Best Coffee in Johannesburg? Best Experience In Johannesburg? Or both?

Best Coffee in Johannesburg? Best Experience In Johannesburg? Or both?

We’ve seen and heard it all; iced coffee, cold-brewed coffee, even syphon coffee and canned coffee! But have you ever, in your life, had a coffee made and served so innovatively that it blew your mind? Prepare to have your senses overloaded with what we’re about to share with you 🙂 A related article was posted on


Macchiato: The Basics

Let’s be clear on this from the outset – nothing but premium quality coffee is used in brewing your choice of filling for #thegrindcone. You may choose between a filling of superior quality Espresso, or a Macchiato (for those who are unfamiliar, this is an exquisite blend of pure Espresso topped with some micro foam). The coffee itself is an exceptionally high quality starting point – it is precision-extracted and employs the use of light roasted coffee. Any coffee enthusiast will know that this is the most exceptional level of coffee bean roast – as it allows for the true flavour of the bean to come through and amplify the experience. The Grind Coffee Company is so precise with their coffee – in an exemplary effort to continue a seamless flow of consistently premium coffee, they weigh out each shot of coffee based on grammage. See, Dayne has had extensive training in Australia – and worked under the prestigious auspices of Saxon Wright – the founder of Pablo & Rusty’s, in Australia. Further to Dayne’s priceless experience, his coffee mastery does not stop there. He describes the coffee making process as an absolute science (as opposed to an art – which begins and ends at the latte art applied to their coffee’s). And to be be honest – I agree entirely. Dayne ensures a consistent follow-through on recipes and malformations for his coffee – and even makes use of a refractometer to ensure consistency in the TDS of each brew.



Since it’s inception just over two months ago, the craze has swept Gauteng at full blast! Owner and founder – Dayne Levinrad – says that he sees about 30 customers per day (during the week) who come to his shop with the sole intention of having a pure 3 – 5 minutes of coffee-inside-a-cone infused bliss. On weekends, however, Dayne can see a turnover of up to 150 clients coming in for solely this experience! Don’t you dare, for one second, think that The Grind Coffee Company just buys some random sugar cones and serves from that. Not a single chance. Dayne was hit with pure inspiration, with some influence coming from none other than Heston Blumenthal – renowned for his out-of-the-box thinking and scientific ways of developing food. See, at The Grind Coffee Company, they do things right – or not at all. There is an on-site, fully dedicated cuisine cognoscente who spends her days crafting the most delicious and well-developed cones, with a specific chocolate blend enveloping the insides of this little luxury. Made on-site, daily, this treat can simply not disappoint. What’s the downfall? As soon as that delicious coffee blend hits that cone – you have no more than a few minutes to savour the flavour. Well, obs, otherwise it’s going to melt. But really, who is going to take more than a few minutes to indulge in THAT?!


Coffee Shops in Gauteng: The Cream of The Crop

As if the invention of #thegrindcone wasn’t enough to blow the coffee industry out of the water, Dayne decided to raise the bar even higher. Keen for coffee but not so keen on waiting in line? Click on that handy little green Whatsapp button and order away! That solves more problems than we know. You get to fetch your coffee, down it in a few blissful gulps – and have the most limited human interaction possible. (You can thank me later). Dayne saw this as a great opportunity to keep the communication channels between himself and clients as seamless and easy as possible. Delivery to the Melrose area can be facilitated and the response has been overwhelming. Add into that equation a simpler way of paying – and you start realising that since it’s inception in December (meaning The Grind has only been in operation for less than two full months) – the only way forward is straight to the stars! You can use their SnapScan facilities or Zapper to pay for your “fix”.



The Grind Coffee Company

Well, dear friends, I will surely be making a stop over at The Grind Coffee Company as soon as I can. There is no chance I’m missing out on this. And really – for R 40 per cone – it’s not going to break the bank 🙂 It’s time for us all to go enjoy #thegrindcone before it gets trademarked – or before demand for this little slice of Heaven shoots through the roof in Winter!


Let us know if you’ve tried one of these magnificent pieces of edible art – and what you thought of it.


Special thanks to Dayne Levinrad for the interview and insights – and Matthew Carter for the submission of his photo.