Is Bottled Water Bad For You?

Is Bottled Water Bad For You?

Nowadays, drinking bottled water has become quite the norm. Consumers have shied away from using tap water as numerous studies have indicated that tap water may be contaminated. 

However, have you ever stopped to think that bottled water may carry some chemicals and toxins that may be harmful to the human body? 

Well to answer that – here’s another question, have you ever drank from a water bottle and you taste an undertone of plastic in your water? 

This is not a coincidence. Plastic is affected when it is in the sun as the hot temperatures cause the plastic to soften and melt. This allows for dangerous chemicals and toxins (such as BPA) to enter your water and inevitably your body. 

What is BPA?

BPA or Bisphenol A is a chemical that is found in plastic bottles. It interferes with bodily hormones and influences the production, secretion, transport, and function of your hormones. 

(It has been known to have many estrogen-like effects on the human body.)

How Does Bottled Water Differ from Tap Water?

We are led to believe that bottled water is sourced from the freshest, purest springs, offering a safe alternative to everyday water. 

However, a large amount of your favorite or ‘well priced’  bottled water companies are using tap water to fill their bottles and then selling it to you at an exponentially higher rate. 

Not only are you paying much more money for the same water that you always have access to, but you are also unknowingly consuming all the toxins and chemicals that can be found in tap water. 

Chemicals such as chlorine that is used to clean the water we drink and harmful toxins such as lead that contaminates our tap water as it flows through lead pipes. 

Additionally, a 4 year-long study conducted by the NDRC on the water industry has shown that there is no evidence supporting bottled water being safer than your everyday tap water. 

Therefore it can be said that the majority of the “clean” drinking water you are paying for is essentially overpriced tap water. 

An Alternative to Bottled Water:

Using a water filter is a safer option because whether or not you have a bottled or bottle-less system, your water will go through a vigorous water filtration process that completely cleans and purifies your water of chemicals and toxins such as chlorine and lead, making it an enjoyable, safe and healthy experience.

After evaluating the truths about the water industry, it is vital that people stay aware of what they are putting into their bodies and which companies to trust in order to remain healthy and safe. And if all else fails, take a look at your water cooler options and the advantages of having one in your home or in your office. 

How Much Water You Should Be Drinking Everyday and Why?

How Much Water You Should Be Drinking Everyday and Why?

This is an important question as a great majority of people are simply just not drinking enough water. And this seems like it is not much of an issue because people are still drinking water on a daily basis, however, it is just not enough and the consequences are so apparent as people are constantly underperforming as a result of it. 

Why you are Underperforming because of Dehydration:

The body is made up of 60% water and thus, every system in our body relies on water in order for each system to perform at its maximum potential. 

To reach this maximum potential, you need to be drinking around 2 liters per day (or 8-10 glasses of water). Some health experts even say that you should be sipping on water throughout the whole day in order to remain at a constant, healthy rate.

However, most people are NOT reaching this daily goal and thus not consuming the recommended amount of water and additionally, are not accounting for how much water they lose every day due to sweat and urine. This leaves people to be mildly dehydrated throughout the day. Even mild dehydration which is losing about 1.5% of your body’s water is known to greatly influence brain functionality and is detrimental to your memory and anxiety levels. 

I’m sure you are thinking that it must take a lot of exercises to lose 1.5% of your body’s water. 

However, you can lose 1.59% of your body’s water during just your daily activities. 

Moreover, sweating and exercise can make you lose between 6-10% of your body’s water.

So, how much water should you be drinking every day?

Each answer is unique to the individual as body weight plays a large role in how much water you will require. 

However, the general recommended amount is 2 liters per day and an additional 2-4 glasses more if you are exercising or if the weather is very hot. 

The Benefits of Drinking a Healthy Amount of Water Every Day:

  • Clears Skin

Water is used by your body to help flush out toxins and waste products in your body and this is significant in clearing your skin. 

  • Regulates Body Temperature

The body naturally regulates your body temperature by sweating, however, drinking sufficient water will regulate your body’s temperature for you and thus you won’t sweat as much throughout the day. 

  •  Essential for the Kidney

It is harder for kidney stones to form when there is sufficient water available to prevent stone-forming crystals from collecting together. 

