5 Best Small Office Automatic Coffee Machines

The 5 Best Automatic Coffee Machines for Offices and Homes

It feels like every day there is a new automatic coffee machine brand on the market. In the good ol’days it was easy – only Saeco and Jura to choose between. Today you go to any electronic store and you are flooded with an array of options including Severin, Sprada, Krups, Bosch, Delonghi, Jura, Saeco (Phillips now), Miele, WMF and HLF.  Now when compiling the list of the 5 best automatic coffee machines we looked at value more than anything. Yes a Ferrari is obviously better than a Fiat but does not necessarily provide more value. We have rated each machine on the value we feel it provides.

Number 1: Delonghi PrimaDonna ESAM 6620

Delonghi Prima Donna

The Delonghi ESAM 6620 (not to be confused with the Delonghi Prima Donna ECAM 35365) is our number one rated machine when it comes to value for money. The Prima Donna, features a stainless steel body and all the usual goodies like an adjustable burr grinder, an array of coffee adjustments and fully one touch capability. For a list of customer reviews of the ESAM 6620 check out this Amazon listing below:

Delonghi Prima Donna Amazon Review

Number 2: Jura Impressa F7

Jura Impressa F7

The Jura Impressa F7 is the replacement to Juras most famous and popular small office machine the Jura F50. The F7 has improved styling compared to the F50 and is almost a full one touch super automatic Jura machine. The froth on the F7 is probably the best out of this top 5 list. The now famous Jura micro foam resembles that thick froth one finds in a state-of-the-art coffee bar and the espresso extraction is only matched by the Phillips Saeco below.

The one criticism of the F7, which is why it doesn’t take number one spot, is it is significantly more expensive than the Delonghi Prima Donna and although it is close to a fully one touch option it is not 100% one touch yet.

Please see our Jura F7 review here

Number 3: Phillips Saeco Odeo Giro

Saeco Odeo

The Saeco Odeo Giro, is a classic in the Saeco (now Phillips Saeco range). Being even lower priced than the Delonghi PrimaDonna makes the Odeo a great small office/home bean to cup option. The one criticism we do have of the Odeo Giro is it doesn’t have any easy cappuccino making ability and only features a steam wand. It does manage to score a more than respectable 91% satisfaction rating at Seattle Coffee Gear .

 Seattle Coffee Gear Phillips Review

Number 4 : Krups Barista EA9000



It is rare to see a Krups machine in any of our top coffee machine lists but the Krups EA9000 is one of the most feature full small bean to cup coffee machines. The machine also looks great, and is a nice change from the ever popular Jura and Delonghi options. Krups doesn’t have the back up support and service of the other big guys in South Africa but if you don’t mind waiting a few days for machine servicing and repairs then this machine could be the one for you.

For more info check out http://www.krupsusa.com/

Number 5: Jura ENA 9 Micro

JURA ena9

The only second brand feature in our top 5 list has to be the Jura ENA 9 Micro (also not to be confused with the ENA 9 – a considerably more expensive option which only features a slightly bigger water tank) The ENA 9 micro, also not the cheapest option, produces hands down the best quality cappuccino a small automatic coffee machine can produce.

Styling is also awesome, with the signature Jura backlight and aroma preservation container. The one reason the ENA9 Micro sits only at number 5, is due to its frustratingly small grounds container and equally small drip tray.


When selecting an automatic coffee machine for your small office there are a number of great brands out there and you can’t really go too wrong with any of the big guys. As always, do you research and check out reviews before making any decision.


Prices,specs and rental terms were acquired at the time of the writing of this posted and can vary from company to company. Each supplier or DeLonghi operator reserves the right to vary prices, terms and conditions to his/her own discretion. DeLonghi is not a brand of Aquaspresso or affiliated to Aquaspresso in any way.