Water Coolers vs Bottled Water

Water Coolers vs Bottled Water

Water is an essential nutrient that we NEED in order to survive, and as a result, it is important that we are able to find and drink safe, clean water every single day. And with all the harmful toxins and contaminants that are found in our water, the responsibility has been put on us to ensure we are drinking water of a high quality that is not harmful to us and detrimental to our health. Many people have shied away from using tap water and have resulted in either using bottled water or water coolers. For this reason, the pros and cons of bottled water and water coolers will be discussed and compared. 

 Bottled Water:

For quite some time people have been purchasing large packs of bottled water to store at home so that there is a constant supply of drinking water. It proves to be very convenient as there is always clean, tasty, and portable water available. However, there are a few disadvantages of using bottled water as your source of daily drinking water. 

Firstly, from an environmental point of view, It takes 17 million barrels of oil to create one year’s worth of bottled water. Additionally, The water bottling process releases 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually. And moreover, stopping the use of or banning water bottles would greatly reduce the waste and protect the environment by preventing the manufacturing, purchasing, use, and discarding of up to 70 billion plastic bottles each year. 

Bottled water is also not as highly controlled as tap water is, thus there have been many findings indicating that some bottled water carries twice as many micro-plastics as tap water does. In addition, bottled water is far more expensive than tap water is and tap water also contains fluoride which is beneficial to our dental care and bone strength. 

Moreover, the plastic used in bottled water also contains chemicals such as Bisphenol A (BPA), this chemical has been known to seep into the water we drink and can cause health issues. 

Additionally, storing bottled water for long periods of time only increases the amount of BPA that is found in your water as it has more time to seep in. A better option would be to buy a glass water bottle or a BPA-free water bottle and refill it when need be (but we will get into that later). 

Water Coolers:

Water coolers dispense clean and safe water at any time you want and most water coolers come with a built-in purifier in order to prevent toxins and contaminants in our water. 

Water coolers are the superior choice as there is always an option of hot or cold (and clean) water. Despite the fact that the water does not come in a plastic bottle and this can be seen as inconvenient, this can easily be avoided by purchasing a glass or a BPA-free water bottle so that at any time, you can fill up your bottle and have the same convenience as bottled water, just without all the health risks and concerns. 

The use of water coolers will also greatly decrease the amount of carbon dioxide emissions and various other environmental issues. 

However, there are some minor concerns that drive people away from using water coolers such as: 

  • Maintenance and cleaning can be tedious. 
  • They run on electricity and thus this is another cost you have to consider, as well as the fact that if you don’t have electricty then you won’t have hot or cold water.  
  • If you do not have a plumbed-in water cooler then you will need to constantly refill the water so that you have cold and hot water available when you want it. 
  • There is a larger initial payment on water coolers than bottled water. 

In essence, after reviewing both bottled water and water coolers, it is clear that water coolers are healthier, safer, cheaper and the more environmentally friendly option. 

So next time you are looking for a clean, reliable, everyday water source, water coolers are the way to go!

Sediment Water Filters vs Water Coolers

Sediment Water Filters vs Water Coolers

There are many different purified water solutions to choose from for your home or office. This can easily be overwhelming but you don’t need to feel like a fish out of water when deciding which option is the best for you. The below guide will explain and help you navigate between sediment water filters and water coolers. 

Different Filtration Methods

There are two filtration methods to keep in mind that are usually used for all water purification needs from drinking to bathing. The first is a Point of Use system (POU) and the second is a Point of Entry system (POE). POU systems allow municipal water to flow normally through pipping and filters the water directly at the point of use such as the water cooler tap or shower faucet. Where the POU system filters water right where it is used at the tap, POE systems filter water for the whole household or office. This system attaches to the main water line and filters the water before it ever gets to the tap. 

So POU vs POE? They both offer value but the choice depends on your personal context. POU systems are best for improving the drinking water of a single tap such as in the kitchen or for a water cooler in the office. POE systems are best for filtering water for a whole house, for everything from bathing to drinking. 

Sediment Water Filters

These filters use the POE method, meaning this filtration is best when you would like to filter water for many taps such as through the whole office and through all the house taps. This method is best for large offices, households and restaurants. 

