Bottled Water Delivery: Service with A Smile

Bottled Water Delivery Service with A Smile

Winter might seem like a counter-intuitive time to invest in a bottled water delivery service, it’s actually an optimum time to equip your home or office with a constant supply of purified drinking water – hot and cold.
Bottled water delivery is something that most South Africans don’t tend to think of. Like the internet, it only comes to mind and becomes a problem when it does not work properly.
So, how do you ensure that you get the best bottled water delivery service available? Here’s a few hints of what to look at when researching your next bottled water supplier.

Service Reputation

Among the many employable tactics to use when looking for the best bottled water delivery service is to look at the company’s service reputation. A quick browse on their social media platforms will give you a great idea of how the company, its service and products are perceived by other customers.

Covered Costs

Bottled water suppliers take several factors into consideration when calculating costs. From delivery to insurance, there are many things that can impact the price. Make sure your bottled water delivery cost is a simple and affordable solution that works with your budget.

Test Trial

Certain bottled water suppliers, such as Aquazania, offer a free 7-day trial of their water dispensers and bottled water delivery service, so you can test the convenience of the solution before signing on.

Service Support

As with service reputation, service support is quickly researched by browsing the company’s social media pages. Another way to test a bottled water delivery service’s support is to contact their agent and see if the service you receive is of a quality standard you expect.

Any service that promises bottled water delivery to home or office should be able to keep to their end of the deal. To make sure you align with a bottled water delivery service that has a reputation of successfully catering to their client’s needs, look no further than Aquazania.

How to Maintain a Healthy Water Intake During Winter

How to Maintain a Healthy Water Intake During Winter

Winter is here, and a lot of us are not happy about that. We’re already picturing the extra kilo’s we’re going to add on, waking up while it;s still dark outside, the dry and cracked lips, and of course – needing to use the bathroom every 3.5 minutes regardless of how little fluid we take in.

That’s where 99% of us go wrong. See, we don’t seat even half as much during Winter months as we would, when compared to Summer months. For that reason, the excess fluid in our bodies needs to go SOMEWHERE, right? So we end up drinking less water in an effort to need to disrobe and freeze our butts off a little less.

What if I told you there are ingenious ways to maintain a healthy water intake during those Polar months without needing to have a lavatory in reach 24/7?

Eat Soup

Soup is one of the most delicious and comforting foods you could enjoy during Winter. The heat of the bowl and the warm bread that usually accompanies it somehow seem to fill a void we never knew was there. Making your favourite soup with Purified Aquazania water will not only make it taste better, but it will add to your daily required water intake without you even knowing it. Plus, soup is naturally lower in calories, so your waistline won’t complain!

Ditch the Pitcher for a Flask

Many people have found one of life’s greatest hacks – the water pitcher. It sits on your desk, gently reminding you to keep drinking water throughout the day until it’s empty. However, I dare you to show me someone who enjoys drinking icy cold water when the outside temperatures are below zero. Fill up a flask of the same size as your water pitcher with some tea. Coffee is likely going to make you want to use the bathroom more, and dehydrate you eventually. Tea helps replace lost electrolytes and adds significantly to your daily water intake.

Eat Your Greens!

Fruits and vegetables contain a high amount of naturally occurring water – and eating them will not only fill your tummy up – but it will keep you hydrated too! Need some idea of which fruit and veg contain the highest amount of water?

Cauliflower, eggplant, red cabbage, peppers and spinach contain 92 percent water.

Broccoli is 91 percent water by weight.

Additional healthy hydrating foods include carrots with 87 percent water and green peas and white potatoes with 79 percent water.

Feeling a little under the weather?

On very cold winter days, trade your glass of cold water for a cup of warm water with a few slices of lemon and add a drop of honey in it. The lemon boosts Vitamin C levels, honey soothes sore throats and the water helps hydrate. Tri-factor for the win!


Cover Image Credit – Daily Express 

Aquazania Purified Water vs Soft Drinks: Which is Better?

Aquazania Purified Water vs Soft Drinks: Which is Better?


