Aquazania Water Machine: The Process Behind Creating Great-Tasting, Healthy Water!

Aquazania was recently fortunate enough to reach a new audience over the airwaves, and share with listeners the intensive process that goes into making the water for each and every water machine we supply.

Whether you have an Aquazania water machine for office or home use, you can acknowledge yourself for being a beneficiary of the country’s purest and healthiest water!  This is because of the level of purification that we put into our water here at Aquazania – removing 100% of impurities.

If you missed our broadcast on Mix FM recently, never fear.  We would like to use this opportunity to share with you some of the details that we discussed regarding our purification process.

Water Machine for Home or Office Use

As we mentioned at the beginning of our broadcast, there is no new water in the world.  Each drop that we consume undergoes some processing, be it naturally (through precipitation or rock filtration) or via man-made purification methods.

The point is that water is precious, and we therefore have to protect each and every drop available to us.  We also have to ensure that the water we consume is good for us, as some filtration processes may leave harmful contaminants, such as excess chlorine, in the water.

At Aquazania, this is not the case.  We put our water through a rigorous nine stage purification process in order to remove contaminants such as fluoride, aluminium, and chlorine – contaminants which may be present in municipal water, and even certain forms of bottled water.

In addition to removing these contaminants, we inject our water with a healthy amount of minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium.  We keep these mineral levels low, however, as large amounts of these can negatively affect the taste and quality of water.

Aquazania Water Machine for Sale

The process whereby we came about the ‘recipe’ for Aquazania water was very involved, and required hundreds of taste-tests of different sources of water.  These efforts were undoubtedly worth it! As we ended up with the fantastic-tasting, healthy pure water today satisfies thousands of customers in both homes and offices around the country.

Having an Aquazania water machine for office use (or a water machine for home use) shows those around you that you care about their health and general wellbeing.  And, importantly, finding a water machine for rent is extremely easy – just contact us or visit our website for a large selection of products in a very affordable water machine price range.

Your health is unequivocally priceless, making our water machine price range extremely attractive.  And, when you consider the lengths to which we go to ensure that we provide you with the absolute best water possible, Aquazania water becomes even more attractive!


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How Can I Easily Replace My Aquazania Water Bottle Without Hurting Myself?

So, what is the easiest way to carry a large water bottle that has no handle?

Well, fortunately with our Aquazania water cooler delivery staff you won’t have to do much of the carrying, but when it comes to replacing your water bottle on the dispenser, here are a few techniques to avoid injury:

1) Ensure you use your knees to bend – do no bend over from the waist because this will place unnecessary pressure on your lower back.

2) Place one hand underneath the bottle neck (I suggest using your non-writing hand for this, it’s only needed for support and not strength). Cup your hand around the bottle neck so that you can support it once it’s lifted.

3) Tip the water bottle over at about a 30-degree angle, and slide your writing hand underneath the bottle.

4) Get a firm grip on the neck and ensure you’ve secured your hand at the bottom of the bottle.

5) Hoist the bottle up in a swift, but controlled manner, hold it closer to your abdomen and carry it to where it needs to be.

6) To place this bottle onto your water cooler dispenser – for those of us who have a little less upper body strength than we’d like to admit – a handy trick is to use a chair that is approximately the same height as your water cooler.

7) Once you’ve followed to steps above as to how you can safely lift up your bottled water, place it on the chair.

8) Hold the neck of the bottle and slowly tip the bottle over, until it is almost laying sideways.

9) Grip the neck of the bottle again, as well as the bottom-end of the bottle, and move the bottle towards the spike of your water cooler.

10) Try to align the bottle cap with the spike, and gently start to move it towards it.

11) When you see the bottle cap is lined up nicely, start to lift the bottom end of your bottle up, and gently allow it to come upright.

12) When you see the bottle is properly lined up with the spike, hold onto the body of the water bottle and allow it to be pieced – but be careful here. You don’t want to drop the bottle onto the spike, it may cause damage. Instead, allow it to gently pierce through and help your bottle all the way done into the allocated spot.


And there you have it! The easiest ways to replace your Aquazania water bottle without hurting yourself! Got any genius ideas on how to make it even easier? Do share!