This methods filters all matter that is not liquid from the water such as dirt or rust from plumbing. This system prevents any particles from entering your water and acts as the first line of defence against water impurities. 

There are many types of sediment filters to choose from and these range in how much they filter out. These filters will need to be changed every six months to one year. When water pressure starts to drop then this is a sign that it is time for a filter change. 

Water Coolers

You can choose from water coolers where the water is pre-purified and then bottled for delivery. Or, you can choose water coolers where the water is purified through a POU system where the water is purified on-site and at the tap and no bottles are required. The choice is dependent on whether you want to keep large water bottles on hand and receive deliveries. If you do not have the space for this then water coolers using a POU system without water bottles are best. Water coolers are ideal for offices and households when your main concern is drinking water and not the filtration of the whole building. Water coolers using bottled water are low maintenance as water gets delivered and the machines do not require the maintenance that comes with POE systems. 

So which should you purchase?

  • For restaurants and mass filtration choose sediment water filters. 
  • If your main concern is drinking water then choose an easy-to-use water cooler, such as for your kitchen or office. 
  • If you have limited storage space then choose a POE water cooler. 
  • If you prefer not to maintain a filter than choose a POU water cooler. 

Fridge Filtered vs. Cooler Filtered Water

Fridge Filtered vs. Cooler Filtered Water

A lot of people around South Africa are switching to a filtered water supply at home, be it in the form of a standalone water cooler, getting a water filter that connects directly to the main line, or purchasing a fridge that comes with a water dispenser. That begs the question as to, when it comes down to it, whether fridge filtered water and cooler filtered water provide the same overall health benefits to the consumer. While difficult to generalise, we’ve decided to take a look at two supplies, providing a short case study of each, to help you decide what is going to work best for your family, before you make a decision on the type of system you’d like to introduce at home.

A Good Water Supply is Essential

Firstly, it’s important to consider that a good, clean water supply is essential to our our wellbeing as humans. It is not enough to bank on good ol’ tap water, which is riddled with various bacteria that can cause a host of health problems for you. Your body may have a harder time fighting these off, especially if you’re prone to getting ill often, or if someone in your family has a lower immune system. If you’re getting the sense that the household is getting ill more regularly of late, consult your doctor first, but also consider the state of the water supply to the household as a secondary problem.

Case Study: Samsung Fridge Filter

Samsung, for example, has a range of fridges with a built in water dispenser, each requiring you to change the filter roughly every 5 to 6 months. While fridge filters are convenient in a sense, providing quick and easy access to cold water, these systems don’t always reduce the same amount of contaminants as other options. The primary function when a fridge is designed, plainly put, is how it keeps your food cold or frozen. Providing a clean water supply is a secondary consideration. Even with regular cleaning and maintenance, impurities can get into a fridge filter at any time. At times, parts can also be tricky to track down, and keep in mind that you need to use a specific product related to the type of model of your fridge, which, in some situations, requires you to get part from an international source. Locally sourced replacement cartridges are around R600 a pop (you’ll need at least two a year), and luckily these are fairly uncomplicated to install, and some online stores do allow you to get a bulk order of three or more, at a discounted rate. 

Case Study: Aquazania Water Cooler

Aquazania also has a range of water products, split between bottled and bottleless options. For these machines, their primary function (as set out in their design) is to remove as many contaminants from your drinking water as possible, be it through the direct source of water at home, or by providing the cleanest possible water through traditional standing water coolers. With these products, 99% of contaminants are tackled, leaving you with less worry about the quality of the water, which is always sterile, fresh and cool. Renting one of their machines starts from as little as R150 per month, and you also get direct access to their maintenance team if you choose to do so. Their products also come with a hot water dispenser, something that is rare on most refrigerator dispensers, especially those on the lower end of the scale. Water coolers are built to be environmentally friendly too, which is a major plus in this day and age.

