The Best Water Bottle Brands in 2020

The Best Water Bottle Brands in 2020

With so much competition on the market, it can be difficult to decide who to turn to for your still or sparkling water needs. Whether you’re buying single-use water bottles on the go, or looking at a bulk purchase for an office or home environment, it pays to consider brands that not only give you good value for money, but also offer you a more sustainable offering compared to others on the market. Exploring and researching which water bottle brands are considered to be the best on the market in 2020 can help you get a step closer to making your next purchasing decision, and ensures that the decision will also be a smart one. 


Aquazania is a Johannesburg based water brand that offers various water-related products designed with your health and wellbeing in mind. Their filtered water is contaminant-free, providing a hygienic and safe sip with each taste. A side branch of the business, which is not as greatly emphasized but is somewhat of a hidden gem, is their bottled water selection, which is sold in variants ranging from 330ml up to 1.5 litres. For corporates, these can come with custom-made labels, which not only takes any work function to the next level, but can be a great way to leave a lasting impression for any meeting types during the course of your day. As a small-to-medium sized business, Aquazania shows great care to all their clients, and can be considered a one stop shop for all your water needs.


aQuellé likes to brand itself as having a “favourite for everyone”, especially via their flavoured water range which has over ten choices to choose from. In terms of natural spring water, they also rank well relative to competitors, but it is their packaging that sets them apart from the others. For each product they sell, they produce unique packaging to tailor the needs of the consumer. With a flat base and a flip top for the 750ml bottle, it becomes a convenient option for the active consumer who may be playing sports, or visiting a gym. Same goes for the flavoured range, which is designed according to trend and to be easy to grip. These individual considerations make aQuellé a top water bottle brand in the world.


Sometimes, finding the best water bottle brand requires going as far as a specific experience, this time, at Zevenwacht Wine Estate in Stellenbosch. A wildcard on the list, they are known for producing some of the best wines in the country, as well as having some of the most natural, well designed water bottles in the industry. While you may not exactly be running to book a holiday to go experience these or look at buying these bottles in bulk, if you happen to find yourself in the area, do treat yourself to a glass of wine and a bottle of sparkling or still water. This adds to the experience and is a great idea if you’re wanting to book a wine tasting with friends and family. Thank us later!

S.Pellegrino Water: A Brand Review

S.Pellegrino Water: A Brand Review

In our ongoing quest to cover (and uncover) some of the leading premium water brands in the world, earlier this week we stumbled onto one that is relatively less known than some of the others we’ve encountered, namely S.Pellegrino water. Today, we’ll explore how they came to be, the types of products they have available as we head further in to 2020, as well as looking as the overall outlook for the brand moving forward. If you like what you see, we’ll point you in the direction of where to get all your water questions answered, as well as your individual needs met. 

The History of S.Pellegrino

S.Pellegrino is an Italian mineral water brand, with a production plant in Lombardy, Italy. Owned by a company that is part of the Nestlé group since 1997, it produces a small range of products with a large distribution footprint, namely Europe, Australasia, Asia, the Americas and more. Known for their extensive purifying process, which has led to the popularity of their natural sparkling water, the brand has expanded in recent years to include some flavoured options, though this remains a secondary part of their core business. 

Product Showcase for S.Pellegrino

A great portion of the branding for S.Pellegrino refers to the fact that it takes an astonishing 30 years for the water from the Alps to reach their bottles. This is a testament to the time and effort it takes to get the highest quality products directly from a natural source. Currently, S.Pellegrino offers three primary product types, including their popular sparkling mineral water, Essenza Flavoured Mineral Water and a collection of Sparkling Fruit Juice options, meant to compete with the Appletiser brand. A traditional entity, their core focus is on the refinement of a small amount of products based on consumer needs, rather than getting too inventive or creating over the top additional options.

Scouring Their Socials: Latest Brand Happenings

If you think that their lack of product diversity means they are “stuck in their old ways”, think again. In 2019, they launched a young chef competition of all things, encouraging competitors from all over the world to win the title of S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2020. Taking place in New York, the regional winners flew to Milan for the final round and the brand was there in full force. Perhaps, 2020 will be the year that S.Pellegrino branches out their marketing to tap into a more youthful market, especially as they are fairly well established with an older audience. We’ll be keeping a close eye on their socials this year for sure!

Where To Look If You Have Any Water Related Queries

Whether you’d like to know more about S.Pellegrino or other popular water companies in the world, it helps to know where to start looking. Aquazania is one of the best water companies in South Africa, providing a range of water solutions for businesses and individuals based entirely on their own needs. If you’re looking for a more affordable option for your water supply, or if you have any questions related to the purifying of water, feel free to get in touch with them. While you’re at it, hop onto their mailing list, so you can always be plugged into their latest deals and specials too. Thank us later!