I think all of us have already concluded without needing to read anything furtehr than the headline here that water is undoubtedly better for you than a soft drink is. Some will argue that “they’re here for a good time, not a long time” – and the likes. But just how much better or worse is water when compared with a soft drink?

Adults are supposed to drink around 8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy.  Note – that’s water, not liquid.  We know that water – more specifically – water from an Aquacooler – is far healthier than soft drinks and other kinds of sweetened drinks.

But, why is it so much better for us? We pitted water from an Aquacooler against soft drinks in order to discover why, and here is what we found:

1. Hydration


The body loses about 2 litres of water a day. Drinking the equivalent of this amount of water simply replaces the water, helping keep dehydration at bay (and all the undesirable side-effects that come with it). Soft drinks don’t provide the same hydration levels such as water from an aqua cooler water dispenser.  And, to make matters worse, the caffeine in them can actually increase dehydration.

2. Oral Hygiene

oral hygiene

Soft drinks contain large amounts of sugar and acid. This can have disastrous effects on your teeth over time, breaking down their layer of protective enamel and leading to cavities and decay. Water, on the other hand, has absolutely no negative effect on your teeth – which is why you rinse with water after brushing your teeth. In fact, drinking a glass of water after you eat can help rinse your mouth and keep your teeth clean.

3. Weight Maintenance

weight maintenance


If you like to watch your figure, drinking soft drinks is certainly not going to help you.  A 330 ml can of soda can contain up to 150 calories, thanks to its excessively high sugar content. That means that, if you were to drink two cans of soft drink a day for a month, you’d be consuming about 2.25 kilograms of sugar and roughly 9000 calories over that period. Water, on the other hand, helps keep your digestive system working properly, and can thus help you lose weight.

Going back to the dehydration factor, even mild dehydration can slow your metabolism significantly. So, by drinking healthy water every day, you help your body burn off fat and keep your figure looking good.

Aqua Cooler Price vs Benefits

Looking at the above benefits, surely no Aquacooler price could be too high. But, as it turns out, Aquacoolers are both exceptionally useful and very reasonably priced. So, for a good decision that might just turn your life around, ditch soft drinks in favour of pure water and contact Aquazania today for a aqua cooler price!

Signs That You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Signs That You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

If I had a rand for every time I’ve heard someone being told “they’re not drinking enough water” – I’d have enough money to buy all those under-hydrated people an endless supply of  H2O.


Here are a few tell-tale signs that you really aren’t getting enough water in, though:


1) You’re excessively thirsty.

By the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. However, if you feel more and more thirsty after each cup – as opposed to feeling quenched – you need to make it a priority to up your daily intake before it affects you in a more serious way than unresolvable thirst.


2) Your skin and eyes are dry.

Factoring out seasonal changes that cause skin and eye dryness, if these two organs suddenly feel like a desert for no apparent reason – your body is dehydrated. These organs rely heavily on constant and sustained water intake, and when these signs appear – make sure you consciously start drinking more water daily.


3) You feel sapped of energy, even after a good night’s rest.

When a body is dehydrated it “borrows” water from your blood. A lack of properly hydrated blood leads to a lack of oxygen being brought throughout the body – and in turn – a lack of oxygen leads to sleepiness and outright fatigue. Try replacing the canteen coffee at 2pm when the slump hits with a litre of water and watch how your energy levels rise over time.


4) When the office flu does it’s rounds, you take twice as long as everyone else to get better.

Sarah on the third floor bounced back after a week, and so did Jack from your department, but you cannot shake off the flu. You. Jut. Can’t. Drinking water allows your body to continuously flush out toxins. Your organs work to filter our certain waste products like a machine, but if you don’t fuel the machine with water, it cannot work properly. What ends up happening in a dehydrated body is organs start to pull water from stored areas like your blood, and if you’re not replenishing your water levels – especially when you’re ill – you’ll end up essentially preventing yourself from ever getting better.



