Can My Glass of Water ‘Go Off’?

Whenever you are out on the town, you might have noticed that most water carafe’s come with a glass that you very neatly place over the top, to act as a lid. Aside from being a great idea, there is a legitimate and a cool scientific reason behind this.

Does Water Expire?

Scientifically speaking, the water that is around now is the same water that filtered through prehistoric animals. There is no such thing as “new” water, so the question is: can it really expire? Well, yes and no. Water doesn’t expire per se, but it does have a chemical reaction after being exposed to open air, which changes the composition slightly and thus affects its taste.

When water is exposed to the air, carbon dioxide from the air reacts with the water and makes the water’s mineral composition more acidic. This is what brings about the change in taste of the water – albeit only slight.

So, how do we stop this from happening? Going back to the opening thought of why glass water carafe’s come with a glass to place on top; if the two main criteria are met, you stand a pretty good chance of keeping your water for days.

If you block the air and prevent it from interacting with the water, you stop the pH level changes in the water. Make sure you do this with a non-porous material (like glass or plastic) as even the smallest pore will allow for air to seep into the water and make it taste slightly different.

Aquazania – Perfectly Balanced Water

Aquazania takes the best possible care to ensure that water is purified to the highest possible level. It is then immediately bottled and sealed to prevent any acidification of the water.

We’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this. If you have a glass of water next to your bed when you go to sleep, do you notice a major change in the taste if the water has been standing overnight? What do you think it tastes like? Share your thoughts with us.


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Importance of Water for our Overall Health

We have been taught at school or told by our parents that our body consists mostly of water. It’s a fact that we are able to survive longer without food than without water.  Proper hydration is critical for our overall health.

The following organs and parts of the body require a high percentage of water in order to function properly and keep us healthy.

  • Brain – 75% water
  • Blood – 92% water
  • Bones – 22% water
  • Muscles – 75% water

Almost every organ in the body needs water to function effectively. A person’s normal water intake should be eight glasses a day. This is easier said than done but it is a goal to try and achieve. If you have a water cooler at work or at home, it might make it easier for you to monitor your intake.

Making Water Exciting

Fruit infused in water gives it more flavour and makes it taste more exiting. Infused combinations do not only help with the taste and consumption of water but they also have added benefits. Different fruits and herbs can be used in combination with each other to help with detox, weight loss, a bloated stomach and fatigue to name but a few. Water infused with ginger and mint has a refreshing taste and the combination leaves your skin with a natural glow.

Water’s Impact on Mental Sharpness

Proper hydration also helps with clear thinking. The mind does not seem so “foggy” after a glass of water. This is due to the fact that water is an excellent conductor and gets the neurons in the brain firing on all cylinders. When the brain is well hydrated it eliminates that “foggy” feeling you may experience.

The Best Times To Drink Water Throughout Your Day

Who knew that drinking water at different times of the day can trigger certain functions which will help kick start the body every morning, almost like a kind of inner alarm clock.

Drinking water first thing in the morning, once you have woken up, also helps wake your internal organs and helps eliminate toxins from your system.

Drinking water approximately 30 minutes before a meal helps with the digestion of food, just as drinking water an hour after eating a meal helps with the absorption of nutrients. Drinking water earlier than 30 minutes before a meal could dilute digestive juices and create indigestion. The key is to keep a delicate balance of 30 minutes before meals.

Drinking a glass of water before bathing, is said to lower your blood pressure.

Last but not least, drinking a glass of water an hour before bedtime will reduce the feeling of being thirsty during the night, as it replenishes any liquids lost during the night.


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Bottled Water Delivery Service with A Smile

With the summer season upon us and the days expected to get hot, there is no better time to contact a bottled water delivery service and equip your home or office with a constant supply of purified drinking water.

Bottled water delivery is something that most South Africans don’t tend to think of. Like the Internet, it only comes to mind and becomes a problem when it does not work properly.

So how do you ensure that you get the best bottled water delivery service available? Here’s a few hints of what to look at when researching your next bottled water supplier.

Service reputation

Among the many employable tactics to use when looking for the best bottled water delivery service is to look at the company’s service reputation. A quick browse on their social media platforms will give you a great idea of how the company, its service and products are perceived by other customers.

Covered costs

Bottled water suppliers take several factors into consideration when calculating costs. From delivery to insurance, there are many things that can impact the price. Make sure your bottled water delivery cost is a simple and affordable solution that works with your budget.

Test trial

Certain bottled water delivery suppliers, such as AQUAZANIA, offer a free 7-day trial of their water dispensers and bottled water delivery service, so you can test the convenience of the solution before signing on.

Service support

As with service reputation, service support is quickly researched by browsing the company’s social media pages. Another way to test a bottled water delivery service’s support is to contact their agent and see if the service you receive is of a quality standard you expect.

Any service that promises bottled water delivery to home or office should be able to keep to their end of the deal. To make sure you align with a bottled water delivery service that has a reputation of successfully catering to their client’s needs, look no further than AQUAZANIA.


