Vaal…Damn! Why It’s Time to Buy a Bottled Water Cooler Dispenser

It’s widely known across the country that South Africa has been in the cold clasp of a water crisis for some time now, but many of the nation’s citizens thought this purely meant a water shortage. However, Carte Blanche recently revealed that there is evidence that the country’s water is not only in short supply, but that the remaining supply is in serious danger of being compromised. In short, it’s time to stand together to conserve the water we do have, and one of the ways in which this can be done is to buy bottled water coolers for home and office use.

Why the Nation Needs Bottled Water for Water Coolers

South Africa’s drinking water just doesn’t seem safe anymore. This is after Carte Blanche exposed a sewage pipe that was linked directly to the Vaal Dam. Amidst controversy, the pipeline’s development was ceased immediately, but the images of animals and children coming into contact with the contaminated water is still haunting.

It’s true that we need to stand together as a nation to help this situation, but in the short-term, the bottled water cooler presents the best solution.

There are various things that can be done around the home to ensure that we don’t waste water. But to ensure that the water we are drinking is not harmful to us, having the market’s best bottled water dispenser at hand is the best remedy. Having bottled water coolers for offices and public homes will ensure safe drinking water in the midst of the water crisis, and allow conservation of tap water for other important domestic and commercial purposes.

Office buildings already in possession of dispensers should look at getting the finest quality bottled water for water coolers already on the premises, while those completely unequipped could consider renting bottled water coolers for their office.

It is also possible to rent bottled water coolers for home use, which is a great solution. However, with the prospect of the nation’s water being under threat of contamination, buying a bottled water cooler dispenser is certainly not a bad idea.

Where to Buy a Bottled Water Cooler

While standing together can make a difference, we all need to ensure that we’re not placing ourselves at risk until the water crisis is over. That is why you should think seriously about getting a water dispenser in your home today.

Fortunately, when it comes to the best bottled water dispenser options, you’ve already come to the right place. For more on the quality of our water, be sure to contact Aquazania right away.


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Bottled vs Bottleless Water Cooler: Which is Better?

There isn’t a great deal of sense in pitting the water from a bottled dispenser against that from a bottleless water cooler. In both cases, the water is clear of impurities and vastly superior when compared to tap water. That being said, if your company is looking into the bottleless water cooler rental option, it is worth considering the benefits of the best bottleless water cooler against those of a freestanding dispenser.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at a bottleless cooler hot/cold water dispenser and visit its advantages in order to give you the best idea of just how good it will be for your office.

What Is a Bottleless Cooler Hot/Cold Water Dispenser?

The important word in the name is ‘bottleless’. This is because, unlike the traditional freestanding dispensers, bottleless dispensers don’t make use of big bottles of water. Instead, bottleless dispensers use water supplied by your building’s plumbing, which is then filtered and purified to provide perfectly clear, clean drinking water.

The market’s best bottleless water cooler models can provide sparkling and hot water in addition to cold and room temperature water, making them extremely popular in offices and homes around the world.

The Bottleless Water Cooler Countertop Benefits

One of the greatest advantages of bottleless dispensers is that they are incredibly space-efficient. Instead of requiring their own corner of the office, they simply need a small space on the counter of the office’s kitchen. Furthermore, bottleless dispensers don’t require any room for the storage of refill bottles. This makes the bottleless water cooler countertop model extremely desirable for smaller companies who don’t have an exorbitant amount of office space.

That being said, bottleless dispensers are also ideal for businesses that don’t enjoy the sight of the water dispenser in general areas, and prefer to limit them to the counter of the kitchen.

Employee Benefits

Given that they have no bottles, bottleless dispensers don’t require staff members to draw straws to see who has to go to the storage area for a new bottle when the current water supply is depleted. The fact that they connect to the main plumbing means that the water supply is endless. This also helps the business eliminate the possibility of workplace injuries as well as saving time logging water inventory, as well as placing orders.

These are just two of the many benefits of bottleless dispensers. If you feel that they would be a good fit for your company, or are simply looking to find out more about them, why not look into bottleless water cooler rental? But, whatever you do, be sure to contact Aquazania for the best quality products and service around.


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Aqua Coolers South Africa: When Can a Baby Start Drinking Water?

It’s fairly common knowledge that water from an aqua cooler, or water that has been purified by aqua cooler filters, is vastly superior to the stuff that comes out of the tap. So, it would make sense that it is far better to give water from aqua cooler drink fountain to your baby, wouldn’t it? The answer is a conditional yes – conditional because it is best to hold off on the aqua cooler water dispenser until your baby is ready to start drinking water.

The exception to this would be mothers who are bottle-feeding with formula. In these instances, the already purified (sterilized) Aquazania water is ideal for mixing the formula powder. Simply take the formula, mix with half hot water using the hot dispenser, then half cold water using the cold dispenser, and voilà! Always check the temperature to make extra sure it’s perfect.

