Best Affordable Coffee Machine: Make Your 2016 Tasty on a Budget

Best Affordable Coffee Machine: Make Your 2016 Tasty on a Budget

If one of your New Years resolutions includes saving money in one form or the other – and you love coffee – this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. We review the most affordable coffee machines for your home. We like you so much, we’ve even categorised machine styles and everything is under R 3 000.00!

Best Affordable Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

We’re not playing around here- headed straight to the top of the range in terms of coffee freshness and quality. You settle for nothing but the best coffee, and now you’d like it in your home – without getting a second mortgage. Now, bearing in mind Bean to Cup Automatic machine’s entry-level pricing is above R 5 000.00 – you’ll be glad to know that the Philips Grind and Brew Coffee Machine may be the perfect hybrid for you. Selling for R 2000.00, this fresh bean filter coffee machine sis an excellent choice if you want the freshness of bean-to-cup coffee – and enjoy regular coffee (i.e. – this machine cannot make cappuccino’s and milk-based coffee drinks – a downfall, yes). However, if you can’t imagine a life without Latte – have a look at the Philips Saeco Focus Espresso Cappuccino Machine. It’s not fully automatic – a minor disadvantage in comparison to what you DO get with his machine. You will need to invest in a separate coffee grinder (check out the Mellerware Blade grinder for R 300.00) to grind your beans. A little bit of practice and you’ll be tamping your coffee professionally in no time. This machine brew two cups simultaneously and bears the wonderful Panarello Steam Arm. So with a little practice, and the wonderful price tag of under R 2000.00 as well, this bean-to-cup solution is a wonderful choice for those who won’t compromise on quality, limit their drink options and those who don’t mind a little extra elbow grease.

Best Affordable Filter Coffee Machine

If coffee taste is a variable factor of importance to you, and the bean-to-cup filter machine we mentioned above seems a bit too drastic or pricey for you – delight yourself with this winner: Mini Coffee Machine. For R 250.00, you get a compact, stylish little machine, two 150ml mini ceramic mugs, a measuring spoon and a reusable filter! You can either make one big cup of coffee in your favourite mug – or make two small cups of coffee with the two free ceramic mugs. You can either use pre-ground filter coffee of your choice – or buy a grinder and grind your own beans for an even fresher taste.

Best Affordable Capsule Coffee Machine

While we are on the topic of most affordable – I will feature two machines in this category. One – the Caffitaly Capsule Coffee Machine and Frother Bundle for it’s great value. For just under R 3000.00 you get your Caffitaly S15 & Caffitaly Buongiono Frother. This means you can have your capsule coffee the way you love it – straight up or in a Cappuccino or milk based drink. Win win! In the spirit of lowest cost – consider the Nescafe Alegria Capsule Machine which on on special at the moment for R 1800.00.


Best Affordable French Press Coffee Machine

Just about any retail store offers a range of French Press Coffee Machines. This is, by far, the most affordable, simple way to brew great coffee. Prices range anywhere from R 60.00 – R 300.00, depending on sizing, branding and the material used to make the pot. Also known as a plunger, this coffee maker takes minimal effort. Either use pre-ground filter coffee to brew up a cuppa happiness, or buy a separate grinder to grind your own coffee beans at home for an even better taste. If that’s still not what you’re after – consider buying a separate milk frother. This will allow you to infuse your filter coffee with frother or foamed milk – not restricting you to regular filtered coffee.


Whichever way you look at it – coffee machines are not pout of your reach. Some, yes, carry a great price tag, but if you look hard enough you can find a cost effective way to feed your caffeine addiction.


Tell us what your favourite coffee machine is, below 🙂