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Consider Purchasing A Water Cooler and Never Be Left High and Dry Again

When it comes to cooking, the only thing worse than cleaning up afterwards is if there is a power or water cut just as you are about to start. While you might not have control over the electricity, you can make sure you have enough water with water cooler bottles.

Unless you are planning to order takeaways, you will probably use water while you are preparing your meal or afterwards when you are cleaning up. Either way, do you really want to risk falling victim to a water cut, especially if you are expecting company to come around for dinner? If you are worried about the taps running dry, you can always invest in a 5-gallon water cooler and never be left at the mercy of the municipality ever again.

When it comes to cooking meals, have you ever wondered exactly how much water you use when preparing a typical dinner? Of course, if you had a bottled water cooler it would easy to keep track of how much water you use in the kitchen.

Since we are talking about food, have you ever been curious to know exactly how much water is used to grow certain fruits and vegetables? And when you are about to cut into a thick, juicy steak, have you ever stopped to ask how many litres of water a cow had to drink in order for you to enjoy that delicious piece of meat?

If you are interested in how much water is used to produce certain products, check out the list below.

And if you are interested in finding out about bottled water coolers, pay Aquazania a visit.

How much water does it take to produce a serving of:

  • Corn (231 litres)
  • Lettuce (23 litres)
  • Apples (61 litres)
  • Tomatoes (11 liters)
  • Oranges (83 litres)
  • Watermelon (378 litres)
  • Potatoes (25 litres)
  • Wheatbread (61 litres)
  • Milk (246 litres)
  • Cola soft drink (38 litres)
  • Steak (9869 litres)
  • Pork (1544 litres)
  • Chicken (1544 litres)
  • Two Eggs (515 litres)
  • Typical breakfast (791 litres)
  • Typical Lunch (5400 litres)
  • Typical dinner (10 966 litres)

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Introduce Healthy Habits in the Workplace with a Water Dispenser

It is no secret that certain soft drinks contain one teaspoon of sugar too many. It is also no secret that too much sugar in one’s diet can cause serious health problems. With this in mind, maybe it’s time you invested in a water dispenser to encourage healthy drinking habits in the workplace.

In most companies it is quite common to see employees drinking a soft drink or two (sometimes more), throughout the day. Whether they need an energy boost, a sugar fix or are just looking to quench their thirst, the amount of sugar they are consuming could lead to health problems which might result in them having to take sick leave. By finding a water dispenser for sale, you can encourage your employees to opt for healthier beverages instead.

Aside from causing cavities, too much sugar can also cause lead to other health complications such as diabetes and heart disease. By finding reliable water dispenser suppliers, you can help keep your employees refreshed, healthy and functioning to the best of their abilities. To sweeten the deal, you can also think about providing your employees with healthy ingredients so they can blend their own flavoured water to enjoy.

If you are unsure what ingredients to use, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Add some lemon wedges to a glass of water.
  • Drop slices of fresh ginger into a jug of water and allow to steep.
  • Mixing mint, lemon and cucumber is another popular combination to consider.
  • Add strawberry slices to a glass of water.
  • Make a berry combo by mixing black berries and raspberries in water.

If you are not convinced that your employees will take to a dispenser like fish to water, you can also consider a water dispenser rental option. By renting a dispenser for a certain period, you can gauge whether purchasing one in the long run will be a good investment to make.

Find a reliable water dispenser online today and help your employees opt for healthier beverages in the workplace.


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You’ll Find Productive Employees at the Office Water Cooler

Summer is finally here and if weather predictions are accurate, we are in for another scorcher. With temperatures soaring, managers will want to consider an office water cooler in order to keep employees hydrated and productive.

We all know the importance of eating healthy snacks and meals throughout the day, but people must also remember to drink water at regular intervals and remain hydrated. Contrary to popular belief, an office water cooler dispenser is not a gathering point for staff members to trade juicy gossip. It’s an oasis where hard working members of the team can refresh themselves and recharge their batteries. If you are worried that your staff might not be performing to the best of their abilities during the days when the temperatures are high, you might want to consider investing in a water cooler. If you are worried about the cost, there is also the option of an office water cooler rental.

The effects of not drinking enough water

A lack of water can cause fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps, dizziness, a lack of concentration and, in more serious cases, dehydration. All of these symptoms will have a negative impact on your employees’ ability to do their job. This, in turn, will affect the overall productivity of your business. Not drinking enough water can also contribute to other minor ailments which can result in employees having to take sick leave more often. This, too, will have a negative impact on productivity around the office.

Advantages of having an office water cooler

Employees should make a point of staying hydrated throughout the day as it will improve their concentration and the quality of their work. Visiting the office water cooler will also provide them with the opportunity to take a short break from whatever they are doing and to catch up with their colleagues and share ideas with one another. Following a brief water break, your employees will be able to return to their desks, refreshed and ready for work.

If you are looking to get the best out of your staff, contact an office water cooler service today.


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