Bottled Water Suppliers Can Assist with the Global Water Supply Crisis

As bottled water suppliers we care a great deal about getting the best quality water to the people of South Africa.  We dream of having a bottled water dispenser or bottled water cooler in every home and office in the country, giving everyone access to the cleanest and healthiest drinking water available on the market.

If that sounds challenging enough, recent information has shown that the problem might not be with getting quality bottled water to the people of South Africa, or the world for that matter.  The problem might be in getting them any kind of water at all!

Will There Be Enough Water to Fill a Bottled Water Dispenser in the Future?

Last year the United Nations issued a report on the state of the world’s water supply.  The report is entitled the World Water Development Report.  It contains a host of information, but the fact that was most shocking was the report’s prediction that, by the year 2030, there might not be enough water for nearly half of the world’s population!

The report predicted that the next 15 years would see an increase in global demand for water.  This increase is expected to be around 55%.  Judging by the current water available, that means that only about 60% of the demand will be able to be met, leaving 40% of the world’s population without clean drinking water.

Should this scenario be realised, the effects could be devastating.  Aside from the people that would be affected by dehydration, others would feel the effects of the shortage through a lack of food due to improperly nourished agriculture.  It is expected that both economies and ecosystems would suffer.

What Is the Cause, and How Can We Avoid It?

There are many factors affecting this situation, but a chief factor is climate change.  Climate change leads to irregularities in rainfall as well as diminishing supplies from underground reserves.  And, unfortunately, climate change is a difficult issue to tackle.

Proposals to the avoidance of this scenario include new water conservation policies on a global scale.  In addition, we need better treatment of our wastewater.

As committed bottled water suppliers, we dread to think of a future in which access to water is not guaranteed.  Not only do we want the water in each and every bottled water cooler to be of unrivalled purity, we want it to be in abundant supply.

If we work together and look after our precious water, this proposed future doesn’t have to become a reality.  It will take commitment and discipline, but, if we all do our parts, we can ensure that we all have plenty of water both for us and for our future generations.


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Why Your Rock Water Filter May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

You’ve seen them before, the terracotta pots with a nifty little tap on the end. They’re about a 10 litre capacity and when you open them up, there’s a myriad of filtration systems, including rocks of different sizes (some manufacturers claim that these rocks infuse your water with added minerals, while removing contaminants simultaneously) – and some even have chicken wire over the top of these rocks to make sure they stay put.

Now, let us explain to you why these so called “filtration” methods might actually be more detrimental to your health than any good they might bring about.

Filtration Efficiency

Filtration needs to be done in steps, from removing large particles, big enough for the eye to see – all the way down to microbial contaminants far too small to even comprehend – let alone spot with the naked eye.

The filters we use at Aquazania, filter out microbial contaminants as small as 0.2 of a micron.

We won’t go too far into detail, but the tip of a ball-point pen is about a thousand microns, so you can just imagine how small 0.2 microns is. The smallest stones, even as small as grains of salt – are about as efficient in filtering out the “nasties” as leaving a window open and hoping a rain storm won’t get in.

Filtration Particle Removal

Granted, the rocks in your filter-machine will remove sand and other visible contaminants, but the claim that the rocks themselves will infuse minerals into your water is an outright lie. You’d have to allow the water to stagnate in that filter machine for days to receive any mineral benefit.

No Enhancement of Taste

Given the current state of our tap water, you’re bound to end up with possibly less murky-water, but the taste of chlorine and who knows what else is going to linger. There is no way a rock water filter will ever enhance or even improve the taste of your water.

Water Container

This could possibly be the most dangerous part of using a rock water filter. See, the rocks are set in place and are immovable. Given that you’re placing contaminated, chemical-and-bacteria-filled water into your filter machine, those rocks inside are eventually going to start absorbing all the impurities you’re putting into them daily. Reports of algae growth are commonplace, and (hopefully this never happens), consider if there is a disease or potential health-damaging component in your water that absorbs into your filtration system and makes you, and your entire family very sick?

We always say that any filter is better than no filter, but we will not let you have the wool pulled over your eyes. If you insist on using a rock water filter, use it as a first-point filter. Then, allow it to undergo some other sort of filtration thereafter, but don’t believe the unwarranted hype around this sort of filtration method.


