Aqua Instant Coffee Vending Machine

The Aqua Instant Vending Machine has been our most popular office coffee machine for the past 2 years. The Aqua Instant, as the name suggests, is a coffee vending machine which uses instant coffee and has three other canisters for the following: Tea, Hot Chocolate, Sugar or Milk.


The Aqua Instant is designed for offices with one of the following intentions:

  • Save Money on Milk and Sugar spend
  • Want a variety of options, like cappuccino and hot chocolate, at a lower cost than beans or capsules
  • Want a one touch machine for customers without undergoing large expenses.



R55 000.00 excl. VAT


R1 490




Flat White

Café Latte


White Coffee

Hot Water

Hot Chocolate


Cold Brew


Unfortunately no machine is perfect – we wish they were. Below we list the pros and cons of the Aqua Instant.


Sometimes Saves Money – Because the Aqua Instant controls how much milk, coffee and sugar is dispensed per cup it enables companies to reduce their spend on these items. +-70% of companies land up saving money when using the Aqua Instant (when leaving out hot chocolate) however there are 30% of companies for whom the Aqua Instant doesn’t result in a cost save.

Super Simple To Operate – Automatic coffee machines can be a little tricky for first time operators. Vending machines do not share this same problem. Everything is dispensed at the touch of a button.

Speed – The Aqua Instant is super quick and dispenses a drink in less than 10 seconds. This dispensing time includes the time to mix the ingredients inside the machine,

Water Tank Size – The Aqua Instant comes either with a 21.9 litre water tank or can be plumbed into the water mains

Large Capacity – The Aqua Instant is designed for large usage and has a storage capacity of 150 cups between fills. The Aqua Instant has a capacity for 240 cups per hour.


No Fancy Lights or Screens – The Aqua Instant has many strong features but if you are after the best looking machine on the block, this probably isn’t the machine for you. There are no fancy screens or backlights on the machine

Instant Coffee – Instant coffee has the benefit of being considerably cheaper than beans or capsules but it doesn’t taste as good. If you are looking for the best tasting coffee on the market this machine probably won’t give it to you.

Not Fresh Milk and Not Full Cream Option – The Aqua Instant uses dehydrated milk which works out a lot cheaper than fresh milk but inherently has more lactose which makes it sweeter. The powder milk used is 100% fat free which makes it froth very well but might not meet the tastes of people used to only full cream milk.

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