2019 Rheavendor Coffee Machine Range

2019 Rheavendor Coffee Machine Range

Rhea Vendor is one of the leading manufactures of coffee vending machines in the world. Rhea has their head offices based in Italy but have a number of manufacturing plants throughout Europe. They are particularly famous for making the Nescafe Coffee Vending machine range and have also become the manufacturer for Chaywa, Coca Cola’s coffee vending machines. Rhea has one of the largest numbers of vending machines to choose from.

Rheavendors Group is proud to introduce the laRhea Business Line, the new standard for tabletop coffee machines. The LaRhea brand combines 50+ years of manufacturing know-how while fully embracing the culture of Italian coffee. LaRhea coffee machines translate the precision and consistency of a professional barista into fully automated coffee preparation, as reliable in performance as in flavour.

Rheavendors LaRhea Business Line eC Instant

The all new Business Line boasts heightened performance and a sleek new design that fits into even the most elegant settings. Key features of the LaRhea Business Line include 12 custom beverage menu option.


Rheavendors XS Grande Pro E3 R2

This is another example of their table top series which has continued this success with the integration of the Variflex brewing system. This systems allows up to 15g of coffee in the heated metal group to ensure superior espresso quality at all times.

The external transparent coffee bean hopper, like an open invitation to enjoy fresh-ground coffee, makes this a truly professional quality machine.

Rheavendors LaRhea Business Line eC VHO Espresso (eC VHO E3 R1)

This third of the new Business Line boasts heightened performance and a sleek new design that fits into even the most elegant settings. Key features of the laRhea Business Line include: Variflex Brewer, Touch screen interface with 12 beverage selections.

Rheavendors Cino EC Instant

The Cino is essentially the replacement of the well-known XX Micro and has a number of advantages to the Micro. The Cino has a grinder which has double the speed of that of the Micro. The Cino has 4 canisters in both instant and bean versions and has the option to replace the one milk powder canister with a fresh milk cooler. The Cino is probably also the best looking machine in the Rheavendor range.


The Rhea Vendor Barista is the one machine in the range to rival the Cino for looks. It features an iconic backlit panel (in either blue or yellow) and is similarly priced to the Cino but has only 3 canisters which means you need to leave out either the hot chocolate or sugar inside the machine.

XM and XS Coffee Shop

The XM and XS coffee shop are really big. The first 3 models in the Rheavendor range are suited to offices or coffee shops which are expected to make less than 120 cups per day. The XM is the first model in the range which is capable of 150+ cups of coffee per day. It doesn’t have the styling of the Barista or Cino machines but is a workhorse capable of getting the job done. Both machines can be bought with up to 6 canisters opening up the possibilities for tea and instant vending soup as well.