There is no reasonable explanation for a 20-something to feel as outright rubbish as you feel 7 days a week. Sure, your sleep pattern might not be the best, and your diet has a few dark nooks and crannies, but there’s no way you should  feel like a 90-year old with all the aches and pains you’re having. Our cartilage and spinal discs are made up of about 80% water. This is an absolute necessity to keep our bones from grinding against each other with every step we take. By keeping your body hydrated, you ensure that your joints can absorb the shock of sudden movements, such as running, jumping, or falling awkwardly. Grab a glass to make sure you’re not arthritic by the time you hit 30!


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Why Do Water Coolers Do Weird Things?

Why Do Water Coolers Do Weird Things?

Water Coolers go bump in the night, amongst so many other strange and wonderful things. We chat about the weirdest things water coolers do, and why!

Why Do Water Coolers Bubble?

Have you dispensed a cup of water from your water coolers’ taps, to see it bubble like crazy as soon as you stop dispensing the water? That’s all because of the internal tanks inside your water cooler. See, there are (typically) two tanks, but always at least one. These tanks house hot and cold water, and this is where the water is kept at the right temperature. When you dispense a cup of water, that tank begins to deplete. To make sure you have a constant supply of cooled or heated water, the tanks need immediate refilling. The bubbling you see is a rapid refilling of these tanks!

Why Do Water Coolers Freeze Up?

So, we’ve already discussed how a water cooler works .

Understanding that your water cooler makes use of an “ice ring” or “ice bank” to energy-efficiently keep your water ice cold will lead you to this answer. It can sometimes happen that this ice either becomes dislodged, or with sufficient force, a piece is broken off and makes it’s way into the stream of water dispensed from your cooler. All you need to do to remedy this situation is to switch off your water cooler for about 10 minutes, to allow some of the dislodged ice to dissolve back into the water. This is commonplace in Winter months where we do not require as much of a “chill” as we do in Summer months, where the ambient temperature assists in keeping dislodged ice at bay.

Why Is There a Delay on My Hot Water Tap?

You may have noticed a small delay when you dispense from you hot water tap; it dispenses a few drops, there’s a momentary lag, and then the water starts flowing again – and the bubbles we mentioned before make their way to the top of the bottle. This is because of a small air pocket that forms inside of the machine after waiting a little while before dispensing your last cup of hot water. That’s why you’ll notice this more first thing in the morning, or when you return home at night. It’s noting to worry about and is remedied with a little bit of patience.

Why Do Water Coolers Leak?

Before we assume out water cooler is leaking, it’s always a good idea to check that there are no office or home) gremlins playing with the taps, or that your drip tray is perhaps not over-filled. Giving due diligence to things like this can add to the lifespan of your water cooler, and save you a lot of unnecessary worry and call-outs. 9 out of 10 times, if you have checked faulty taps and drip trays, water cooler leaks are the result of a leaking water bottle and not from the cooler itself. This may be the result of a hairline crack in the bottle which alters the pressure within the cooler from the normal “vacuum”. The pressure change draws water into the tank and causes it to overflow. The solution? If the problem arose when you placed a new bottle onto your cooler, try replacing that bottle to see if it causes the leaking to stop.

Why Is My Water Not Getting Cold?

First port of call is always to check whether your water cooler is plugged in and switched on. If that is not the cause, the next most likely reason behind your water cooler not being cold is usage. Remember that the internal tanks that are responsible for chilling your water also have their limitations – most likely an output of around 4 – 5 litres of chilled water per hour. If you have 20 people each filling a 500ml bottle, it may be likely that the water has just not had sufficient time to properly be chilled.

Water Just Levelled Up – Introducing Black Hydro

Water Just Levelled Up – Introducing Black Hydro

Please note that Aquazania does not stock this product. To shop Black Hydro – follow this link.

So water is just water, right? It can be fizzy or still, it can be flavoured or plain, it can have fruit bits and sometimes even claim to have vitamin-related properties that can boost your immune system or even make you feel rejuvenated. But at the end of the day, it still comes down to the main ingredient without which none of it would be possible – water.