According to some paediatricians, however, water without formula mix (even that of aqua cooler water chillers) is best left until the baby is around 6 months old. Until that time, babies get everything they possibly need from their mothers’ milk – even on a sweltering hot day.

When the baby reaches six months, water from an aqua cooler water dispenser is far better than tap water – though this should be warmed up. Water from aqua cooler filters is perfect for this. It is also important not to overdo it, and just give the baby a few sips when he or she is thirsty.

It is, according to experts, a good idea to wait until your baby starts eating solid foods before you let him or her start drinking a lot of water from an aqua cooler drink fountain.

Is Aqua Cooler Water Fine If I Feed with Formula?

Baby formula is specially designed to contain the same nutrients necessary for proper growth as mother’s milk. It is thus important that you mix it the way it instructs you to do so. Trying to make formula last by diluting it with water can starve your baby of the necessary nutrients.

Why Is Water Bad for Babies Under 6 Months?

Similarly, to the idea of diluting formula, giving your baby too much water can inhibit his or her ability to absorb the proper nutrients. Furthermore, water can lead your baby to feeling full, which will mean that he or she is less willing to feed. This, again, limits your baby’s access to vital nutrients.

Aqua Cooler Water Chillers for Year-Old Babies

After your baby turns one and is on a strictly solid food diet, water is important. But, be sure to give your baby the best water possible. You’ll find the aqua cooler price range very attractive, and well worth the health of your child.

So, to ensure that you introduce your child to the healthiest water possible when the time is right, be sure to check out the aqua cooler price range from Aquazania – aqua coolers South Africa trusts.

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4 Reasons Why You Need a Water Cooler Dispenser

Whether you purchase a water dispenser for sale or look into water dispenser rental options, the fact remains that you should be contacting your most trusted water dispenser suppliers right away, or searching for a water dispenser online. ‘Why?’ you ask. Well, aside from the great water dispenser prices and fantastic water dispenser specifications available from Aquazania, the reason that you need a stand-alone or countertop water dispenser is simple: water is great for you!

Having the market’s best water cooler dispenser in a corner of your office or a neat table top water cooler dispenser perched on your desk or kitchen counter is more than a status symbol; it’s a new lease on life. This is because water is so much more than a good way to quench your thirst on a hot day – it’s a way to actively improve your body’s health.

Here’s Why You Should Buy the Best Water Cooler Dispenser You Can Find

As we mentioned, having a water cooler dispenser is a new lease on life. Here are 4 reasons why you should look into water dispenser rentals or a water dispenser for sale:

1. Water Energises You

Dehydration slows the oxygen flow to your brain, which causes your heart to pump harder as it tries to oxygenate your organs. This tires you out immensely, and so staying hydrated solves this problem easily. So, having a countertop water dispenser on your desk at work is better than having an endless supply of coffee.

2. Water Suppresses Stress

Aside from tiring you out, dehydration creates cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for stress. The more cortisol you have in your system, the harder it is to deal with simple issues. Again, a table top water cooler dispenser on your desk at work can alleviate this problem easily.

3. Water Helps You Slim Down

Your metabolism is what causes your body to burn calories instead of turning them into fat and storing them, and water is a natural metabolic enhancer. Moreover, drinking water can suppress your appetite, causing you to crave fewer snacks in between meals.

4. Water Cleans Your System

Water flushes all of the toxins out of your system, which greatly helps your blood circulation. It also helps hydrate your skin cells, leaving your skin looking fresher and keeping wrinkles at bay.

These are just four of the many benefits of drinking water regularly, but they are reason enough to get in touch with your favourite water dispenser suppliers or find a water dispenser online. And, with many water dispenser specifications to choose from, all at attractive water dispenser prices, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Is the Best Water Cooler Plastic PET or Polycarbonate?

Although bottled water has been around for centuries (that’s right, it dates back to the 1600s), its popularity has really increased in recent decades. But, around the time it became healthier (and far more fashionable) to have a bottle of water on your table as you tuck into your Caesar salad it also became more viable to sell water in plastic packaging as opposed to glass. This is because the fabrication process is easier and plastic is much lighter and much stronger than glass. However, this led to a debate that seems to still rage on regarding the plastic used for water coolers.

Office water coolers, or even a water cooler for home use, tend to be a place where friendly debates and normal office chit-chat originate. And, as it turns out, many of these conversations tend to revolve around water coolers themselves. This is because there are still some people who have heard that chemical seepage occurs in office water coolers, and believe this blindly.

The Best Water Cooler Plastic to Use

Whether it is regarding water cooler rental or a water cooler for sale, some people are ultimately against self-supporting and countertop water coolers based on the fact they have heard rumours about chemicals transferring from plastic bottles into the water they contain.

