machine for a fraction of the price. That got us thinking a little bit about some of the additional costs attached to owning or renting a coffee machine for your home or office space. If you’ve got your hands on a machine that takes coffee capsules, your first instinct might be that there is only one brand to consider, thanks to an international marketing campaign featuring an a-list celebrity that has worked tremendously well. As always, your options are not so limited, and we live in an age where you can explore a range of coffee pods to provide you with an enjoyable drinking experience. Let’s take a dive into this, in particular looking at the top coffee capsule brands to consider in 2019.

Coffee Pods Are All The Rage These Days

It’s true, many people are switching to machines that use coffee pods, but why? Simply put, they maximise efficiency and cost. The logic is that you can get a high end coffee of your choice, in the form you prefer (cappuccino, espresso etc.) in the fraction of the time and cost. This is more efficient than going directly to a coffee shop every morning before you get to work. While you need to invest in a high-end machine upfront to do so off course, it’s the kind of investment that pays itself off with every click of a button, and every brew. Alternatively, renting a machine is a great option to consider as well. Let’s look at the best coffee pod brands to explore, once you have a compatible machine.

L’Or Espresso Aluminium

There’s a new brand on the marketing that is advertising heavily, predominantly mentioning that their capsules are available in most supermarkets. L’Or Espresso is a winner for us, not only because they provide six different capsule options, but because their pods are 100% recyclable as well. We tried their Splendente pack, which initiated a creamy coffee experience, with nutty undertones and just a hint of orange zest. If you’re looking to go this route, make sure that your machine is compatible, especially as they have a list of machine models bought after 2016 that their pods will not work with. That aside, they are still a very valuable option to consider.

Reserve Premium Coffee

Some brands are quick to grab our attention, due to the nature of their products. Reserve Premium Coffee, for example, is a local brand providing organic capsules to the market, which is definitely a notch in their belt. They experiment a bit with flavour choices (when compared with some other brands), and we particularly liked the Honduras product, which is nice and sweet and comes with a slight chocolate aftertaste (never a bad thing). This product is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans and came in a convenient pack of 10. To be honest, and dropping a not-so-subtle hint, we’re keen to try more of their products after tasting this one.


You didn’t think we’d forget them after our reference earlier, did you? Nespresso is the undisputed coffee capsule champion of the moment, and the Rolls Royce of the range. These guys are doing it right, and better yet, have a wide range of products over and above the traditional coffee options. Their barista creations and limited edition pods are well designed, thought out and a good starting point for you to begin your experimentation with the brand. If you’d like, you can even buy a beautiful display case (retailing for around R500), for you to stock different flavours as you embark on the journey, taking your amateur barista status to a new level the next time someone important comes round to your home or office. Top marks for these guys.

Regardless of coffee capsules making it more efficient for us to explore an industry-standard blend, it is important to remember that drinking coffee is always better when it is a social activity. So the next time you’re buying coffee capsules, consider doubling up on your order and inviting someone to share in the process with you. In an attention economy, we’re all worried about the amount of time in our days, but the fact remains that there is nothing better than enjoying a quick cuppa with someone you care about, someone you can learn from, or just someone who can sit next to you on a harder day. Make it a memorable experience wherever possible, rather than just a typical caffeine fix.