2021 Update: Where to Buy Water Cooler Refills In South Africa

A bottled water cooler refill

If you’ve been used to buying your water cooler refills from somewhere, but the pandemic has seriously hampered their efforts to be able to deliver the service to you, you’ll have to start looking elsewhere for where to buy your next bottle of purified water. Sooner is always better than later, and although we’ve written about places to buy water cooler refills in South Africa before, we thought it might be a good idea to do a 2021 update with the places that have continued to deliver efficient services in spite of the challenges brought on by the pandemic. Their refills also won’t break the bank, and have stayed consistently priced over the last year. 

Re-Estimating Your Water Use

One of the major changes brought on by COVID-19 is that more people are working from home than ever before. Many that thought they would be returning to the office after lockdown have simply been told that the company is operating remotely on an indefinite basis. This has meant that household water use has increased without many of us even realising it until we get our water bill. If you factor in that schools have also been shut, big families have had to accommodate everyone being home around the clock, which naturally increases water consumption. The first thing to do when looking for a water cooler refill in 2021, is to re-estimate how many you need a month, adding 10 to 15% more if you’ve gone through one or both of these changes. 


One of the frontrunners in the water cooler refill game is Aquazania, who not only kept customers updated on the latest COVID-19 restrictions but even took into account water restrictions in Cape Town to make sure that everyone stayed on the same page on all fronts. The company sells bottled and bottleless water coolers, the former of which can be rented with anywhere from one to over ten refills a month, with no problem. Their support team is one of the best in the business, in case you have a couple of questions about the process or if you’re looking to replace your existing water cooler for something with a larger capacity. 

Clear, cool, water pouring into a wineglass

62 Waters

62 Waters is another great option to consider for water cooler refills in South Africa, although they predominantly cater to businesses, rather than individual households. Based in Centurion in Pretoria, they have an impressive network of distribution centers to ensure that the entire country can be serviced, and have built a strong reputation over the years alongside a growing list of clients across various sectors. Their bottled water is sold in four different types, ranging from an 18.9 litre staple, all the way through to custom branded bottles, if you’re keen on going that far. 

Oasis Water

We first thought of Oasis Water because their pandemic Instagram content has been a step above the rest. The company has been very forthcoming about updates related to the coronavirus over the last year, encouraging customers to take advantage of their online ordering portal, which comes with free delivery. Back in 2003, they started an initiative called REFILL@OASIS, which helps to reduce plastic bottle use in the refill process. The concept prevents millions of bottles from ending up in landfills and is a great option to explore if you’re looking for refills that encourage living a more sustainable life too. 

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