Well, we’re here to put an end to this myth. Granted, chemical seepage has been known to happen, but this is with polycarbonate bottles. Polycarbonates contain the harmful chemical commonly known as BPA, which is an acronym for bisphenol-A. BPA has been known to cause various hormonal problems and even lead to cancer.

This is why a much better option for stand-alone or countertop water coolers is PET, or polyethylene terephthalate. Aside from having a better finish, PET can withstand greater shocks, is more durable, and, critically, it doesn’t flood the water it holds with harmful chemicals.

Water Cooler Price versus Quality

PET is actually more reasonable to produce than polycarbonate, so you should never be faced with a situation in which you consider the latter for price purposes. However, if you are looking at water cooler rental options or a water cooler for sale, don’t opt for polycarbonates simply because of the water cooler price.

Always remember, a water cooler for home or office purposes should be a completely safe and healthy source of drinking water. So, for the best solution for all of your water cooler needs, be sure to contact Aquazania today!


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Water Coolers in Winter: Why A Water Cooler Could Be Your Best Winter Investment

It may seem counter-intuitive to be getting yourself a water cooler now that winter is officially in the air. Why would anyone want to pay money for something that makes water cold in winter? There are, however, some pretty amazing features on water coolers that could easily help save you time, money and electricity – offering a level of convenience and comfort in your home that you’ve never experienced before!

Water Cooler Functions

It’s important to understand that different types of water coolers have different output capabilities and functions. For ease of reference, we are going to be referring to floor standing, or desktop-size bottled water coolers, but you should definitely be aware that there are endless options in other types of water coolers; it’s really up to you, the consumer, to decide which option suits you best.

Water Cooler – Heated Water

Your floor standing or desktop standing water cooler is fitted with two nano-silver-impregnated dispensing taps; one for cold water and one which can be set to “ambient” or “hot”.

Activating your “hot” water is as easy as locating the switch, usually situated at the back of the water cooler, and flipping it to the “on” position. Sealed inside your water cooler is a separate tank, slightly smaller than your cold water tank, which boils and keeps your water heated.

This insulated tank is capable of keeping water hot for up to 90 minutes, meaning that even in an unexpected power outage, you will still be able to enjoy a hot cuppa coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

The warm purified water also provides a great solution to help bottle-feeding moms fill their children’s formula bottles with the purest water available – the adjustable temperature means that your baby can enjoy their bottle almost immediately?

We know we’ll have some mom’s reading this now, thinking: “Ok, cool, they have taps that dispense piping hot water, but I have a toddler and I’m not willing to take that risk”. Well, Aquazania’s got you covered there too. We offer child-safe dispensing taps, that require you to push, pull and depress the lever at the same time before you have any hot water dispensed because we care about your kids just as much as you do!

The best part of this feature is that by activating your “hot” water function, you will only be using the equivalent (approximately) of boiling a full kettle three times in a day! Far less than the average household use their kettle in a 24-hour period, especially in the colder winter months.

Having said this, the hot water function of your water cooler will be most beneficial in a home environment. We say this because of the tank capacity; if you have five
staff using only the hot water, you’ll be left with a line of unhappy employees a few minutes into the day.

For environments like a large office, consider a plumbed-in unit – part of our bottleless water cooler range – which has a much higher output capability for hot water, in a much shorter space of time. A nice idea might be to provide staff with pre-packaged, powdered soup as a nice meal on particularly cold days?

Purified Water Coolers

This isn’t a function we would normally use to promote a water cooler, but we still need to consider the advantages. Instead of having to boil your kettle each time you need to “sterilise” water, you could simply dispense your water straight into a bottle and allow it to stand for a while to reach room temperature – this is because your Aquazania water is already as pure as it could possibly be!

Did you know that a mixture of lemon, honey and ginger tea can help cut the severity and duration of the common cold? Know how easy that is to make when you have a steaming hot water dispenser in your home? You see where we’re going with this :-)

Water Cooler Functionality

One of the worst feelings in the world is to wake up, needing a cup of coffee and a hot shower ASAP, only to be greeted with dry taps. Ok, we might not be able to help you out with a hot shower, but we sure can help you get your cuppa!

It really comes down to premium convenience here; purified water at your fingertips, lower electricity usage, and stored, piping hot water any time of the day.

Why You Should Be Drinking More Purified Water During Winter and Illness

If you’re reading this- I bet my bottom dollar (don’t quote me on that) you’ve felt the pinch in the mornings. That bitter cold that creeps through the windows at night to kiss us hello in the mornings and makes us want to weep at the idea of having to depart the warmth of our cosy beds.

It’s that very same cold that discourages us from consuming a glass of beautifully chilled purified water, simply to avoid too many bathroom trips, because, you know, that seat is freezing!

But what if I told you that by avoiding those walks to the water purifier or bathroom during winter, you could be contributing to your own low energy levels and weakened immune system – making you more vulnerable to illness or infection.