Russell Hobbs Water Dispensers For The Office

Russell Hobbs Water Dispensers For The Office

Keeping your staff hydrated, especially as the summer months start to approach, should be one of your top priorities as a decision maker in the office. Many companies, especially when things get a little tight economically, skimp on important basics such as clean water, and often the staff are the first to suffer, with regards to their general health and also overall happiness at the office. A water dispenser is an easy way to provide clean, purified water to the team, without having to cost an arm and a leg. Today, we’re exploring the range from Russel Hobbs, which caught our eye earlier in the year. Let’s explore this together. 

About Russel Hobbs

Russel Hobbs is a British company, popularly known for manufacturing household appliances. Popularised by their forward facing, modern kettle designs, the business was founded in 1954 by William Russel and Peter Hobbs, ultimately becoming a household name through its expansive product range, as well as from taking some risks and venturing off into other areas of products, including water dispensers, for instance.

Why Water Dispensers For The Office Are Important

The water coming directly from the tap is not generally known to be good for your health, not only because it is impossible to tell what is in it (without testing, of course), but because the supply is known to be riddled with various bacteria that could be detrimental to your health. A water dispenser takes away this worry, usually containing either clean water from a spring source, or providing a direct line to the water supply, purifying the water and making it safe for you to drink.

Water Dispenser Range from Russel Hobbs

If you can manage not to get sucked in by their beautiful kettle range while doing research online, it’s well worth taking a look at the water dispensers they offer, which are not only beautifully designed, but seemingly practical as well. These are our top 3:

  • The Hot And Cold Standing Dispenser (RHSWD3) is one of their most popular products online, perhaps for its sleek, beautiful design. Coming in what can almost be considered metallic black, this model retails for roughly R2500 and is an elegant option to consider for the office.
  • The Russel Hobbs 20L Glass Floor Standing Dispenser is marketed as “helping South Africans expand their decorating awareness” and by looking at it, you understand why. While traditionally a white dispenser is harder to keep shiny and clean, the design of this is enough to turn heads at your next company board meeting.
  • If you’re looking for a more economical option, Russel Hobbs hasn’t left you in the lurch. Their Silver Cold Water Dispenser (856057) retails at under R2000. While the downside is that you’ll only be able to get cold water, it could be a practical decision to have this at the office, especially if you already have a filtered supply of hot water in the kitchen. The silver design and eco-friendly nature of this machine, puts it high up on our list for sure. 

Don’t Make Your Next Water Buying Decision Alone

If you’re interested in exploring a few more options. Aquazania is a good way to go. They not only offer a 7 day free trial on their products, but are happy to consult on what will be the best water solution for your office, should you have any questions or queries. Talk to them about Russel Hobbs and other products, to make sure you’re keeping to budget, and supplying the office with a longer term solution, from a practical, as well as a health sense. Good luck!

Stefani Water Filters Range

Stefani Water Filters Range

A decent water purifying system in your home, provided by a trusted source and from a reputable supplier, can make all the difference when considering the longer term health goals of your family. It’s no surprise that doctors prescribe two liters (or 8 glasses) of water a day, and it is encouraged that the supply is clean and purified, to ensure you don’t expose yourself or your family to any nasty viruses or bacteria. Our natural water supply has this in abundance, so it’s simply not good enough to trust that the water supply coming from the tap will be good for you in the long run. Let’s explore some water filter options from Stefani, a reputable international brand, looking at what they offer, and hopefully helping you to find the correct match for you lifestyle.

More About Stefani

Established in the early 90’s in the Australasian area, Stefani is a leading manufacturer of water filtration products, shipping internationally to the home and commercial market. What we like about these guys, their general mission and value statement aside, is that they are committed to a quality assurance program which holds their products accountable on a global scale. Needless to say, this forward facing brand has established itself as a leader in the industry and is showing no signs of slowing down as we head into the 2020’s.

Why Water Purifiers Are Important

As mentioned, a purified water supply is a far greater source of a natural resource we are dependant on, rather than simply trusting the supply from a tap or elsewhere. Water purifiers, through a host of systems and processes, ensure that a majority of harmful bacteria are eliminated, while a minute chemical addition makes the water as safe as possible for consumption. Without water filters and purifiers, there’s no telling what you’re drinking, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re getting ill more often than some of your friends or peers at work. That’s why it is important to make your health a top priority and invest in a water filtration system sooner rather than later. 