  • Weight Loss

Water does wonders for your metabolic rate. If you drink half a liter of water it can increase your metabolism by up to 30% for 1.5 hours. Additionally, drinking water 30 minutes before a meal will decrease your appetite a lot and cause you to eat less. 

In conclusion, with water offering such beneficial health advantages and dehydration causing major side effects, it only makes sense that you should be drinking more water and as a result, enjoying the benefits of a healthy, fully-functional body.  

The Best Water Coolers for Your Office

The Best Water Coolers for Your Office

The average adult human body is made up of up to 65% water, making this clear blue liquid one of the most important parts of maintaining good health in general. Physicians often recommend consuming up to two liters of water a day (roughly 8 glasses). The average workday spans up to eight hours. This got us thinking does your company have a clean water supply in place that could (hypothetically) sustain each employee drinking the required glass an hour?

No? Don’t worry. Most companies don’t, and many underestimate the benefits of having a consistent freshwater supply, not only from an employee perspective but from a financial perspective too. Office water coolers, for example, provide this consistent supply and also have a host of other benefits which we should explore a little further.

The Benefits of Having a Water Cooler in the Workplace

And no, this doesn’t just relate to the social aspect of having employees gather for a quick chat in their break time or even over lunch (although this is a good way to encourage company culture too). Firstly, an office cooler helps to provide a fresh supply of water to both staff and guests. Nobody is left guessing whether the water they are consuming is detrimental to their health in any way, as is often the case with polluted tap water in most countries around the world. Not to mention, your guests will be left with a good impression of your company (something that would not happen if Jane from accounting had to run to the tap in the kitchen each time a guest she was meeting with asked her for some water), especially if you position the cooler near primary meeting rooms and possibly in reception as well. On average, a company of 50 people requires three or four coolers in key areas around the office. 

Keeping this in mind, can you imagine what it would cost to stock individual still water bottles for each member of staff, as well as guests arriving for meetings? This does not make financial sense (nor does it help your sustainability profile to be using that much plastic each day), especially in economically tight times. 

By entering a contract with a water cooler supplier, you’re not only able to get better value for your money, but there are no unforeseen surprises when it comes to invoicing either: you are charged a fixed rate, with the company delivering directly to you on a regular schedule, with very little hassle.

The Different Types of Water Coolers

There are two primary types of water coolers doing their rounds in most businesses around the world these days.

Bottled water coolers provide underground mountain spring water that has been purified and filtered multiple times. This happens using activated oxygen, and no chemicals are added in the process. This is a good option for smaller sized companies, that attend most of their weekly meetings off-site. A bottled water cooler also leaves you with very little surprises when it comes to your water bill.

Bottleless water coolers provide filtered water directly from the source, cleaning the water directly from your tap supply. This doesn’t leave you with the risk of running out in any given month and can be beneficial to large teams with multiple in-house meetings in a week. Many corporations opt for this, while also monitoring their water use a little more carefully. Employees and guests may not use this kind of cooler as sparingly (consider this similar to “uncapped” vs. “capped” WiFi), but it does give you peace of mind that you won’t run into problems towards the end of the month when that important investor arrives for a funding meeting and you’re left scrambling.

Popular Water Cooler Suppliers

While there are many water cooler suppliers in South Africa, there are three that have caught our eye in particular:

The Water Cooler Company offers a variety of options, mostly in the bottled cooler type. Based in Cape Town, but offering next day delivery, these guys offer a trusted, family-run service.

YuppieChef offers an online selection of water coolers, providing customers with the choice to explore a diverse range of brands at a variety of prices. Consult with an expert before making a buying decision, and consider approaching a supplier directly should you want a longer-term solution for your home or business. 

Aquazania, which has roots going back over 50 years, emerged out of a need for better quality drinking water. The product of intensive investigation and study of water markets worldwide, these guys are the Rolls Royce of water cooler suppliers (though they won’t cost you an arm and a leg).

Don’t leave your staff and guests high and dry (mouthed). Take pride in your office space as a home away from home for many of your employees, and consider a water cooler solution today.

Still Water vs. Sparkling Water

Still Water vs. Sparkling Water

Water is an essential part of all life and without it, humans would not be able to survive. It carries an abundance of minerals and is the sole reason for many major health benefits. For that reason, various selections, and variations of water (such as sparkling water) have become available to us in our day-to-day lives in order to make our required daily water intake just that much easier to attain.

