Bean to Cup vs Espresso Machine 

Bean to Cup vs Espresso Machine

So you are in the market for a coffee machine and you have evaluated all your options but you are still undecided. You’re stuck between a bean-to-cup machine and an espresso machine. Both of these machines have advantages and disadvantages that need to be weighed up in order for you to come to a definite decision.  

And so we have decided to take a deeper look into these two types of coffee machines so that we can help you come to a decision that you won’t regret. 

How Do Espresso Machines Work?

Espresso machines are generally used by baristas as they require some sort of manual input. This is because an espresso machine does not directly make coffee as there are some crucial steps that a barista will need to follow in order to produce a cup of coffee. The coffee beans will need to be ground, then a tamping process must follow until finally, you extract your coffee shot through the machine. The milk is then steamed separately and then should be poured into your cup of coffee afterward.  

As you can tell, espresso machines demand some sort of coffee knowledge and experience in order to use it to the best of its ability. 

(And if you do know what you’re doing with your espresso machine, then you will be enjoying a higher quality cup coffee than you would if you used a bean-to-cup machine.)

How Do Bean-To-Cup Machines Work?

Using a bean-to-cup machine requires little to no manual input whatsoever. This is because the machine will grind the beans for you, as well as extract the cup of coffee too. Additionally, the milk is also prepared inside the machine and will automatically be added to your cup of coffee. 

The only effort this machine will require is putting your cup under the coffee machine tap and pressing a button, the rest is all done for you. 

It is very clear that bean-to-cup machines are the easier alternative, however, are they the better, more quality alternative. 

Pros of an Espresso Machines:

  • The cheaper option. 
  • It can produce the best quality coffee. 
  • Good for high-volume demands for coffee. 
  • Fresh coffee (as the ingredients are prepared specifically for each cup.)
  • Ideal for coffee shops and restaurants. 

Cons of an Espresso Machine:

  • Requires an expert to use the machine (This is an issue for an office with many employees) 
  • Its technology is less advanced and thus requires manual input. 

Pros of  Bean-To-Cup Machines:

  • User-friendly, fast and efficient. (Great for a self-service environment
  • It produces consistent high-quality coffee.
  • It offers a wide selection of hot beverages.

Cons of Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machines:

  • One of the most expensive options on the market.
  • Freshness can be an issue (The ingredients are stored in the machine for long periods of time.)
  • You cant customize your cup of coffee in terms of strength, sweetness, milk, etc. 

In conclusion, when choosing between an espresso machine and a bean-to-cup machine, it is important to consider how much manual input and maintenance you want from your machine, as well as the quality of the coffee you want and how much you are willing to pay for a machine. Once you have figured out the answers to the above questions, then your choice of coffee machine will be obvious to you.