Types of Water Purifiers in the Stefani Range

Stefani has a wide range of products tailor to home or office use. The following three caught our eye specifically, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also because of user-friendliness and other design elements that would be beneficial to the everyday user:

  • The 10L Black Porcelain Purifier is a table top purifier, that is so easy to use, you don’t even need a plumbing solution. This purifier uses an easy to install ceramic gravity purifying candle and these candles are relatively cost-effective if you buy them in bulk upfront.
  • The 12L Ceramic Purifier provides maximum capacity pure water for you and the family. Coming in an elegant white colour, this product only contains three quick steps to use, purifying 1L per hour, so you’ll be set up in no time, enjoying a glass and improving your health too.
  • The wildcard product in their range is the 2L Water Jug, perfect as a backup system and if you’d like to keep cold water in the fridge. Looking almost like a kettle, this product requires a small cartridge to purify the water, and will also make sure you’re not left hanging when you get home from work after a long hot day.

Finding the Correct Water Filter Solution for You

Regardless of your needs, it’s worth starting by speaking to an expert about it first. Aquazania is a leading water brand in South Africa that not only offers a wide range of choices, but they’re renowned online for offering great service in the process too. Explore Stefani Water filters and others when chatting to them, and be sure to find out about any special deals or upcoming products that may be worth your while. 

Sunbeam Water Dispenser Range

Sunbeam Water Dispenser Range

Having a clean water supply in your office is absolutely crucial, especially ahead of the hot South African summers, which frankly are getting hotter and hotter with each passing year. It is important to consider a decent water supply for your staff and team members, not only ensuring their good health and hydration, but showing them that you make their wellbeing something that is high up on the company’s priority list. Sunbeam is a well recognised brand in the water cooler industry, and we were curious to hear that they recently released a very modern style range of coolers, which we were happy to be able to explore a little. 

About Sunbeam

Sunbeam’s history dates back to 1902, having been established in Australia as part of another corporation called the Chicago Flexible Shaft Company. In 1946, the company itself was changed to the Sunbeam Corporation and became publicly traded in the 1950’s as a result. Almost 70 years later, their water coolers are in homes and offices around the world, with the brand establishing themselves as an industry leader for a bulk of that time.

The Appeal of Modern Water Dispensers

Modern water dispensers have high mass appeal in the modern era, thanks to their efficiency and ease of use. The way they have been designed in the last few decades, has provided the user with a choice between bottled, floor standing and plumbed in options, opening up the industry to a range of unique offerings. We’ve mentioned how important a clean supply of water is to the office from a health and culture perspective, although it’s worth reiterating that unlike other industries, modern water dispensers are designed with cost to the user in mind, ensuring added value each time. It’s a win-win, really. 

Water Dispensers in the Sunbeam Range

While hard to choose just three, the following really caught out eye not only in terms of design, price and user friendliness, but also because of any features that point to “over and above” added value to the customer:

  • Their Cold and Hot Floor Standing Water Dispenser comes in two product variants, namely Sunbeam and Sunbeam 2. The former is more tailored to office use, and retails at roughly R2000. The latter, which has more of a sleek design and comes in luxurious black, is more high end and is similar to what you would see in the gym, albeit slightly more fashion forward of course.
  • Sunbeam’s Table Top Water Dispenser is an alternative solution if you’re looking for something a little more mobile, and specifically for single person use (the product only has one dispensing spout). This is great for an entrepreneur on the go, providing up to 2L’s of clean water at any given time. 
  • The SSWD-200H Water Dispenser is a more affordable option than either of the Floor Standing options, albeit a little smaller and not as tall off’ the ground. With the minimum temperature of water provided ranging from 6 to a maximum in the 90’s (yikes), this versatile machine is a good starting point if you’re not looking for too many bells and whistles in the process.

Where To Get Your Next Water Dispenser

Aquazania is a forward facing company, offering a 7 day free trial on any machine in their water cooler range. Based in Sandton in Johannesburg, these guys service the wider Gauteng area and should be a first stop if you’re considering getting a water dispenser for your home or office. What’s particularly great is that their types of products are diverse enough to give you many options to choose from, depending on your individual needs, and in line with the pricing you feel comfortable with. Happy hydration this summer!