Now, a South African brand called Black Insomnia, who have just introduced (interestingly enough) the World’s Strongest Coffee to Amazon after it’s launch in South Africa in 2016, have developed and brought out the first batches of Black Hydro. Yes, you’re reading this right! Black Hydro is the non-coffee equivalent of their coffee bean brainchild, and it’s here to change the water game.

Why do I say that? If you know anyone, or happen to be one of them , some people simply cannot handle the taste of coffee. Some people also don’t like hot drinks – and as a result, have never experienced that undeniable kick you can get from caffeine. Black Hydro takes the energy and mood boosting effects of coffee, smooshes it into some water – and voilà – you have the caffeine kick you need without having to drink or make a cuppa coffee.

But, what exactly is in this water?

Well, we already know there are a few different types of water – including purified, distilled, filtered, spring water and also mineral water.

Black Hydro is made from mineral water, with a specific amount of caffeine added to it. The great part is that the amount of water to caffeine ratio is wonderful for those who have concerns about the dehydrating properties of coffee. You’re basically already replenishing the water your body needs to filter out the coffee. Win win, right?

Natural spring water infused with 100 mg of caffeine and an electrolyte premix. The pH of 7.5 makes it one of the purest mineral waters available.
No sugar, no calories and no chemicals.


The infusion of electrolytes into the water makes it a perfect post-workout drink to replenish your water levels and make you feel a little less, well, tired.

Now I can imagine that, in essence, “coffee water” seems quite off-putting, but there’s more great news! There’s no strange coffee taste – this simply tastes like normal water.

Black Hydro packs about 100mg of caffeine per 500ml (just about two bottles), which is 25% of the GDA of caffeine intake for an adult (suggested to be at capacity at 400mg).

Now please, while this might be an excellent innovation, we urge anyone who’s tempted to use this to replace drinking “boring” water throughout the day that this IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE! This is more of an energy-drink replacement for when you’re feeling sluggish or need a quick boost of energy. Drinking more than a few bottles of this per day could actually be quite dangerous. So dabble and enjoy – just remember that you need your normal H2O to keep healthy.

Let us know if you have tried Black Hydro and share your thoughts below!

Why Does My Bottled Water Have An Expiry Date?

Why Does My Bottled Water Have An Expiry Date?

So we’ve all heard the sometimes hard to believe fact that all water available to us on this planet is the same water from eons ago. Water is not created, destroyed or lost – it is simply always in a state of flux in the water system.
So colour me silly when I buy a bottle of water and it has an expiry date! We explain why this is a vital quality assurance measure and the logic behind it.

Bottled water – whether it be from a spring, a mountain or from a municipal supply – usually undergoes some sort of filtration or purification process.

Subsequent to this process, the water is usually bottled and capped immediately, and the expiration date is normally around 12 months from production. This “expiration” date is not really indicative of a time span during which the water will “go off” or be unsuitable to drink- but is put in as a safety precaution for the consumer because of the possibility of the bottle itself contaminating the water.

Most water suppliers use plastic bottles which (unfortunately) contain BPA. Unless your water bottle is made from PET (or PETE) – you do stand at risk for some of those chemicals leeching into your water if it has been allowed to stand for too long. Some other porous materials in which water is bottled will allow for ambient smells and tastes to leech into your water as well, and while that doesn’t pose a health risk, it’s not exactly something you want to happen to your water supply.

Another possible reason for bottled water having an expiration date is that some major water bottling companies bottle soft-drinks from the same factory out of which the bottled water is produced. We know that soft-drinks (inversely to plain water) do expire – and in an effort to streamline efficiency and time management – it is simply much easier to stamp all the bottles than to leave out one specific bottle type.

Aquazania makes use of Virgin PET plastic to produce our very own, BPA-free 21.8litre purified water bottles; while we do stamp our bottles with both a production and expiration date – this is done solely to assure our customers that the water which they are receiving is recently bottled – and the expiration date is added to help the customer keep tabs on how long the bottle of water has been standing.


Image Credit – Fantoosy