Mineral Water vs. Purified Water vs. Tap Water

Battle Royale:

If you thought the trade war between the US and China was intense, we’ve got something else coming for you. Ok, perhaps that was a little dramatic. Water lovers will understand however, that when it comes to the type of water you consume, the heated discussions with friends and family can reach World War III proportions (too dramatic again?) and it’s always interesting to hear different opinions about the best type of water to consume for long standing health. While we’re all different, with different wants and needs, each form does have its dues, and our goal today is to educate you on all three, so you can make an informed decision about what works for your lifestyle. 

Tap Water

Tap water is easily accessible, and is something we incorporate into many of the activities that form part of our daily routine. In most parts of the world, tap water is safe to consume, but whether it is actually good for your health remains up for debate. While governments are quick to add chemicals to water to help to make it safe for consumption, you never know what you’re going to get, and with each glass you’re left wondering about whether there are any bacteria or problematic substances that could be harmful to your health. Keep your wits about it: if it looks, smells or tastes weird, move on, or find another water solution

Mineral Water

Mineral water is commonly consumed around the world, and refers to water that comes directly from a mineral spring containing healthy minerals and compounds. Typically in the still or sparkling variants, this type of water is considered more “natural” and doesn’t require too much chemical or other purification before it is bottled. Companies search high and low for these types of springs, and Kwa-Zulu Natal is well known for its mineral springs in South Africa. Mineral water is healthy, and great if you’re looking to reconnect with nature, but can also come with a bit of a hefty price tag, especially if you’re consuming the recommended two litres a day. 

Purified Water

Purified water refers to water that has been purified by a formal supplier, typically in a non-harmful way that extracts 99% of all dangerous substances, before being sold. This type of water is typical in water coolers and dispensers, especially from reputable companies. If you’re going the water cooler route, it pays to have a good connection to help you with maintenance and also to ensure that your filters are clean at all times. Purified water secures a guaranteed clean glass of water each time, and at times could be even healthier than mineral water, with less of a price tag. 

The Benefits of Two Litres of Water a Day

Whether you’re consuming any of these three types, two litres of water a day is good for you for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is said that the energy expended drinking this amount of water means you burn up to 96 additional calories in a given day. This means that over a year, you could burn the equivalent of 4kg in weight in pure energy. This is compounded with feeling more full, which will help you to eat less junk food too. Aside from this, water is a natural wrinkle buster, helps with stopping headaches and dizziness, clears your skin and can even help to fight infections. Whether you choose to consume mineral, purified or tap water, you’ll be thankful in the long run. 

The Top 3 Countertop Water Dispensers in 2020

The Top 3 Countertop Water Dispensers in 2020

Water dispensers are one of the handiest items you can have in the office, especially if you’re prioritising a culture where your employees are made to feel like their health and wellbeing are important as well. Companies that don’t prioritise this often have a very unhappy workforce, with overworked employees and a fast staff turnover. Some of the fastest growing companies, including the “Big Four” tech companies (Apple, Google, Facebook & Instagram) have company cultures in place the priorities the wellbeing of their employees over and above KPIs. So how can a countertop water dispenser help to give your business the same? Let’s explore their benefits, as well as looking at the Top 3 models you should consider buying in 2020.

What is a Countertop Water Dispenser?

Firstly, if you’ve never heard of a countertop water dispenser, don’t worry. Traditionally, water coolers are more common in their original form, namely what you would typically see on a Hollywood movie in a scene where colleagues are gossiping together. The famous “around the watercooler” phrase isn’t famous for nothing. Water dispensers are similar, albeit that most of them are typically bottleless, and plugged directly into the main line of the office. This gives you a direct supply of purified water, typically in hot or cold variants. Countertop coolers are also easy to move around, relatively light and can be used across different locations within the office space.

  1. AquaCooler Desktop Grey

This nifty little water cooler defies convention when it comes to traditional countertop dispensers, in that it is a bottled solution. If you think this means it won’t come with all the bells and whistles of a bottleless solution, think again. An optional hot water feature is available in this one, even coming with a child-safe tap to avoid any unnecessary accidents. The machine is non-drip, very easy to operate and features some of the most innovative design work and engineering you’ll find in a bottle watercooler solution. Better yet, it comes with recyclable parts, which will improve the sustainability rating of your business too. 

  1. AQA Sodax

The AQA Sodax turns heads, that’s for sure. We’re not just talking about its futuristic design, but mostly because of its ease of use. This bottleless solution orginates in Italy and provides a cold water output of up to 15 litres per hour (nice!). Better yet, you get to choose between four different types of water temperatures, namely hot, room temperature, cold or sparkling. Very few machines come at such an affordable price, and with a modern design, it is likely we will see these types of machines in offices of all shapes and sizes as we get deeper into the 2020’s. As if you didn’t need more of a reason to buy it already, did we mention it’s environmentally friendly too? 