The Best Small Water Bottle Options in South Africa

The Best Small Water Bottle Options in South Africa

Sometimes, a set of small water bottles in a boardroom make for the perfect finishing touch, to create a good impression on a client or investor you are trying to impress. These days, it is all the more important to be environmentally conscious, especially when purchasing water bottles, rather than considering a bottleless solution or exploring your options. If your company is set on using recycle friendly water bottles, then look no further than our list of four of South Africa’s top small water bottle suppliers in the country.


Aquazania is an established brand based in Gauteng, providing premium water in a variety of sizes. Boardrooms aside, this is a good option to explore for corporate events as well, especially if your business hosts many conferences and showcases. One of their standout products is the 1L bottle, which is great for if you’re on the road all day, but still need to have a fresh, healthy supply of water on hand, regardless of whether you are bouncing around from office-to-office or travelling from city to city. Don’t forget to ask some of your colleagues to top you up during the day!


Valpre is perhaps one of the most renowned small water bottle suppliers in the country, partly due to their close link with the Coca Cola company, a globally recognised enterprise. Their small water bottles, which come in still or sparkling options, don’t come in as many size varieties as the other brands on our list. They primarily focus on the 500ml and 1L versions in South Africa, supplied directly from the Fricona Valley in KZN. If you’re looking for quality, but are not afraid to spend a little more per unit, then Valpre is the way to go. 


These guys are a bit of a wildcard, due in part to a bold decision to move from using water bottles to water boxes (interesting, right?). This was a decision that ultimately led to them being endorsed by the Endangered Wildlife Trust, which is not something to be understated. While we’re mostly considering bottled solutions today, and it may be a little odd to bring a water box looking like a milk carton on the road with you, it is worth giving these guys a mention, as an out-of-the box thinking company, providing a variety of options in a similar line to its competitors, but doing so in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible. Hats off to you guys!


Last but not least, South African Water Technologies are a supplier based in Durban. Ranging from 250ml options all the way up to five litres, they provide plastic and glass options, with the water supplied in a choice between reverse osmosis or condensation. To find out more about the benefits of either, it’s a good idea to check out their website. Speaking of: their online ordering process was effective enough when we tested it, and their customer service wasn’t half bad either.

Whether you’re looking for small water bottles for your next event, conference or just a big meeting with a potential investor, then you can bank on any of these four providing you with a choice that is not only environmentally conscious, but also tailored towards your individual needs as a customer. Don’t be shy to tell the supplier what you need, and to be as specific as you want, within the price range you can afford. South Africa is renowned for its rich water sources, particularly in KZN, so you can bank on any of these brands delivering a high quality product, in a process that is as seamless and time saving for you as possible.

Floor Standing vs. Desktop Water Coolers

Floor Standing vs. Desktop Water Coolers

Providing a healthy, consistent water supply in the office is a must these days, especially if your employees are spending upwards of 8 hours a day at work, and the type of business you run requires a lot of meetings, both internally and with outsiders. Ticking the boxes in terms of the basics will go a long way towards the general health of your office, not mentioning the benefits to company culture, when you should care and consideration to the needs of the staff on the ground (enough with expecting them to drink from the tap only and wondering why they’re getting sick more often). A good starting point when looking at a clean water supplier, is to consider the options available to you, but first, distinguishing between what will work better for your team – a floor standing option, or if desktop water coolers. Let’s have a look at the benefits of both.

What is a Floor Standing Water Cooler?

A floor standing water cooler, is traditionally also known as a bottled water cooler. These are a type of watercooler that was made popular in the 90’s in many films, and also started the commonly known stereotype around “watercooler conversations”. This is a cheap, quick solution if you’re in a hurry.

What is a Desktop Water Cooler?

A desktop water cooler is more commonly known as a bottleless water cooler solution. It plugs in directly to a water source, giving you an “endless supply” so to speak, needing a bit more care and management, especially if you’re not looking to run up the company water bill. This tends to be a bit more pricey, but might have better long term effects.

