Aquaspresso Coffee Beans: Where do they come from

Where do our coffee beans come from : Aquaspresso Coffee Beans Summary

We supply a wide variety of people, companies and establishments of all types with coffee beans and therefore we wanted to create a selection of coffee beans which appealed to a wide variety of people whilst still appealing to the connoisseurs. Today we supply over 2000 homes, companies and offices with our coffee beans and today we will reveal our “secret sauce” which we hope you will enjoy in the near future.

At the simplest level coffee beans are divided into Arabica and Robusta, but the following aspects can affect the end coffee product just as much

  • Region of origin
  • Roast degree / level
  • Coffee bean location
  • Single origin vs blended

Arabica coffee producing plants are renowned to be the premium coffee plants – and yield the best coffee, with the lowest caffeine, and crispest, cleanest taste; however, Robusta coffee beans can still add that body to the coffee which can give cappuccinos a great full taste. Some of the biggest coffee brands in the world (Lavazza included) have large Robusta contents (over 30%) and are particularly good tasting in Cappuccinos.

We have four coffee blends – 3 of which comprise of 100% Arabica, and one is a split consisting of 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta. To read up more about the difference between Arabica and Robusta beans see our blog post difference between arabica and robusta coffee beans.

The lighter you roast coffee beans, the more “bean taste” carries through –  and less “roast taste” remains. As you roast longer, the “roast flavour” becomes dominant. It is generally accepted that medium roast beans give the best compromise between roast taste and bean taste. For this reason, all our beans are medium roasted.

Where the coffee comes from is probably the most important factor when it comes to coffee bean taste. For a flavour profile listing of each countries coffee beans please see our blog post the definitive guide to selecting the right coffee beans

The last thing to consider is blend or single origin coffee. As the name suggests single-origin coffee comes from one unique region where blends are a bunch of regions coffees combined. We have a mix of single origin beans and blends as each result in quite a different taste profile:

And finally, time for our “secret sauce” revelation:

Aquaspresso Gold:

Percentage Contents100% Arabica

Blend -Single Origin Kenyan Coffee Beans

Roast LevelMedium Roast

Aquaspresso African:

Percentage Contents100% Arabica

Blend –Blend of Ethiopia,Tanzania and Kenyan Coffee

Roast LevelMedium Roast

Aquaspresso Origins:

Percentage Contents100% Arabica

Blend -Single Origin Tanzania Coffee Beans

Roast LevelMedium Roast

Aquaspresso Mountain:

Percentage Contents90% Arabica ; 10% Robusta

Blend –Blend of Guatemala, Brazil Santos, Honduras and Vietnam Coffee

Roast LevelMedium Roast