5 Questions to Ask Before Renting or Purchasing a Coffee Machine

What to Ask Before Renting or Purchasing a Coffee Machine: The 5 Most Important Questions

When renting or buying a coffee machine one often experiences a feeling of being overwhelmed. There are so many coffee makers out there, how does one make the correct choice? Over the years we have received 100’s of questions from prospects trying to decide which coffee machine is right for them and to help future customers we have curated all the questions we have received over the years into what we have found are the 5 most common questions that people ask. So here we go:

1.Is it better to rent or buy a coffee machine?rent vs buying a coffee machine

Most of the questions in this list have a definitive answer or at least contain concrete guidance on what to do. Whether it is better to Rent or buy a coffee machine is a little bit trickier to give a hard and fast rule for and depends on factors like budget, how certain you are the machine you are going to opt for is right for you and consumption levels. We have written a whole article to address this question : Renting vs. Purchasing a coffee machine, which is better.

To summarise the above article in one short sentence; There are pros and cons to renting or buying a coffee machine but initially we encourage everyone to start out renting as it leaves one’s options open (one can continue renting, buy the machine at a later stage,switch machines or return the machine altogether) There’s something about the finality of buying a machine without taking it for a test drive that just puts us off.

2.Will You Like the Taste of Our Coffee?taste

Of course the knee jerk easy answer would be to answer this question with a definitive “YES, of course you will like our coffee, we make the best coffee”, but this answer is just not one we give. Yes, we do try to roast some great coffee but whether you will like it or not depends entirely on your preference and tastes. Coffee is a one of those things that is very personal and what’s good for one is not necessarily good for another. Knowing if everyone in your office will like our coffee is unfortunately impossible to tell without testing it first. We always encourage our customers to try a variety pack of our coffee and see for themselves. Because our rentals get lower the more coffee of ours one consumes, it is quite important to ensure you like our coffee before committing to a long term rental with us. To read up more about where our coffee beans, milk powder and hot chocolate comes from, please click the relevant links below:

3.How Can You Be Certain That You Have Made the Right Choice of Coffee Machine?certainty

Buying or renting a coffee machine without testing one first is kind of like buying the first car in the showroom which looks appealing to you. In the past we used to do demos for all companies wanting to test a coffee machine before buying however we found that demos gave a false sense of the workings of the coffee machine as the customer didn’t have the opportunity to see all that is involved.Things like cleaning and maintenance required was often overlooked when a trained operator was there pumping out coffees and lattes. For this reason we decided to offer an extended trial period (usually 1 month) where the customer can see exactly all the good and the bad parts of each machine so that they can make an informed decision with regards to the viability before splashing out a whole bunch of cash.

4.Where Do I start? How do I Choose the Right Coffee Machine to Test Drive?Where do I start

Choosing the right coffee machine can be a tricky task as there are a lot of options to choose from but we have found by answering the following questions, you will come to the right option of machine to test out first:

1)Is Quality More Important Than Cost?– Yes of course both are important but which would you say is more important to you? If the answer is QUALITY then we would suggest opting for a bean to cup machine. A bean coffee costs approx. R1.00 more per cup when compared to instant or filter coffee, but if you are a coffee fanatic you will likely be happy to pay this extra amount for a wicked cuppa joe. If on the flip side you are primarily looking for a coffee machine as a solution to a problem (for a customer service area, boardroom or to provide your staff with an easy way to get coffee) then you might be better off opting for a more economical option like an instant vending or filter coffee machine.

2)Self-Service or Made In House? – If you are serving the coffee to customers yourself then an automatic coffee machine could work great. We have found that most companies ask their visitors what they would like and then have someone in the company make the coffee for them. If this is the case with your company then you don’t really need a machine which is totally self service for first time users and can probably opt for an automatic machine over a vending machine.If however you want customers to operate the machine themselves without any assistance by one of your staff members (like in a reception area, car dealership or boardroom) then a coffee vending machine or even filter coffee machine is often a more user friendly option and therefore a better bet.

3)Number of Cups of Coffee Per Day – One of the most important questions to ask is the expected number of cups which the machine will make per day. The size and cost of the machine required is directly related to the number of cups of coffee which will be consumed on a daily basis. The more cups consumed the bigger and more robust the machine needs to be. The rule of thumb is, the bigger the machine the higher the cost of the coffee machine. Knowing the exact numbers of coffee which will be consumed is always a difficult thing (and sometimes an impossible one), and this is probably the biggest reason you might want to test a machine before committing. You don’t want to spend more then you need to and by a machine designed for three times the amount of coffee you can consume and likewise you don’t want to underestimate your usage and opt for a coffee dispenser which will give you maintenance issues as it is not intended for the required volume.

5.How Much Will it Cost?costs

Cost, the number one question (well in this case the #5 question).As with everything cost is one of the most important factors of course. Oddly enough it is so hard to find pricing on the internet. When pricing the purchase or rental of a coffee machine the two things to consider are the actual cost of the machine itself AND the cost of the coffee which will be used in the machine every month. Capsule coffee machines for example are by far the cheapest of all coffee maker options but require one to use high priced capsules on an ongoing basis which are typically 3-4x the price of beans or instant. To view the rental and purchase pricing of all our machines as well as the costs of the ingredients used within each please see one of our links below:

Whats Next?

We hope the above has answered most of your questions and you feel a bit more in control of your coffee machine buying process. If you would like to ask any coffee related question or are ready to try out a coffee machine for yourself, please complete your details below!