The Benefits of Floor Standing vs. Desktop Water Coolers

Floor standing water coolers are fairly basic, with mid-range models coming with a hot water solution as well. These types of coolers are great, because it is easy to manage the amount of water you use in any given month. You are able to order a fixed amount of water bottles, communicate to the staff that this is all you can account for at this stage, and have it conveniently delivered to you each month, without much back and forth aside from a signature here and there. This means you’re unlikely to get a nasty water bill after a month of heavy use, especially in a time when things may be a little tighter than usual. On the downside, you may run out of water in the middle of summer months, where people are drinking more water than usual, so it requires a bit more maintenance and ideally an office manager with direct the process carefully. 

Desktop water coolers don’t run the risk of ever running out in the middle of a summer month, as they plug in directly to the water source within the building, with the water being filtered and cleaned by the machine itself. As you can imagine, it requires a greater amount of regulation, to avoid a big bill at the end of the summer months. You will however, never run out of water at an inconvenient time (the day of a bit investor meeting, for instance) and another benefit, is the fact that these water coolers come with more bells and whistles than your traditional floor standing cooler. Albeit a little bit more pricey, if you’re looking for a longer term solution that has multiple uses, this is the way to go.

Where To Get Your Next Water Cooler

Regardless of your needs, it’s best to explore your options, considering what will work best for your office, and your team specifically. Aquazania is a great option to explore when you’re on the hunt, not only because of their wide range of products, but because they offer both purchases and rentals, each with extensive maintenance benefits. That means that you don’t have to break the bank for a higher end machine, by having to pay a big sum upfront, should you not be able to. You’re also guaranteed of very competitive prices as a whole, and it’s no surprise that these guys are a top supplier in the Johannesburg region for this very reason, and because of the diverse range of products they offer.

The AQA Bottleless Water Cooler Range

The AQA Bottleless Water Cooler Range

Finding a suitable bottleless water cooler can be quite a challenge, considering the range of products out there to begin with, most of which, if we’re entirely honest, are set on emptying your pockets. In our search for an affordable solution, be it for your home or for the office, we stumbled onto an interesting range of products from a company called AQA, that not only provide variety in terms of design and functionality, but also won’t break the bank either. We’re considering their five most prominent water coolers today, playing around with each, looking at their basic specs and benefits, and of course answering the question of what you could expect to pay for the machine too.

AQA Touch

The AQA Touch is a great option to consider, not only for its sleek design, but because of its output capability, producing over twenty fix litres or cold, bubbly or room temperature water at the touch of a button. While it may be considered a more high-end purchase, this model is extra special not only because it is energy efficient, but because it offers the option of a custom designed stand, which is perfect for if you’re redoing the office or moving into a new space at home. The opportunities are endless. The purchase price for this machine is R22 000, and rental price is around R1 000 per month.


No, you’re not looking at the latest keg machine from the pub! You wouldn’t be the first person to have that thought when looking at this one. While the AQA Tap has a leaning towards commercial use, due to it being able to provide a phenomenal output of 80 litres per hour, it remains a viable bottleless water solution for any environment that may require a greater-than-average supply of water. You’ll find these in many restaurants, hotels and at big events. The AQA Tap’s purchase price is R35 000, while the rental price comes in at around R2 500 per month.

AQA Sodax

The AQA Sodax, arguably the most beautiful machine in the range (we were debating this for a while), is a good fit if you’re looking for something more modern and stylish, for either home or office use. This machine is one of few machines with a touch-screen system, providing all four water temperatures (that’s what we like to hear). We liked this one specifically because on surface value it looked to be one of the higher end models, but surprisingly, the price indicates otherwise. If you’re looking for something for the family at home, look no further. Purchase price is R11 500, while the rental price is only R575 per month.

AQA Slim

The AQA Slim puts a whole new spin on the traditional “water cooler”, and provides a longer, standing machine that is sure to generate a fair amount of buzz and popularity around the office. This machine is unique because it comes with a few choices for you to make in terms of customisation, including whether you’d like it installed with an add on to provide sparkling water (that would be a YES from us). If you’re worried that people are going to knock it over at work, a wall mount is also available. Purchase price is R15 000, rental price is roughly R450 per month.