Still Water:

So what are some important health benefits and advantages of drinking Still Water?

  • Water Maximises Physical Performance

With a healthy intake of water, you will find that your physical performance will increase as you are replenishing your body’s water level percentage. However, all it takes is for you to lose 2% of your body’s water until you are classified as dehydrated. When you are dehydrated you will find symptoms such as reduced motivation, increased fatigue, and anxiety (as well as making your everyday activities harder to perform). And I’m sure you are thinking that it must take a lot for you to lose 2% of your body’s water, however, physical activities that cause you to sweat can make you lose roughly 6-10% of your body’s water. 

(Make sure you are hydrated while exercising or partaking in any physical activity to avoid dehydration and increase performance!)

  • Water Influences Brain Functionality

The same way that a healthy intake of water will maximize your physical performance, a healthy intake of water will also influence your brain functionality too. 

How so? Well, all it takes is being ‘mildly dehydrated’ (which is losing about 1% of your body’s water) for your brain to feel a decline in productivity and a loss of 1.59% of your body’s water for it to be detrimental to your memory and anxiety levels. 

Water also:

  • Relieves headaches.
  • Improves weight loss.
  • Clears skin.
  • Regulates body temperatures. 

BUT does Sparkling Water carry the same health benefits as Still Water does?

The simple answer is yes. 

The only difference between still water and sparkling water is the carbon dioxide gas that is in sparkling water which causes it to be bubbly and fizzy. 

It’s the extra buzz in the water that pushes people toward sparkling water and away from harmful, carbonated drinks.

According to various studies and despite popular belief, drinking sparkling water does the same for your body as drinking still water as you are still getting your intake of water.  

However, regardless of still and sparkling water having the same health benefits, they do not have the same side effects. 

  • The bubbles in sparkling water can cause you to feel fuller and suppress your appetite. 
  • The bubbles can cause indigestion if consumed too quickly.
  • Carbonic acid can have a mild erosive effect on your teeth.
  • Sparkling water is less hydrating than normal still water.
  • Avoid drinking sparkling water after a workout as the bubbles create the illusion that you are fully hydrated

To conclude, when deciding between still or sparkling water, remember that both beverages carry the same health benefits. However, keep in mind that sparkling water can easily be a bubbly alternative to soda/carbonated drinks and sparkling water is 100x less damaging than soda is. 

Soft Drinks vs. Water – Health Benefits Explained

Soft Drinks vs. Water – Health Benefits Explained

Adding a soft drink to our meal is something we all do, and craving that specific bubbly taste of your favorite fizzy drink is something we are all too familiar with.

However, something we are not familiar with is, what these sugar-sweetened drinks are actually doing to our bodies, and how our preferred alternative to water has become a very common,widely-accepted norm that has plagued our everyday lives. 

The Effects of Soft Drinks on Our Bodies:

Firstly, soft drinks contain large amounts of added sugar also known as fructose and glucose. 

This fructose is present as the average can of soft drink has roughly 10 teaspoons of sugar per can and fructose is very present in this type of sugar. 

Why is this important to know?

  1. Soft Drinks Effect Your Liver

Sucrose (table sugar) consists of two molecules – glucose, and fructose. Glucose can be broken down by any and every cell in your body, while fructose can only be metabolized by your liver. 

Therefore, when you consume an excessive amount of fructose (from your soft drink), your liver becomes overburdened and starts to turn the fructose into fat. Over time, this can assist in causing Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. 

On the other hand, the liver is responsible for flushing the toxins out of your body. Therefore, drinking water will assist in this as water aids the liver in this cleaning process. 

  1.   Soft Drinks and Insulin Resistance:

Insulin pushes glucose from your bloodstream into your cells. However, when you consume soft drinks, you become more resistant to the effects of insulin. When this occurs, your body is forced to create more insulin in order to remove the glucose from your bloodstream – this causes your insulin levels to peak causing  Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance is known to cause Metabolic Syndrome which is the starting point of many diseases including Type 2 Diabetes. 

  1. Soft Drinks and Type 2 Diabetes:

Type 2 Diabetes is characterized by a raised blood sugar due to the previously mentioned Insulin Resistance. 

Considering soft drinks contain high amounts of fructose and excessive fructose is what causes Insulin Resistance, then it only makes sense that soft drinks can be linked to Type 2 Diabetes. 

