Purified Water vs Distilled Water: What Is The Difference?

If you’re concerned about the quality of your drinking water, and are wondering what type of water is best for consumption, you’ve certainly come to the right place.  As leaders in the purified water business, we at Aquazania truly appreciate people looking out for their health by caring about what they consume.

As purified water suppliers, we see many people focused on finding high-quality drinking water. This sometimes leads them to a crossroads when they have to decide on the right purified water for sale.

This tough decision is usually a choice between purified water vs distilled water.

By doing some research on the topic, many people bypass spring and mineral water.  The reason for this is the fact that these types of water aren’t as pure as they seem.  True, spring water is, sometimes, completely natural, but this means that it does lack a certain level of purity.

Mineral water contains dissolved minerals, but that gives it a relatively high count of parts per million (PPM), which can make it almost as impure as tap water in some cases.

So, What’s In Purified Water for Sale?

As the name suggests, purified water is the purest form of water out there, owing to the success of the purified water business in general.  There are various forms of purification which water can undergo, but the end result should ensure that the water is as pure as physically possible, usually boasting a low mineral count of between zero and one particle per million.

Distilled water is also technically purified water.  It also boasts a low particle count per million and is healthy for consumption.  However, unlike the processes utilised by purified water suppliers, distilled water is purified through distillation.

Purified Water vs Distilled Water

Distilled water undergoes purification through a distillation process.  This involves boiling the water for the purpose of collecting the steam, and then condensing that steam back into water.  This process rids the water of impurities, making it clear and healthy.

So, while there is little difference in the purity of distilled and purified water, there is a difference in the process of creation.  But, more importantly, there is a difference in price.

Because of the distillation process and the amount of energy used in it, the cost of distilled water is higher.  The costs involved with water purification are lower, and thus the retail cost of purified water is lower as well.

Purified water is thus the rockstar of the drinking water world; popular with health-conscious people because of its purity and popular with everyone because of its reasonable price.


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Single Use Water Bottle Caps VS Reusable Water Bottle Caps

Large water bottles which are designed for water cooler applications are generally sized anywhere between 18 litres, all the way up to our very own 21.8 litre bottle.

These bottles are often re-used by their respective suppliers, undergoing a cleaning process, refilling and subsequent capping of the bottles.

Focusing on the capping of the bottles, we see one major difference – the use of single-use bottle caps (such as Aquazania’s blue plastic caps), or a cap which is fitted permanently to the bottle, and re-sealed with a sticker of sorts after each refill.

Each of these types of lids have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Single Use Water Bottle Caps

Off the cuff, we can all agree that hygiene is the advantage at the forefront of these types of water bottle caps. Your bottle cap is as pure as the water contained inside – and you can be sure that no residue from previous uses of the bottle remain behind.

You might be thinking, “But what about the extra plastic?” Well, the amount of PET required to generate a cap so small is almost insignificant; further to that marginal extra use of plastic, each and every bottle lid we receive back is grouped together and recycled. They contain no harmful BPA, so the consumer can rest assured, knowing that every single part of the water bottle you get from us is safe and non-toxic.

You also have the additional peace of mind knowing that nobody could have tampered with the water inside when using this type of bottle cap.

Another benefit you get from receiving our single use bottle caps is the date stamp feature. You can see the exact production date of each and every bottle of water, so you know you’re getting the freshest and cleanest possible water – every time.

Reusable Water Bottle Caps

In terms of ease of use, as well as less pressure to manufacture new lids for each bottle of water you bottle, the advantages of these types of bottle caps are not as expansive.

It may not be the case for every bottled water supplier out there, as we do not know every single process of sterilisation and cleaning their water bottles undergo, but the risk associated with permanently adhered bottle caps that are re-sealed with a sticker can be far reaching.

If there is any kind of bacteria picked up by the water bottle from another user and the supplier’s sterilisation method is not able to fully remove the bacteria lodged inside, it is possible the water may become contaminated. Furthermore, in comparison to the sturdiness offered by a single-use water bottle cap, the resealable bottle cap method is not as reliable. Stickers do carry merit in terms of durability, but a puncture could spell disaster.

Lastly, when you own a water cooler, chances are you store a few water cooler bottles next to it, making it easier to replace your water when your current bottle is depleted. The sticky residue used to adhere the label to the lid may possibly be transferred into the spike (which pierces the lid) inside your water cooler  – and the build-up of this adhesive over time may eventually find its way to your water and cause a strange taste.

What are your thoughts?

Do you prefer single use bottle caps or reusable sticker-type bottle caps? Do you have an ingenious solution that helps the planet and the people? We always love to hear from you!

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How Water Coolers Can Change Office Dynamics

We all know the office water cooler is the place to be if you want to be updated on the latest office gossip. Whether or not you choose to participate in it, you will walk away from the water cooler dispenser with a glass filled with water and know what the recent scandal is.

These momentary breaks during the day do wonders for any office with a dynamic and extensive workforce. Office managers might dislike the idea of staff partaking in continuous breaks, however the benefits for staff gathering around the water cooler dispenser are endless.

