Aquazania Coffee – Aquaspresso

Aquazania Coffee – Aquaspresso

Aquazania has been one of the leading water and water cooler companies in South Africa for the last 60+ years. Aquazania started through humble beginnings in a small factory in Edenglen, Gauteng, manufacturing water coolers and supplying these water coolers (which were then fitted with a glass bottle in which customers would fill), the exceptionally high-quality municipal tap water at that time, themselves.

Fast forward 60 years and Aquazania now boasts over 40,000 customers with whom they supply purified water, coffee, coffee machines, cleaning materials and toilet paper though a number of partnerships. Aquazania produces in excess of 5000 21.8 litre bottles per day in their fully-automated, self-customized water purification and bottling plant.

Aquazania, in an effort to meet all of its customers’ needs, partnered with Gravitate in 2014 to supply their customers with an array of cleaning solutions of all types – to add to Aquazania’s longstanding partnership with Aquaspresso –one of the leaders in coffee supplies and office coffee machine rentals.

Aquaspresso (Aka Aquazania Coffee) was started at the end of 2009, where we supplied customers with only basic coffee solutions. Today, our extensive range offers customers everything from pod coffee machines to large, corporate coffee vending solutions.

Aquazania and Aquaspresso’s full coffee offering now consists of

  • Capsule Coffee Machines and Capsules
  • Filter Coffee Machines (Bravilor Filter Coffee Machines) and Filter Coffee
  • Automatic Coffee Machines (Jura) and a selection of coffee beans
  • Coffee Vending Machines and Coffee Vending Consumables
  • Free-standing Hot Chocolate Machines
  • Home Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Solutions

All these items are supplied throughout Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban – and all coffee machine options are supplied on rental as well as outright purchase options.

For more info about Aquazania coffee options or any of the items which it supplies please contact us by filling out the form below 🙂