If reliability and affordability is your top priority, the AQA One is a solution to seriously consider. Practical, simple and offering an output of almost five litres per hour, this one is good for home and small businesses, and is available in different colours as well. If you’re aiming at using this one at home, but you’re worried about your toddler or grandchild playing with the taps, don’t stress, they are all childproof and easy to manage. The purchase price for the AQA one is R6 000, and the rental price is a mere R350 per month. 

I’ve Found What I’m Looking For. Where Can I Order It?

All of these water coolers are available at Aquazania, a Johannesburg based water company, that has a long standing reputation as a trusted water supplier around the country. What makes these guys so unique, is that they offer the option to buy or rent the machines, with the added value of trusted service and great warranties. So before you shop around and consider buying a machine out of the box, give them a shout, and enquire about any promotions or specials running at the moment as well. Happy water hunting!

The Best Soda Water Machines on the Market in 2019

The Best Soda Water Machines on the Market in 2019

Soda water has never been more popular than it is today, continuing to provide a twist on the traditional drink we all love, with the added benefit of allowing the drinker to get creative with flavours, colours and more. These days, many people choose to drink soda water and lime throughout the day, even opting to add cucumber and other fruit to the mix, rather than just walking around with a bottle of non-fizzy water. You’ll agree that it isn’t practical to have to buy gas water each day, so what options do you have if this is something you want to explore? Soda Water machines are a good way to go, and today we’re exploring three of the best options on the market at the moment, for you to consider.

A Good Soda Water Machine: What To Look Out For

When looking for a good soda water machine, it’s important to consider a few factors. Affordability is important, but you don’t want to skimp on the price, and end up with a sub-par product. It’s important that the machine should be easy to use, easy to clean, and ideally also come with a good warranty. Style is a bonus factor, and luckily, most soda machine manufacturers seems to be designing with the future in mind.

BIBO Fizz Bar Sparkling Drink Maker

The BIBO Fizz Bar Sparkling Drink Maker makes our list because of its ease of use, and the fact that it comes in a variety of fun colours. What makes this machine cooler than your traditional entry level machine, is the ability for the user to control the amount of fizz in your drink. This machine can be used with all kinds of drinks, including tea infusions, juice, water, beer, cold drinks and even wine. Get more details at YuppieChef and do some price comparisons at other e-Tailers if it looks like an option that will work for you.

AQA Sodax

The AQA Sodax machine has been around the block, but year after year ‘cuts the mustard’ as a dependable, affordable solution if you’re looking for something a little more high end and with more variety than a standard machine. This champion product, made in Italy, provides cold and hot water outputs, allows for a fully customisable experience tailored to your needs, and boasts an impressive output of 15 litres an hour. It goes without saying, but this product is also energy efficient, regardless of the fact that it provides all four types of water output. This is the Rolls Royce of water machines without costing you an arm and a leg, and worth investing in if you’d like a longer term solution.

SodaStream Spirit One Touch 60 L Black

SodaStream is perhaps the most well known soda water machine brand around the world, and it’s no surprise that they have recently released a new model that is once again getting rave reviews online. Although not as extensive in features as the AQA Sodax, and more in line with the BIBO Fizz Bar Sparkling Drink Maker, what sets this machine apart is that it offers 3 levels of carbonation, a two year warranty (always useful), plus, refills can be purchased directly from supermarkets (not always a standard, would you believe). It looks a little like something that an alien may bring with it to earth on a first visit, but there is no denying that the product is future facing, and setting the benchmark for soda water machines as we move into 2020.

Whatever your needs, each of these machines have their benefits, and will make for a good investment or your office or home. Access to a consistent stream of healthy water is something that is often overlooked by people in the hustle and bustle of daily modern life, but by implementing small changes, like switching to slightly flavoured options with carbonated water (lower in sugar than buying a soda), or carrying around a jar of fizzy water with some fresh fruit, you can start to change your habits overnight, for a healthier overall lifestyle. Happy spritzing