Benefits of Coffee Vending Machines

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Even though we may want to deny the increasing influence of technology in our environment, we cannot escape the convenience that coffee vending machines provide.

A coffee vending machine is able to cope with consumers in droves directly (without any complaints) in a variety of touristy and often-frequented places. You can find coffee vending machines virtually all types of gathering places: offices, shopping malls, airports, train platforms, offices, garage shops, party venues, just to name a few.

Even just at the office, people today have lots of differing tastes. With the advent of Seattle Coffee, you know those “double mocha soy latte with cinnamon sprinkles” orders, people have diversified. With a coffee vending machine you can also include a variety of other hot beverages and options, not just coffee.

However, choosing the right vending machine is quite a tricky business as it all depends on  drink quality, efficiency and cost. Something that the office managers have to weigh up when they sign that coffee vending machine rental.


The most important advantage is that the cost of a cup of coffee from an office coffee vending machine costs much less in comparison to other options. Cost per cup provide a starting point but there are also other factors to consider before making a final decision.


Each working day, employees leave the office for at least 7 – 10 minutes to either get a hot cuppa or cool refreshment. However, a quality coffee vending machine would make them less likely to leave the workplace boosting the productivity, with quicker return to the desk or meeting. Just think about adding up all the time spent waiting for a kettle to boil and making tea and coffee and then also washing up afterwards. If you take into account that on average a person consumes around 3 cups of hot beverages per day, over the period of a year, this accumulates to a considerable amount of time lost for a company. Compare that to the advantage of a coffee vending machine that dispenses in less than 20 seconds flat!

All Inclusive

Coffee vending machines need no milk purchases, cleaning products or washing up of dirty mugs. Just a contract with a company who will look after the machine for you, service it and stock it. Large groups of people can get their coffee, hot chocolate and possibly other beverages (depending on the machine) in just a few minutes and at the push of button. No additional staff to serve the tea on trays, it’s all self-serve. Your office will dramatically cut down on coffee expenses by installing a coffee vending machine.

Additional Benefits

  • 24 hour availability of hot beverages for staff at workplaces with extended hours.
  • Safety is improved as the beverage is produced at an even temperature.
  • Machines typically has a facility for a direct water line supply with filter.
  • A large selection of delicious hot beverages for you and your staff
  • Just select your option, push the button and voila! Your coffee is ready! Super Easy!
  • No more dirty, sticky counters and spilt milk! Cleanliness.
  • Most of the product is contained safely within the coffee vending machine. You know what we mean by that!
  • Always ensure even servings, every time.
  • Convenient delivery all your products to the office, free of charge
  • Maintenance contract ensures smooth delivery, installation, operation and product deliveries.

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