Jura Ena Micro 90 vs Jura Micro 9

Jura Ena Micro 90 vs Jura Micro 9

Jura coffee machines are growing in popularity these days, due to an ongoing promotional campaign featuring Roger Federer (one of the greatest tennis professionals of all time). While the collaboration has given the brand a nice boost around the world, it did leave us pondering as to, when all is said and done, which of their machines comes out on top, in terms of affordability, style and ease of use. 

Their Micro range, for example, which contains a variety of coffee machines, is spearheaded by two very popular machines, the Ena Micro 90, and the Micro 9 (closely named we know, don’t let it confuse you like it confused us at first). Exploring our curiosity and going deeper down the rabbit hole, we decided to test drive both machines, with the intention of finding out which offers the best overall value, and ultimately deciding which is a better option. Thank us later!

About Jura Coffee Machines

Jura prides itself on keeping pace with the fast changing nature of the world and the coffee industry, as a result of technological advancement. Originally starting as a higher-end household appliance manufacturer back in the early 1930’s, Jura first boomed in the coffee game around the tail end of the 1980’s. Based in Switzerland, but with many branches around Europe and an office in South Africa, it’s clear this is a brand that is marching towards their 100 year anniversary with full force and showing no signs of slowing down.

The Jura Ena Micro 90 Coffee Machine

The Jura Ena Micro 90 coffee machine boasts an impressive 30 cups of coffee per day, making it ideal for home or small office use. Simple, sleep and elegant, operating this machine was pretty self explanatory, and the keypad design, which was on the top of the machine, was uncomplicated and to the point. We liked that it provided the option to enjoy a wide range of what would traditionally be considered speciality coffees, including an option for hot water or espresso, which was a nice touch. It’s clear that this machine is tailored towards users who want to feel like a barista in their own home. The machine itself is lightweight and compact, which is perfect for a smaller kitchen or home office as well. 

The Jura Micro 9 Coffee Machine

The Jura Micro 9 coffee machine looks similar to the Micro 90, albeit that it has a slightly tweaked list of features. Boasting “coffee in a minute” (we can vouch for this), it also comes in a trendy design, albeit a little less polished than the Micro 90. The Micro 9 is slightly smaller than the Micro 90, making it even more effective if you’re looking for a coffee solution in a slightly smaller space or home office. One clear difference we noted, was that the water tank is only 1L big, which means that in an office environment, someone would need to keep an eye on the tank during the course of the day (and if a couple of cups are being made at a time, a refill is almost a guarantee). While offering a few less coffee options than the Micro 90, this machine will be less of a burden on your pocket, and is perfect for someone who is not looking for a multitude of options, over and above traditional coffees and hot drinks.

The Overall Verdict

While it’s clear that that Ena Micro 90 is the higher end model in the range, both machines are high quality and great for their own reasons. It truly comes down to your particular needs, the size of your budget and also how regularly you will be using the machine. The designs are very similar, though you do have more options on one side, although this won’t be enough to warrant the extra spend for some consumers. If you’re curious about these machines, and others, it’s worth taking them for a test drive. Aquazania, for example, offers Jura products and other coffee machine brands for rental or purchase, ensuring that you won’t need to make any rushed decisions about what will work best for you.