The Best Water Cooler Companies in Gauteng

The Best Water Cooler Companies in Gauteng

Do you trust the water supply at work as much as the one you have at home? Is this even something that has been discussed at the office? If not, it may be time to do so, and to arrange to talk to your office manager about a longer-term, healthier solution for the office. 

The Benefits of a Trusted Water Source for the Office

Not only does a natural water supply which is free of the usual pollutants found in traditional sources help to promote long term health and keep you hydrated during the course of a busy workday, but it also leaves you without any uncertainty around what you’re nourishing your body with. Drinking from a water cooler or a purified water solution is an effective way to give you peace of mind, especially if you’re spending upwards of eight hours a day (forty hours a week) in an office environment. If this isn’t enough to persuade a superior to consider a new water solution, try going the financial route: companies that use fixed water supplies are better able to monitor their water use, and don’t face any nasty surprises with utility bills each month.

If either of those approaches work to get the conversation going in the office, it’s time to find the perfect solution in your area. In order to help your search for this for your workspace (because naturally, it’s better to go to a decision-maker with a solution, not just a problem), we’ve done some digging around for the most reliable water cooler solution companies in Gauteng, each within similar price ranges, which have been detailed below for you to consider in your search for a good fit.

Mineral Water Man

Mineral Water Man was first introduced back in 2002, as a curious little startup called ‘Cooling Concepts’. Just two years later, they decided that a change of brand was needed to better express what their business was all about. The decision paid off, and they’ve been operating with a new title and increased popularity for the fifteen years since. What makes them interesting, is that they are one of the few Gauteng suppliers offering customers a choice between SABS certified purified water, or natural mineral water. 

Perfect Water

These guys may have franchises around South Africa, but did you know they have 19 branches in Gauteng? Pretty impressive. We’re not going to speculate about which branch is the best, but it’s clear that Perfect Water is a heavy hitter in the industry and a force to be reckoned with. With traditional purified and bottled water options, these guys have also branched out into ice and juice solutions in recent years. One of their most creative offerings includes what they call ‘Tranquility Water’ (which, frankly, anyone living in Johannesburg could benefit from), which is currently available in three flavours.


Aquazania has been around the block and established themselves as a powerhouse in the water supply game. Out of the three, these guys provided the fastest response time, not to mention their service always came with a smile. Their bottled or bottleless products are both equally renowned. What sets them apart from other suppliers in the region, is their ability to keep up with international trends, actively doing research through their in-house team to continue to develop premium products. If we’re considering value for money, Aquazania comes out as a top supplier in the province.

Change is as Good as a (Water) Holiday

We’re all looking to bring positive changes in our lives at any given time, and most of us enjoy doing so for others as well. Do something that’s beneficial for the entire team, and watch it make a difference to company culture, general employee health and the bottom line. I hope you find a solution that works for your company and oh yes… you’re welcome!