The Best Office Water Cooler Rentals for 2020

The Best Office Water Cooler Rentals for 2020

Not many people are aware of the fact that when it comes to buying a water cooler for your office, some providers give you the options to opt for a rental as well. This has a host of benefits, which we’ll discuss, and is something that could give you quick access to machines for your entire office. Water remains the #1 resource in the world, and too few companies are prioritising healthy, purified options in their budgets, especially as something that helps with the longer term wellbeing of employees in general. Let’s explore some of the best water cooler rental options for you to consider, as you take a deep dive into the cleanest water you can imagine.

The Benefits of Renting a Water Cooler

From a pricing perspective, renting a water cooler rather than buying it upfront, can make a big difference to cash flow. Monthly instalments take the ease off’ a single payment, and also allows for you to get a couple of water coolers at the same time for different parts of the office, rather than having to spend a large amount in one go. From a maintenance perspective, renting also helps, as you have access to hands-on teams (the company that you rent the machine from) to help with any faults or existing maintenance. They can even help with topping up bottle water cooler options, as well as letting you know if there are any future specials you should keep your eye on.

Silver Springs

The first company you should consider renting a water cooler from is Silver Springs. If you’re going to judge them by the layout of their website, you may have your doubts, but trust us on this one. With great specials and well known for their effective service, renting from them is a good option. Currently, their prices are relatively cheap, and you also get special rates if you are able to pay for a year contract upfront. Chat to them about their existing offers and what they can do for you.


Aquazania was born out of a 1966 company called Aquacoolers, which grew as the need for cleaner water arose. When it comes to the quality of their water, there is no comparison to other providers, as they do extensive testing and re-testing of supplies in order to provide only the best quality water to the market. Renting a machine from them is great, because contrary to competitors, they offer a 7 day free trial, with no obligation for you to continue after that. With a range of medium to high-end water coolers available, including some from the renowned AQUA range, they provide a healthy, balanced option each time.

Premium Waters Inc.

Last but not least, Premium Waters Inc. is a great possible options to rent a water cooler from. With a history as old as South African democracy, and having grown from the acquisition of other companies, they’ve been at the forefront of innovation in the water industry for the past two decades in particular. While their primary business consists of the supply of 3 and 5 gallon water bottles, to be used in conjunction with their cooler systems, you will have extensive maintenance support along the way. They go the distance, also looking out for your budget in the process. 

The Top 5 Bottled Water Suppliers in 2020

The Top 5 Bottled Water Suppliers in 2020

In 2020, knowing where to get the best bottled water in South Africa can be very helpful to your business. If you’ve been thinking about changing your bulk supplier, or you’re a first time bottled water buyer, it pays to do your research, and to explore the best options to buy from in terms of quality and price. Buying in bulk will always save you a little bit of cash, so do your best to set your budget for the year upfront, which may well give you access to even better dealers from the suppliers. Go armed with the knowledge that you’re exploring a few quotes, and you’re likely to find a deal from one of the Top 5 suppliers we’ve highlighted on our list.

  1. Designer Water

First on our list, is decade old brand called Designer Water. After hearing a talk by Tony Robbins in 2010, their CEO got the idea to start up a water company that would have the health of consumers front of mind. Alkaline, hydrogen rich water came with a “designer label” and the rest, as they say, is history. There was an immediate spike of consumers, thanks in part to an increase in businesses promoting wellness, as well as the rise in communities starting to educate themselves about healthier lifestyle choices. 

  1. Aqua.v

Aqua.v is a new entrant on our list this year, primarily because they offer something unique. Their 300ml bottles are delivered in wooden crates (cue nostalgic music for the days when milk was delivered this way) and are fully returnable after you’ve used them. Great value for money is one thing, but being eco friendly amplifies this product (and the brand as a whole) as a force to be reckoned with. 

  1. 62 Waters

62 Waters was launched back in December of 2009, as a partnership between The Waterman and NFPC. With 70 years of combined experience, it’s no surprise that they are still supplying bottled water to consumers and businesses eleven years later. While the brand is not as widely known as some of the others on the list, they are right up there when it comes to service delivery, creating a quality product that will leave you satisfied regardless of your individual needs. 

  1. aQuellé

Coming in at #2 on our list, is the popular water brand aQuellé. Established back in 1997 in the heart of KZN, the brand name comes from a collective of Latin and German, referring to water and “spring”. These days, the brand offers over ten refreshing flavours, largely in part to a gigantic bottling plant. Attention to detail when it comes to packaging is impeccable here, and if you contact them directly about a bulk order, the price may just be right as well. 

  1. Aquazania

While not a part of their core business, it doesn’t mean that Aquazania doesn’t do one hell of a job of providing high quality bottled water to consumers around the country. What impressed us the most was the variety of options to choose from, ranging anywhere from 330ml to 1.5L. Quality tested and consistently improved to provide the most purified water you can get, Aquazania is well known for being a high quality water supplier, hence why they have topped our list for the best bottled water suppliers you can depend on in 2020. 