The benefits of drinking water while ill

It’s not news to us that our bodies consist of 70% water. We need to constantly maintain a certain level of water input to make sure we are sufficiently hydrated in order to avoid risking disease and infections.

Now, when our bodies become dehydrated (as they would when we decrease our water intake during winter) our cells begin to dehydrate. This, in turn, decreases your cell’s abilities to fight infections and keep us healthy. It makes us tired, susceptible to sickness and can lengthen the duration of whatever illness we pick up.

The importance of continued water consumption in winter

Another fact we’re quite familiar with is the effect water has on our skin and vital organs. By reducing the daily water intake, our body’s bodily functions are slowly going to suffer as a result. Your chances of experiencing a bladder or kidney infection increase tenfold.

Further negative health effects of not drinking enough water are highlighted in this informative article by Pop Sugar.

Ways to ensure you drink more water in cold weather

We may preach here – but nobody is going to reach for a glass of ice cold water first thing in the morning when it makes their insides and fingertips freeze. But, fear not! There are ways around it

By drinking herbal or flavoured tea, you will still add to your required daily water intake, if you are aware of what type of tea you are drinking. Green tea, for example, contributes 100% to your daily water intake. Rooibos tea is another good option.

Black tea, Ceylon tea and flavoured tea, do possess a few dehydrating agents, however, in the tea vs coffee comparison – tea wins every time. There’s no real harm in drinking coffee but bear in mind it will not contribute to your daily water intake.

If you’re not a tea drinker, you can simply pop a fresh slice of
lemon to warm purified water for exceptionally health benefits. This will not only contribute to your daily water intake but the addition of Vitamin C, contained in the lemon, means you’re inadvertently adding to your flu-fighting capabilities!

Lastly, what’s nicer than a hearty, homemade soup on a freezing night? This too will add to your daily water intake – and it tastes sooooo good!

What are your favourite ways to maintain your water intake during these chilly months?

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How Bad Is Our Water Crisis Really?

Eyewitness News recently published an eye-opening and startling video on South Africa’s water crisis, covering the real dangers we face in South Africa, highlighting just how bad our water crisis really is. The lack of rain is not only influencing the availability of water, but the quality of water, resulting in an increased need for quality water purification.

The beginning of this video starts off with a shocking graphic – a fish struggling to stay alive in a small area of stagnant water. However, that’s not the scary part! What’s more terrifying is the fact that the Theewaterskloof area in Cape Town has had their five largest dams reduced to nothing more than dwindling puddles.

In the past six months, we’ve seen the struggles of the average South African citizen seeking to secure a steady supply of water to their homes for basic needs like cooking, bathing and keeping their homes clean, let alone purified water for drinking purposes. Numerous relief initiatives from purified water suppliers and the surrounding community have offered invaluable support and assistance to those in need, but with the dryer winter months upon us, are the water problems stabilising, or are they only going to become an escalating concern?

If you have a look at the footage shown in the aforementioned video, you’ll see what shocking levels these dams are at; it demonstrates that the major dams are only sitting at around 30 per cent capacity, and it’s predicted that even if we receive winter rainfall, in 2016, of a similar level to that which we experienced in 2015, it would be insufficient to refill the dam levels to stable levels.

What’s even more concerning is that this crisis remains, even while Cape Town enforced some of its strictest water restrictions during the summer months.

While most local food in South Africa is grown during the hot summer months, thus requiring more water to thrive, a lot of our local produce is farmed during winter, especially in the Cape which experiences winter rainfall. This could potentially spell disaster in terms of food security and pricing. We have already seen the price of maize meal increase staggeringly as a direct result of the drought.

Barry Wood, the bulk supply manager for the City of Cape Town, assures us that it’s not the time to panic. Referring back to the severe dry spell South Africa experienced in 2004, Wood mentions: “There will be good years, and there will be bad years. We just happen to be in a dry cycle”.

He goes on to state that the dams will take some time to recover; while rainfall may be widespread, dams will fill up at different speeds, for various reasons, including heat-related evaporation, usage and rainfall. Large dams like Theewaterskloof may take up to three years to fill to capacity.

While Cape Town has become known for its wild storms (the “Cape of Storms; nickname had to come from somewhere), they can look forward to receiving some nice, steady rainfall. However, landlocked provinces do have a little more to be concerned about. It’s likely that we will only be offered relief again with the next Summer rains.

So, does this all come down to erratic weather patterns, with El Nino being at the forefront to receive blame?

Whatever the cause, we know that the only way out is creative thinking. Water catchment and conservation, greywater usage and storm water usage can all be effective solutions, especially if water purification methods are of a high standard. Basically, we need to conserve, conserve, conserve! We need to carry on living sustainably and responsibly, until at the very least, our dams have filled to a reliable and safe level.


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