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Why Does My Desktop Water Cooler Feel So Hot?

Owning a water cooler, whether it’s in your home or your office, is by far one of the biggest luxuries a home owner can experience. It’s such a simple addition, but it adds so much value to your daily life – especially for busy parents, and locals who are experiencing frequent water interruptions.

Occasionally, lack of knowledge around appliances can cause concern. You’ve invested in this appliance and now it appears to be giving problems. What are we to do?

One of Aquazania’s most reported “concerns” is that our desktop bottled water cooler can occasionally feel very hot to the touch. We’d like to explain what causes this and why there is, in fact, no reason to worry.

Water Cooler Components

Bottled water coolers have a simple, yet intricate internal system to heat and cool water. It is simple in its design and concept, but complicated in terms of what each component actually does to achieve the desired effect.

If you look at the back of your desktop water cooler, you will see what appears to be a mesh “gate”. This is what we refer to as a condenser. Without delving too far into the nitty-gritty, this is where heat is expelled due to gas escaping when your water changes from a gaseous state to a liquid state. The same refrigerant is used to move the heat from one area (in order to cool it) and to expel this heat in another area.

While, during this process, you observe an increase in temperature in this area, you’ll inversely also notice that there is still ice-cold water dispensed from desktop water coolers, significantly colder than floor-standing water coolers. This is in part due to the fact that because the condenser is so compacted, it has a great effect on the cooling of the water in your water dispenser.

The area of the condenser does affect the temperature of your cold water, and while it may be a nuisance to pace your desktop water cooler a specific distance away from anything flammable, you will enjoy a cooler-than-average cup of water from it!

Why doesn’t the hot water get hotter then?

This is because the hot water, on both your desktop and floor standing bottled water coolers, is stored in an entirely different tank to the water kept chilled in the cold water tank.

So, next time you feel a little extra heat radiating out the back of your water cooler, don’t panic, it simply means your cooler is doing its job!




Water Dispenser Suppliers: How to Be More Environmentally Conscious

South Africa’s tap water is generally drinkable, but it is not necessarily good for you.  With the amount of chemicals used to clear the water of impurities, drinking our nation’s tap water, in certain areas, can potentially lead to health issues.  This is why having a water dispenser for purified water at home or in the office is extremely beneficial.

With a water dispenser price (particularly rental) being as reasonable as it is, finding a high quality affordable water dispenser for sale shouldn’t be an issue.  And, to make matters easier, you can use your computer or mobile device to buy a water dispenser online.

But, more than giving you a safe and pure supply of drinking water, water dispenser suppliers, such as Aquazania, can help you reduce waste products and save the environment.  By using a water dispenser in your home or office, you limit the amount of waste plastic that you would ordinarily create by buying bottled water.

There are further ways in which you can help the environment at home, simply by being responsible with the water you use.

Five steps to help you save water in the home

Buying a water dispenser online is a great first step towards a more eco-friendly home.  Here are a few more ways in which you can help the environment through the conservation of water:

1 Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth

A lot of people have heard this one before, but it keeps doing the rounds because it saves a great deal of water.

2 Use a bucket in your shower

When you wait for the water in your shower to warm up, you’re just wasting water by running it down the drain.  Why not collect this water in a bucket and use it to water your garden?

3 Fix leaky pipes

That slow drip from your kitchen tap adds up to a good few litres over the course of a month.  Bite the bullet and get a plumber out to your house to sort out all of your leaks.

4 Use a car wash

You may think you’re saving money by washing your car at home with a hose, but you’re actually wasting a lot of it.  Instead, find a car wash that cleans and recycles its water.  This helps both your wallet and the environment.

5 Repurpose cooking water

Once you’ve boiled vegetables or pasta, do you pour that water down the drain?  Saving it and letting it cool provides perfectly good water for watering your plants, and the nutrients from vegetables help enrich your garden’s soil.


These are just five ways in which you can help conserve water and save the environment.  And, of course, don’t forget to give your home or office a clean supply of drinking water with a water dispenser.  With the water dispenser price being as reasonable as it is, you owe it to yourself, your family, your co-workers, and the environment.


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