Seltzer: A Comprehensive Brand Review

Seltzer: A Comprehensive Brand Review

When it comes to finding a water brand you can trust, it can be a difficult task to navigate the competitive waters of the industry. Seltzer is an established brand that has been a household name to South Africans for many years. Today, we’ll take a closer look at their rise to prominence from humble beginnings, exploring their product range, while also getting a sense as to their relevance as we head into the 2020s.

The Rise of the Seltzer Brand

The name seltzer literally means sparkling water, hence why it is an apt choice for a range of premium carbonated water. Locally, the Seltzer brand has been supplying sparkling water to the market for a couple of decades, providing a fairly small range of overall products and choosing to serve a niche LSM, which usually consisted of affluent middle class families. Dubbed as an alternative to traditional sugary fizzy drinks, the brand solidified itself as a popular choice as South Africa started to adopt a more westernised outlook on health and wellness. Now with a unique range to cater even better to this, the brand continues to grow from strength to strength. 

Available Seltzer Products

The Seltzer brand has gone through a range of product changes over the years, but at its core it is still providing flavoured favourites, albeit now to a much larger mainstream audience. Seltzer’s original range include a host of flavour combinations, including cranberry & raspberry, lemon & lime, naartjie, passion fruit, peach as well as strawberry & lime. These are often used as mixers, and with no artificial sweeteners and preservatives, they look out for your health too. With this in mind, Seltzer lite was introduced to the market in two flavours, with less than 5 calories per 100ml. Their Seltzer Essence range, including three wildcard flavour combinations, is meant to entice the inner hippie in all of us, and has proved popular among a Capetonian audience in particular. 

The Relevance of Water Brands in the 2020’s

Water brands are all the more relevant in the 2020’s, especially as the world looks towards new ways of protecting important resources. Water companies remain very competitive, albeit that there is a new social responsibility expectation from consumers which hinders their efforts to buy. If the brands are not adaptable and flexible, buyers are quick to turn their backs, which is something that most brands are already aware of, like we saw with Seltzer and the introduction of their alternative, healthier ranges of flavoured water. Water remains the #1 resource for our survival, and without fresh, natural supplies, the industry faces future setbacks; this topic is hot on the lips of suppliers across the world, especially with the rise of social media activism. 

Learning More and Finding The Right Water Solutions For You

If you’re looking for a carbonated water solution, or even feel that it might be time to get a fixed water solution in your home or office, Aquazania is a good place to reach out to. With years of reputable service in the industry, they are experts in the field and are more than happy to advise you based on your individual needs, before you make any kind of buying decision. Educate yourself about Seltzer and other water brands out there, exploring some of the healthier options when it comes to flavoured or carbonated water, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier way of life before you know it. 

The Smarter Choice: Plastic vs. Glass Drinking Water Bottles

The Smarter Choice: Plastic vs. Glass Drinking Water Bottles

When it comes to deciding on a water bottle for drinking, you may have been caught between the decision to explore a couple of types. Plastic and glass may have come up, along with some other steel variants, both of which have their own unique set of pros and cons as a reusable bottle. In 2020, being environmentally conscious is part of a social burden we all need to share as a collective, and deciding to buy a bottle that you can reuse is already a choice that positively impacts the environment, as you won’t keep buying products with individual packaging time and time again. Let’s take a close look at plastic and glass bottles, detailing which may be the best to go with, while considering your individual needs, and the options available to you. 

Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic is a tremendously popular choice for reusable water bottles, especially considering that they are cheaper to produce and sell than some of their counterparts. What’s important to keep in mind, is that these types of water bottles come with a relatively low recycling rate, as well as a relatively short lifespan. Plastic water bottles, while practical and easy to store in your fridge without fear that they will fall and break, tend to end up in landfills regularly and often take hundreds of years before they start to decompose. Also remember that reusing a bottle while not washing it regularly can leave you exposed to harmful bacteria, or even toxins from the bottle itself. 

Glass Water Bottles

Glass is another option you can look at, which may be a little more expensive and less durable than its counterparts, but many studies have shown that consumers experience a better taste when using a glass bottle than an alternative. Glass bottles are likely to break, so you have to factor in that you’ll probably need to replace them at some point, and are also susceptible to changes in temperature, especially in the blistering South African sun. If you can look past the increased costs, and you remain mindful that glass is recycled faster than plastic, this is a great choice to consider. 

Deciding On The Best Option Based on Your Needs

Before you make a decision about which type of bottle you’d like to use, take a minute to look at which option is going to best suit your needs, as well as your pockets. Are you someone who actively goes to the gym, or do you just need a bottle for when you’re at work? Are there other water supplies around you during the course of the day (some offices may have healthy purified water options), which can help you save some money? Do an assessment of your needs and talk to your friends and family about some of the products they have used. Regardless of your choice, by reducing your overall usage through a reusable bottle, you’re already contributing to the welfare of the earth. A pat on the back to you for that!