A Guide to Renting a Water Cooler in 2020

Supplying your office with a couple of water coolers is not only great from a practical perspective, but does wonders in terms of the health benefits as well. For many businesses, especially startups, the capital costs are too high to add these to the list, which has led to unforeseen innovation in the market. Water cooler rentals are now being offered across South Africa, with businesses paying a fraction of the sale price to have access to the machine on a monthly basis. This is offered between bottled and bottleless variants, providing customers with a greater variety of product choice, as well as the opportunity to “try before you buy”, which can be a big help in ensuring you choose the correct product based on the needs of the team.

I Had No Idea About Water Cooler Rentals!

…frankly put, you’re not alone. Many businesses, in an attempt to cut back on costs, put corporate health issues like access to clean water towards the end of the list of priorities, especially when budgets get tighter each year. Innovative companies have tackled this as efficiently as possible, looking at new ways to keep customers engaged, and consuming healthy, purified water. Water cooler rentals refer to a relatively new product on the market, showcasing that the industry can be innovative, and that suppliers are keeping the needs of their customers front of mind before making the decision to roll-out additional new products each year.

Renting a Bottled Water Cooler

The Aquacooler is a great bottle water cooler that has done its rounds among businesses of all shapes and sizes. Renting the machine is as simple as a couple of clicks online, and bottled solutions typically offer great rental options, over and above month-to-month. Aquazania offers this machine, which retails upwards of R4500, for a fee based on how many bottles you use per month. Rentals with over 9 bottles are free. Half-rentals refer to ones with 5 to 8 bottles per month, costing only R75. A machine only rental (which allows you to buy as many bottles as you like), is a mere R150 per month. You can tell that these choices are a wonderful, economical choice, regardless of active cash on hand.

Bottleless Water Cooler Rentals

Bottleless water cooler rentals, which are slightly more complex as they require installation into the main water line in the building, typically allow for month-to-month rentals, ranging upwards for R350 per month. These machines come in a range of shapes and sizes, and some commercial options retail for over R30 000. With water cooler rentals, you’re afforded the opportunity to get your hands on a machine that will do what you need it to do, at a fraction of the price. You also have access to water specialists who can help with maintenance, and are on hand if you have any questions during the period of your rental. Fill in the enquiry form online and you’re just about good to go. Before you know it, you’ll be so happy that buying the machine will be front of mind. 

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