Bean Coffee Vending Machine Options in South Africa: 

Bean Coffee Vending Machine Options in South Africa:

When considering a bean to cup coffee machine, you are considering quality. The rich, tasty, aromatic flavors offered by a bean to cup coffee machine simply cannot be matched by an instant coffee machine that uses capsules and powder. How so? Bean to cup coffee machines take freshly roasted beans and grind them directly into a cup of coffee so good, you’ll actually be surprised. 

Bean to Cup

Where to get your bean coffee vending machines?

At Aquaspresso, we have the Aqua Bean Vending Machine:

This has been our most popular office coffee machine for the past 2 years as its able to cater for up to 100 people offering a one-touch, bean to cup coffee machine ensuring utter convenience for your staff. This means at the touch of a button you have access to the following beverages: Espresso, cappuccino, latte, black coffee, white coffee, tea, hot water, hot chocolate and choccaccino.

Additionally, you will receive the Aquaspresso after-sales service which is incomparable to any others.  This machine can be purchased for R26 500 or R750 p/m. If you are looking to save money, this machine probably isnt for you. But if youre looking for a quality cup of coffee everyday, then you’re looking in the right place.

However, at Aquaspresso we understand that what we have to offer may not be the most ideal fit for you, but nonetheless we are 

always happy to help. 

So here are some alternative options for you to consider:

Coffee Unplugged:

This company is based in Johannesburg and is proudly owner-managed.Coffee Unplugged has a wide selection of bean to cup vending machines for you to consider, ranging from all different brands and prices. So if you are in need of a company that has many different brands and options for you to consider, then Coffee Unplugged has the following collection: 


– Rheavendors Barista 

– Rheavendors CINO Professional.

– Rheavendors CINO Grande Professional. 

– Rheavendors La Rhea Variplus EC.  

– Rheavendors La Rhea Variplus Grande Premium. 


– Phedra Evo.

Coffee unplugged also offer their own vending machines:

– Golden Paris.

– Lionel S5.

Check out their website for more information:

Or give them a call: 0861 COFFEE (26 3333)


Additionally, Pureau also have a selection of branded bean to cup vending machines, coupled with the Pureau established, reputable brand name. 


– Schaerer Prime Fresh Milk.

– Schaerer Club.

– Schaerer Prime Powder Milk. 


– Bianchi LEI SA.

– Bianchi GAIA Style Touch.

Find additional information on:

Or contact them on:  011 553 6000

In conclusion, a bean to cup coffee machine is the machine for you if you want quality in your cup. So take a look at your options and decide which machine is the perfect fit for you and which company is going to guarantee the best after-sales support.