  1. AQA Touch

The AQA Touch tops our list of the best countertop water dispensers in 2020, simply because it is known as the “best friend” water cooler solution in the industry, and with good reason. Boasting the largest output for a machine of relatively small stature, providing over 25 litres of all water types at any given hour during the day. It’s touch control pad is easy to get used to, and uncomplex, meaning that you won’t even have to do too much training to educate everyone at the office about how it works. “Plug and play” is an understatement; this machine will go with you wherever your business goes, and is well worth the investment. Happy healthy water drinking this year!

Is Tap Water Safe To Drink in 2020?

Is Tap Water Safe To Drink in 2020?

It’s an age old question that plagues communities around the world… is tap water safe to drink in 2020? We’re not just talking about it being safe for consumption, but truly safe in the sense that it is actually good for your health to do so. Let’s explore this in the South African context today, taking into account what the government has to say about it, weighing up the health benefits from doing so and exploring alternatives if need be. 

The Government’s Perspective

“SA’s tap water is safe to drink” according to the government website, aimed at reassuring tourists that the water in our country is safe for human consumption. They even go as far as to say that it is of a high quality standard. While the water is typically safe to consume straight from the tap, the question remains as to whether you can be reassured that tap water is actually good for you in the long run. In a sense, it might be safe to drink in the short term, and there may be long term effects you won’t necessarily consider until your health takes a turn in some way.

Safe, Perhaps. But Good For You?

With tap water, you’re getting a good glass of water that will nourish your body, but the problem is that you can never be sure that it doesn’t contain some contaminants, bacteria or other harmful substances. On the contrary, consider that purified water, which has been filtered to remove chemicals and other contaminants, usually removes 99% of the bacteria and algae that could be harmful to your health. This ensures that you stay healthier for longer, and that you’re less likely to get common colds and other typical illnesses related to the human experience. 

Is It Possible To Tell If Tap Water Is Contaminated?

You may be wondering if there is an easy way to tell if water is contaminated, and the short answer is yes and no. Yes, because if you use your sense and you notice that the water isn’t clear, has an odor or tastes different to what you’re used to, it’s likely that something is up. Keep a watch for a metallic or fishy taste, as well as murky water, which could mean that something isn’t quite right. While we shouldn’t have to go through this process, you can imagine that in supplying drinking water to millions of people, governments around the world cannot always guarantee its safety in all areas. 

How To Ensure a Quality Glass Each Time

If you’d like to remove the element of doubt, Aquazania is a good place to start. They provide bottled and bottleless water coolers containing the purest of the pure in terms of water supply to you and your family. Their team works tirelessly to refine the products they stock, and to keep innovating their services as the world becomes more globalised and as technology creeps into their sector. Better yet, by buying or renting a cooler from them, you’re also guaranteed to have expert advice at your fingertips too, whenever you need it. Ensure a high quality glass of water each time, and get in touch with them to make tap water woes a worry of the past. 

The Best Water Cooler Rental Companies in South Africa

The Best Water Cooler Rental Companies in South Africa

Water cooler rentals are a great way to provide fresh, purified water to the team at the office without having to fork out an arm and a leg. Many companies provide options that are bottled or bottleless (plugging directly into the main line in the building), both of which don’t have to be purchased outright, and can be rented for as long as you would like. So which companies provide the best options, products and deals to engage in a water cooler rental in South Africa? We’re glad you asked. Let’s touch on this, after we’ve discussed the benefits of renting, rather than buying.

Why Rent, Rather Than Buy?

Aside from what we’ve already mentioned about the price, it helps to keep in mind that paying a small monthly fee each month means you have more cashflow to spend on other things related to the development of the business. This is key if you’re running a small business, and can be a big help in months when cash is a little tight. Finances aside, renting from a reputable water company not only provides you with hands-on support should anything go wrong with the cooler, or should you have any questions, but all maintenance is handled directly by the team themselves. You also have a clear line to talk to an expert around newer products that are available and best suited to your office environment, especially when you’re looking to make some upgrades to a few of your spaces. 


You can’t mention water cooler rentals in South Africa and not mention Aquazania first. With decades of experience as a premium water supplier to businesses and homes across the country, they were one of the first companies to make a splash about their rental options, after seeing a gap in the market and realising they needed to cater to their customers in the best way possible. From bottled to bottleless solutions and more, Aquazania offers premium products at affordable rates, including a host of different models geared towards multi-purpose offices too. Renting from them is a win-win.

The Water Corporation

The Water Corporation is also a good option to try when you’re looking to rent a water cooler for the first time, and at the moment they have three options available for SME’s. No matter which model you choose, all their options are compressor cooler, providing fast and quick cooling unlike some of the competitor models on the market. If you catch them at the right time, they also offer a 14 day free trial for small businesses to give their rentals a test, which is useful if you’re trying to see which parts of the office needs a cooler (and how many you’d like to rent). 

Go Rentals

Go Rentals has a popular bottled water cooler option available for short-term rentals (under 90 days), which comes at a fixed daily rate, or a more affordable weekly and monthly rate. This floor standing cooler has capacity for 20 litres of water, and includes a free bottle with each purchase. Be mindful that with bottled coolers you need to keep paying for additional bottles, so work out how many you may need during the course of the month, and shop around for a few quotes before committing. Before you know it, you’ll be drinking crystal clear water with the rest of the team, smiling at yet another accomplishment that benefits the collective. 