Moreover, studies have indicated that for every 150 calories of sugar per day (1 soft drink), the risk of diabetes is increased by 1.1%. 

This indicates that one soft drink, which we deem as harmless or much needed, is actually causing more harm than we think. 

  1. Soft Drinks and Cancer:

Cancer develops alongside other chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Therefore, if soft drinks can so easily cause such diseases, it is not a surprise that soft drinks are associated with cancer. 

Research has reflected that those who drink 2 or more soft drinks per week are 87% more likely to develop Pancreatic Cancer than those who do not drink soft drinks. 

  1. Soft Drinks and Your Teeth:

Soft drinks contain acids like carbonic and phosphoric acid. Consuming soft drinks creates a highly acidic environment in your mouth and allows your teeth to be more vulnerable to decay. 

These acids cause damage, however, its the combination of acids and sugar in your mouth that especially harm your teeth and cause decay. 

  1. Soft Drinks and Their Health Benefits:

Soft drinks have no essential nutrients whatsoever. No vitamins, no minerals, and no fiber. 

  1. Water and the Body:

  1. Water is essential for all survival. 
  2. Helps your joints.
  3. It helps build muscle.
  4. Improves physical performance. 
  5. Improves mood.
  6. Keeps your kidneys healthy. 
  7. Aids your liver in removing toxins.
  8. Speeds up your metabolism. 
  9. Keep your skin healthy and clear.
  10. Improves memory. 
  11. Water is an essential nutrient. 

In essence, soft drinks are overloaded with sugar and cause so many unforgiving side effects. After assessing how harmful soft drinks can be from just casual use, it is recommended that you substitute soft drinks for water at any time you get and let your body thank you or it later. 


Water Cooler Companies in the Western Cape:

Water Cooler Companies in the Western Cape:

With the constant gloom of the water crisis that has affected the Western Cape, it is now more important than ever that people have
access to safe, clean, premium water at reasonable pricing.

Aquazania is a company dedicated to providing pure and delicious water.
We are based in Johannesburg and have expanded to Durban and Cape Town too.
We boast a wide selection of water coolers, both bottled and bottleless coupled with the freshest water that is guaranteed by our 9 step purification process. Nonetheless, we still recognize that we are not the perfect match for everyone and have compiled a list of alternatives.

Visit our website :
Contact Us : 080 099 0316


So here a few alternative options for water coolers companies in the Western Cape:

The Water Cooler Company:

The Water Cooler Company is a family-run business based in Cape Town and were founded in 2003.
They offer numerous options for cheaper bottled water coolers and small range of plumbed-in systems too
They believe that the water cooler industry is still in it’s early days and thus aim to provide a comprehensive website offering a complete range of water coolers for all your needs.

Contact: 021 813 6631


Oasis is giant in the industry with over 140 franchisees and over 285 stores.
Their main offices are situated in Pretoria but they have outlets, stores and mini-stores reaching to as far as the Western Cape.
They have a trusted range of water coolers and also dabble in other beverages such as ice tea, fruit juices and sports drinks.

Contact: 0861 762 747

62 Waters:

62 Waters is a company founded on their commitment to provide better, healthier water solutions.
They are based in Pretoria but have branches ranging to the Western Cape as well.
In 2010,they decided they wanted to bring affordable, quality drinking water to the Western Cape and they did so, offering various water coolers and bottled water options.

Contact: 072 911 0906

The Water Corporation:

The Water Corporation was established in 2001 to provide top quality bottled water and water coolers at competitive prices.
Their goal is to deliver a friendly, fast and efficient service to all their customers at all times.
They follow an 8 step purification process that promises an end result of pure premium water.
They are situated in the Western Cape at 40 Berrydel Avenue, Somerset West.

Contact: 0861 112 015

So for all those in the Western Cape;
We at Aquazania understand that we cannot meet everyones wants and needs and simultaneously acknowledge that our competitors are of a high quality and standard. And so we wish you luck in your water cooler endeavors and hope that this helped out!

Water Cooler Companies in South Africa:

Water Cooler Companies in South Africa:

Water is an essential part of everyday life.
Studies reflect that in order to prevent dehydration and maintain a healthy intake of water, the average person should drink roughly 2l of water per day.
However, there are numerous articles, news stories and rumors circling about the contamination of tap water in South Africa.
These micro-plastics and chemicals found in our water are a scary yet very apparent realization.
So, how are we supposed to stay hydrated, drinking 2l of water per day when our water is allegedly poisonous?

