Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machine Or Coffee Bean Grinder & Bodum?

Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machine Or Coffee Bean Grinder & Bodum? 

The richness of the coffee that you drink in the morning is greatly influenced by two main aspects. One, the coffee brand that you use, and two, the coffee machine that you use in preparing your glorious cup. Choosing the best bean-to-cup coffee machine or a bodum machine isn’t an easy task. There are a few aspects one has to consider to get the best coffee machine that will serve you diligently and offer you that nice strong cup that you desire.

When choosing a coffee machine, you are most likely to come into an equipment dilemma. You may need to choose between a bean-to-cup coffee machine or a coffee bean grinder and bodum. This might be hard for you to decide between the two, but, we will discuss in detail each of these coffee machines so that you know which one is best for you.

What is the best bean-to-cup coffee machine?

A bean-to-cup coffee machine is a coffee machine that makes espresso and espresso-based coffee straight from whole coffee beans. It has an in-built grinder, a brewing unit, milk, and also a frother unit.

How a bean-to-cup coffee machine works.

In a bean-to-cup coffee machine, beans are ground and delivered to the brewing unit to a basket sitting in the unit. The coffee is then tamped by the unit. Water which is usually heated by a thermoblock or a thermocoil heater is then directed to the basket in the brewing unit under pressure all thanks to the vibration pump.

The espresso brew is delivered into a cup followed up by hot milk for a latte or cappuccino or hot water for an Americano.

The used coffee is ejected to the grind bin where the user empties it. All you do is put coffee beans in the top and empty the used coffee when prompted to do so by the machine.

What is a Coffee bean grinder and bodum?

If you visit any decent café, you are likely to see them using a coffee bean grinder. There is a reason why most of these café prefer to use coffee grinders. One of the major reasons is because of the freshness of the coffee. The taste of your coffee is proportional to the freshness of the beans. When coffee beans are grounded and stored, a lot of aromas and some beautiful flavours get lost.

Below we will discuss how to use a coffee plunger.

What is a bodum/coffee plunger?

A bodum/coffee plunger is a special type of French press that brews coffee. It is a simple machine to use, all you need is ground coffee beans, water, a mug, and the bodum itself. The bodum has a plunger with a filter and a glass carafe.

To brew coffee, add ground coffee to the carafe, then hot water and stir. Afterward, place the plunger on the carafe and slowly press down. This filters the coffee and pushes the residue to the bottom of the carafe. Pour the coffee from the carafe into the mug and enjoy!

What to choose between the two coffee machines

The answer to this question depends on your liking. Are you looking for a machine to serve you at your workplace or home? How many cups do you want to be making? What kind of coffee are you looking forward to making?

If you are looking for a small machine just for you and maybe your spouse, then a bodum seems like the ideal machine. However, if you want to be experimenting with a variety of coffee types, then getting a bean–to–cup coffee machine seems like the right answer.

If you want a coffee machine for the office, this means that people will want different coffee types so getting a bean-to-cup coffee machine is the best solution. This however does not mean you can’t get the bodum for the office. Again, it all depends on your liking.

Acquiring a coffee machine can be a hectic process because you never know which one suits you the best. The price of getting a new bean-to-cup coffee machine in South Africa is expensive. You can however rent a coffee machine instead of purchasing a new one from Aquaspresso. If you are looking to buy a new coffee machine, you can consult with customer care who will guide you on how to choose the best coffee machine for your needs.