Azkoyen Zen Coffee Vending Machine

Azkoyen Zen Coffee Vending Machine : All the Features and Costs

We have often talked about the big three global coffee vending machine manufacturers: Rhea Vendor, Bianchi and Necta. In this post we will rate and review another giant when it comes to vending – Azkoyen. Azkoyen is particularly famous for their snack and cold drink vending machines, but also have a growing coffee vending machine brand. The Azkoyen Zen coffee Machine is one of the newest vending machines on the block and one of the best coffee machines which we have reviewed.

Overview of Azkoyen Coffee Vending Machines:

Azkoyen coffee machines are divided into two main categories: OCS/Horeca and hot beverage vending machines. The simple difference between the two is OCS/Horeca machines are intended for small/medium usage and are typically table top vending machines whereas the hot beverage vending range are intended for large corporates and are mostly floor standing vending machines. In this post we will discuss one of the newest machines in the range, the Zen.

Zen Coffee Machine

Zen Coffee Vending Machine Overview:

The Zen coffee machine is the smallest machine in the Azkoyen “vending” range. The Zen features a crystal glass face which ensures the Zen is a standout feature in any office in which it is placed.

The touchscreen interface allows for 12 options which can be preprogrammed any way once chooses. The Zen allows for preprogrammed features as well as allowing the user to increase the strength of one’s coffee and increase or decrease the sugar content for each individual drink.

The ZEN’s biggest model is the Zen espresso 6 and Zen Instant 6 which are 6 canister vending machines (some of the biggest around) allowing the user to include all of the following vending ingredients:

1)      Coffee

2)      Milk

3)      Sugar

4)      Hot Choc

5)      Tea

6)      Soup

Zen Models:

There are four models in the Zen range:

Zen Instant 6 – 6 Canister instant vending machine

Zen Espresso 6 – 5 canisters and one espresso/bean to cup canister

Zen Espresso 5 – 5 Canister Instant Vending Machine

Zen Fresh Brew – Neither Beans nor Instant. This model dispenses pre-ground coffee on demand.

Zen Coffee Machine Canisters

Zen’s Features:

The Zen is one of the most featureful machines in the Azkoyen range despite being on of the smallest. The following is short list of standout features of the Zen Coffee Machines.

  • Bean, Instant or Freshbrew
  • 6 Canisters
  • VPTT performance grinder (In espresso version only)
  • Fill access from front and top
  • Crystal Touch Interface
  • Vending Stand or Table Top
  • 12 pre-programmable drink options


Zen Vending Machines’ Price:

The ZEN’s price is determined by each distributor but average price ranges for the following models are:

Zen Espresso 6 – R78,000
Zen Instant 6 – R70,000
Zen Espresso 5 – R68,000
Zen Freshbrew – R55,000

Zen Brochure:

Zen Vending Machine Brochure

Zen Capacity:

The Zen is designed for 300 cups per day with the ingredient canisters holding the following amount of product:

Espresso Bean Hopper – 1.9kg

Instant Coffee Hopper – 800g

Instant Tea Hopper – 1100g

Milk Powder Hopper – 1100g

Sugar Hopper- 2600g

Hot Choc Container – 1500g

Milk Granules – 800g


The Zen is one of the latest vending units in the Azkoyen range and due to its featureful design and striking looks, is gaining a lot of traction worldwide. To find out more please complete your details below or read more at:

Azkoyen International or Coffeetek UK