That’s where water coolers come in offering the freshest, most premium hot and/or cold water.
By purchasing a water cooler you are NOT ONLY eliminating all the contaminants in your drinking water (avoiding any health concerns), but you are also purchasing a machine that produces better tasting, colder (or hotter) water
at much more of a convenience – making that 2l per day a whole lot more enjoyable.

water coolers


With that being said, here are some water cooler companies to consider:


Aquazania was founded in 1966 and certainly has a lot of experience in the industry.
They follow a 9 step purification process that ensures the most top-quality, pure water and offer bottled water coolers and plumbed-in water coolers too.
The bottled water coolers are priced at R4500 and produce 4.5l of water per hour.
The plumbed-in water coolers have a heavier price (but of course with functions to justify the price) and range from R4500 to R32 000 producing from 4.5l per hour to 80l per hour.


Pureau boasts that not all water is created equal – and when it comes to Pureau, you can literally taste the difference.

This is due to their advanced, internationally recognized 8 step purification process offering 1.8l of water per hour in their bottled water coolers and 3l-unlimited water per hour in their plumbed-in systems.
Inquire with them online for their prices!

H20 International:

H20 International’s ultimate aim is to improve the health, well-being and quality of life of all who drink their water.
With a wide range of water coolers to choose from, H2O International have plumbed-in water coolers ranging from R3550 to R47 425, ensuring you find the cooler you are looking for.
Additionally, their bottled water coolers range from R3625 to R7395.
For a wide selection of water coolers, attachments and more, go visit H2O International.

The Water Cooler Company:

For a range of cheaper options The Water Cooler Company has a few choices at their bottled water coolers ranging from R2850 to R3440.
These coolers are for your smaller amounts of people as they produce +- 20-30 cups of water per hour.
Also take a look at their plumbed-in options starting at R3600 and reaching up to R21 850 including a 2 stage water filter system.

With the increase in contaminants in everyday tap water it is becoming more and more crucial that people are drinking safe, clean water.
Make the smarter choice and invest in your health – Install a water cooler in your home, workspace or gym.

Bottled Water Options in South Africa:

Bottled Water Options in South Africa:

Clean, purified water is a must.
With water coolers becoming increasingly more popular due to the toxic contaminants found in tap water,
it has become much more important that people have access to affordable, consistently-supplied and clean bottled water.
Despite the fact that it is safer to drink than tap water, filtered water also has a smoother, crisper, colder taste.

water bottle


So where can you buy your bottled water?

Here at Aquazania our water is purer than an underground mountain spring and cleaner than snow.
This is guaranteed by our 9 step purification process that all of our water goes through before it is bottled in it’s 18.9l poly-carbonate water bottles. These bottles are equipped with unique, non-reusable sealing caps that ensure our premium Aquazania water is completely sterile, cool and crisp. We also provide an after-sales service like no other! We understand that happy customers create a successful business and that’s why we dedicate our time and effort into creating an unrivaled customer service.

But regardless of our high quality water we still recognize that our water bottles may not be the perfect fit for you, thats why we
have compiled a list of alternative bottled water options for you:

Aquabella –

aQuellé –

Bené –

Bonaqua –

Ceres Spring Water –

Clover Waters: Nestlé Pure Life –

Di Bella Spring Water –

La Vie De Luc –

MultiSource Beverages –

Oryx Aqua –

Thirsti –

Valpré –

Aquazania –

Aqua Africa –

SuperBev –

Cape Aqua –

H2O –

Helderspruit –

Magalies Water –

Oasis Water –

Stay happy and hydrated and choose the right bottled water for you!

Best Water Cooler for a Reception Area:

Best Water Cooler for a Reception Area:

No one likes waiting. It’s mundane and we hate it.
Nonetheless, we all find ourselves sitting in a reception room from time to time.
You can kind of picture it…
A whole bunch of chairs (the uncomfortable ones), some generic paintings up on the wall, a few outdated magazines on each coffee table and a room full of people (semi) patiently waiting for their turn.
Then in the corner of the room is this machine offering a silver lining. A water cooler with the option of either a hot or cold beverage bringing a glimpse of possibility to the room.