Delectable Premium Bottled Water Brands in 2020

Delectable Premium Bottled Water Brands in 2020

There are a lot of water bottle brands on the market in South Africa. And we mean, a lot. If you’re looking to start spending your hard-earned cash on premium still water to keep you hydrated on the go, it pays to keep only the best brands in mind. We’ve gone and done the digging for you relative to some of the most delectable premium bottled water brands in the country for 2020, for you to start your exploration with. 

The Benefits of Bottled Water

Before you start trying out some brands, it pays to know why bottled water is so good for you. Aside from the obvious benefit of having water with you as you go about your day, this type of water is bottled at the source, meaning you’re getting healthy, clean water you can trust with each sip. Gone are the days of wondering what you’re ingesting by depending on tap water only, and banking on this type of consumption is a surefire way to give your health a boost, and to minimise exposure to harmful bacteria that could cause you to get ill more often. Purified and natural water both have this benefit, regardless of how you get your hands on it


aQuellé is an iconic bottled water supplier, with a reputation that is fast approaching 25 years in South Africa. After the discovery of a natural water source in the late 1990’s in KZN, the team behind the company thought it was too good not to share the love, and thus the company was born. The growth of the company since then is attributed to the growing nature of their bottling plant, which has expanded from 360 square meters in 1998, to nearly 20 000 square meters these days. Sales are showing no signs of slowing down, especially with the addition of some flavoured water to its catalogue in recent years. 


Aquazania is a brand that is synonymous with providing quality premium water, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their water cooler solutions are well-known for their affordability, reliability and ease of use. Few people know about a hidden gem relative to their business, in the nature of their small water bottles catalogue. These come in many varieties ranging from 330ml all the way through to a litre and a half, catering to day-to-day consumption as well as larger office functions and events. Better yet, the bottles can be customised, so you could go a step further than the other brands on the list, and have your own “brand” of personal still water for home. Nice!


Perrier is a well known French brand of natural bottled mineral water, which has been the topic of discussion around multiple international ad campaigns over the years. Best known for their naturally occurring carbonation and the distinctive green bottle, the brand continues to be a force to be reckoned with, being stocked in multiple high-end restaurants around the continent. While somewhat more expensive than the other two brands on our list, Perrier is a historical brand that speaks to elegance on a worldwide scale. If you’re going to do some experimentation with premium bottled water brands, be sure to include them on your list too. 

How To Drink More Water on the Daily

How To Drink More Water on the Daily

Up to 60% of our bodies consist of water, making it one of the most important natural resources to ensure we lead a happy, healthy lifestyle. Staying hydrated and replenishing our cells with clean, fresh water each day shouldn’t have to be a chore, so why does it feel difficult at times? We live in a modern society that puts a lot of emphasis on sugary drinks and juices to help keep our energy levels up, but the truth of the matter is that the more we consume these, the more likely we’ll have other health problems as we grow older. So what can we do to drink a bit more water each day? The following tips should help you to get started, and get you closer to the doctor-ordered two litres a day we need.

Flavoured Water Is Your Friend

…and no, we don’t mean that you should be buying flavoured water each day. If you find water to be slightly bland on its own, you can get creative about adding some fruit or new flavours to your bottle each day. This can give you a bit of variety as you work through your week, and also allows you to learn more about the flavours that work for you depending on the circumstances. Experimenting with water and working in healthy solutions is the way to go to get you to enjoy it more, and to sustain drinking more water on the regular. 

Switching Out Mealtime Drinks

How many of us like to add a fizzy drink to dinner, or consume a sugary fruit juice with breakfast? It’s easy to do so and the sugar rush feels so good, but remember that what goes up, must come down. Avoid this by changing up a habit, and trying something new, possibly for 21 days to help it sink in a bit better. Switch out any drinks you add to your meals for a glass of water, which will likely get you to half of your recommended daily consumption without too much thought or effort. From there, work in smaller routine changes like drinking a glass of water when you wake up, and ensuring you stay hydrated if you’ve completed a workout. 

Depend on Apps To Track Your Consumption

It can be difficult to track how much water you’re drinking each day, but life is made substantially easier by the series of apps for Android and IoS which will help you to do so relatively comfortably. Apple works this in as one of the metrics on its ‘Health’ app, which is pre-installed on the device. Other options (paid and free) are available to download and can give you all kinds of tips to help you to stay motivated and keep going on your path to better health. 

Buy a Water Cooler

Last but not least, a great way to drink more water regularly is to invest in a water cooler for your home. Once you put aside a bit of cash in the budget for this each month, you won’t want it to go to waste, and you’ll be drinking more water before you know it. Better yet, this water is going to be the cleanest filtered water you have ever had, meaning you won’t be exposed to harmful bacteria in the process. You can sleep easy knowing you’re getting a healthy glass of water each time, and your body will thank you for looking after it so well too.