Apart from the local watering hole being the gossip hotspot, water coolers serve other purposes that change the dynamics of an office. Here are a few of these examples of how dispensers, especially those with water cooler bottles, can help improve the office dynamic.

Employee relations

Water coolers might be considered the place to be for gossip, but employees benefit more from it. Having the chance to speak to other staff members and connect on a personal level is not only beneficial for the employee as a person, but the company’s overall dynamic. Staff members are more likely to associate themselves with a team they know on a personal level.

Improving focus

Breaking away from the desk and taking a quick sip of water is both refreshing for the employee’s body and mind. Having the opportunity to collect their thoughts and realign their focus is vital for any employee’s work ethic.


With the office water cooler service as a talking spot, employees can benefit from engaging in other dynamics separate from their own work. Staff can share their latest project developments and members from different departments share their work. This improves the synergy within the office dynamic.

Whether your office boasts an extensive or streamlined workforce, having water cooler rentals at the staff’s disposal is vital to any company looking to boost team cohesion. And with companies such as Aquazania making the water cooler price so affordable, it’s a small investment that goes a long way.


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How a Water Dispenser Keeps Water Just the Way You Like It

In need of cool refreshment? Or perhaps a warm drink to keep the cold at bay?  Well, fortunately for you, any water dispenser worth its salt, should have both a hot and a cold function, a point that Aquazania has taken to heart. We take a look at just how this technology works.

Electric Efficiency

Whether you’re after a refreshingly cold or hot drink, the clear, pure water that ends up in your cup has made quite a journey.

Having first undergone Aquazania’s extensive filtration and bottling process, eventually, the bottle is connected to an aqua cooler. Here, the water is drawn down into two separate reservoirs, one for the cold water and one for hot water.

  • In the cold water reservoir, a small scale refrigeration unit is usually used to keep the water at a crisp and refreshing temperature.
  • Whereas in the hot water reservoir, a heating element is used to keep the water warm. This hot water reservoir is extremely well insulated, meaning that the general machinery isn’t put under undue pressure while also keeping the water warmer for longer.

The base heating and cooling infrastructure of these machines is then connected to a smart factory set thermostat that keeps the respective temperatures of the two reservoirs at an ideal temperature, while also utilising failsafe temperature cut-outs to completely nullify the threat of dangerous overheating.

Once the water level within the reservoirs begins to lower, more water from the attached bottle will automatically trickle down into the storage compartments and the heating or cooling process will start all over again. This extensive preparation process characterises all of Aquazania’s products. From the water used through to the water dispensers themselves, you can always trust that every variable that could affect the quality of our water dispenser suppliers has been accounted for.

It’s always comforting to know just where the water you’re drinking comes from. If you see a water dispenser for sale, whether you require an office water dispenser or one for home use, Aquazania has undoubtedly distinguished itself as one of the leading suppliers of water dispensers in South Africa and the water dispenser price is remarkably affordable, considering the high quality products offered across the board.

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Bottled Water South Africa: Healthy Ways to Flavour Your Water this Winter

Now that winter is well and truly here and the heat of the summer is a distant memory, it’s hard to keep drinking water and keeping those hydration levels up.  But, while it’s often far more tempting to go for a warm drink, drinking water is still just as important as ever.  As bottled water suppliers, we understand the difficulty, but we’re here to help.

Bottled Water Suppliers South Africa

Some might feel that bottled water prices should drop in the winter because it’s harder to go for cool drinks.  But, the truth is that drinking water is maybe even more important in the winter.  Aside from fighting fatigue, cramps, and loss of coordination, water helps you prevent colds and ‘flu and keep that winter weight at bay.

Water is definitely your key to staying healthy this winter.  Trust us – as leading bottled water suppliers in Johannesburg, we know a thing or two on this subject.

But, if the thought of drinking the best bottled water South Africa has available still leaves you with chills, remember that it doesn’t have to be ice water.  There are plenty of ways to make a tasty warm drink with just a little natural flavouring.  Here’s how:

Tips on Flavouring from the Bottled Water Suppliers

Here are some of the ways you can stay healthy and hydrated this winter, and all for the normal, reasonable bottled water prices:

1. Lemon or Lime

By adding either one of these citrus fruits to your warm drink of water you can get a lovely, fresh flavour and boost your immune system against winter colds.

2. Ginger

Ginger is naturally warming, and aids your digestion as well.  Some ginger in a warm glass of water will leave you feeling wonderfully cosy and perfectly content.

3. Fresh Mint

If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, why not add some mint to your water.  Aside from adding a great note of flavour to your water, you’ll be actively combatting your nausea.

4. Cinnamon

If you’ve been going to town on the comfort food this winter, adding some cinnamon to your water is a good idea.  Cinnamon both reduces blood sugar and reduces cholesterol.

Bottled Water Suppliers South Africa

Take a look at this excellent infographic for more tips on how to enhance the flavour of your water and your health simultaneously.

But, remember, these flavouring additions work best if you start off with a truly pure bottle of water.  So, to be sure that you stand the best chance of staying healthy this winter, contact Aquazania – your leading bottled water suppliers in Johannesburg.

healthy ways to flavour your bottled water

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