Hot Water Dispenser

What NOT to look for in a water cooler for a reception room:

Plumbed-in water coolers are for your offices and gyms needing to cater for many people.
These water coolers have an unlimited water supply and some can produce up to 80l of premium water per hour ,pricing at up to R35 000 or R2500 p/m. These water coolers have a lot more advanced features and perks but can be deemed excessive for your everyday reception rooms.

So what are the requirements for a water cooler in a reception room?

Well, reception rooms don’t see large volumes of people every day and for that reason you won’t require a water cooler with a very high water capacity (nor a high cost).
This points you in the direction of a bottled water cooler as it is the more cost-efficient option with features that are suitable for a reception room environment.

A Bottled Water Cooler will set you back R4500.00 or R150p/m.
Despite the low price you will receive a machine with premium features including a hot or cold water option (with a child-safe tap), as well as non-drip taps and stainless steel reservoirs that preserve the fresh taste of the water.
This kind of water cooler require no plumbing and therefore can be moved to whichever part of the reception room you please.
However, they do rely on water bottles that need to be replaced after each one is finished.
These water bottles can be rented at 5 bottles for R75 p/m.
These water coolers can produce 4.5l of water per hour which is fitting for your reception room.

In essence,
A bottled water cooler provides the luxuries of having a constant clean, pure, hot or cold water option at barely an expense,there to keep your guests satisfied. With that being said every reception room needs a water cooler.
Whether its bottled or bottleless – a water coolers says a lot about the room it occupies and does a lot for the people you have waiting.
So why not have a water cooler that is an investment in your business and a convenience to have around.

Best Water Coolers for Homes:

Best Water Coolers for Homes:

With water being an essential part of everyday life, having a water cooler at home has become an increasingly more relevant topic.
How so?
Well, tap water is far too contaminated for those health conscious individuals wanting to avoid chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine in their water. And bottled water is far too expensive to be considering it on an every day basis to cover your daily drinking requirements.
So now we are left with a water cooler that offers pure, premium filtered water at everyday, affordable prices making it imperative that you have this healthy, cost-efficient necessity.

Hot Water Dispenser

What to look for in a water cooler for your home?

There some basic yet crucial components that must be considered upon making your purchase:
– Affordability is a must.
– A machine offering clean, uncontaminated better tasting water.
– The option of hot and cold water.
– A machine requiring little maintenance.
– The right water capacity to cater for you and your family.

With that being said, which water coolers are NOT a good fit for your home?

Plumbed-in water coolers are great but are more for your businesses that are seeing a large volume of people everyday.
They are also a lot pricier reaching prices of up to R35 000 per machine, whereas there are cheaper, more applicable options.
These machines need to be plumbed-in and therefore are not transportable and cannot be moved around to adjust for other appliances in your home.

However, there are options for water coolers that are designed for all your ‘at home’ needs:

Now we’re looking at bottled water coolers.
Aquazania’s bottled water coolers have a 4.5l water capacity per hour offering both hot and cold water and can be purchased for R4500.
Their stainless steel reservoirs ensure the preservation of your water, while carrying the capacity to hydrate your family and guests
When your bottle runs out, its not a worry as all it takes is a replacement bottle and you are all set. This will eradicate all your water cooler maintenance concerns. The hygienic non-drip silicone taps are there to ensure no leakage and thus no cleanup and also have the optional child-safe feature to prevent any mishaps. These transportable coolers are also available as floor standing coolers and desktop coolers making placement a non-issue.

Its also important to view your other options and see what is out there:

62 Waters offers bottled water coolers at roughly R2500.
This is a cheaper option and offers features like hot and cold water, as well as 2l of cold water per hour.
This doesn’t quite match Aquazania’s 4.5l per hour but certainly carries a lower price.

Additionally, Empire Purification offers bottled water coolers ranging from R1950 – R3200.
These machines have a water capacity of 2.8l per hour and have the hot and cold option.
Some water coolers even offer functions like a 16l fridge compartment.

In essence,
when purchasing a water cooler for your home, there is more to consider than just clean, purified water.
Take a look at the numerous options and see which is the best fit for you and which water cooler offers the most comfort and convenience.
Make the change and buy a water cooler, then thank yourself later.