Best Coffee Machines of 2018

Best Coffee Machines of 2018

Each year, we like to comb through the newest, the freshest – and also the most long-standing coffee machines that have again proven they are stand-out products throughout the year. With 2018 coming at us fast, we thought it a good time to assess what coffee machines we should try get in our homes and offices.

Have your 2018 kick off with a great coffee machine in the office!


Best Home Coffee Machines of 2018

Capsules Machines for Home














While capsule machines are still as popular as they were when first introduced to the market, there haven’t been any major improvements or innovations in the past year. For this reason, we still think the Nespresso and Dolce Gusto Ranges from Nescafé win this category.  Why two machines for this category, you ask?

Well, the Nespresso is geared toward the coffee purist, while the Dolce Gusto is more suited to those who enjoy more of the “lighter” coffee drinks.

Explore the Nespresso Capsule Machine Range, with prices starting at R 1 650.00 through to R 5 000.00. Machines that suit your budget are the best (in our opinion) – and all of these machines are Nespresso – capsule compatible.

The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Range also has entry-level prices, starting from R 1 800.00 – through to the higher-end machines coming in at R 3 000.00. If you’re stuck between the two – opting for a Dolce Gusto will satisfy the coffee needs of both the coffee purist and the Latte Lover, as the capsule range for these machines are expansive; they include pure coffee drinks, and also the lighter, creamier sand sweeter ranges.


Bean to Cup Machines for Home

Philips Espresso 4000 Review









The new Saeco Espresso 4000 has hit South African shelves, and is the better-looking, smarter sibling of the Saeco Minuto. It is well-priced for a bean to cup, fresh milk coffee machine – setting you back only R 9 000.00. But for those who settle for nothing less than the best in their homes, this is an excellent choice. This machine allows customised brewing pressures for Espresso’s and Americano’s. It has a sleek and modern design, and carries a warranty from most suppliers.


Filter Machines for Home

russel hobbs cafe barista one












It’s likely you’re a coffee lover who prefers things straight-up and simple, without the fuss of having a bean to cup machine. We have to give this award to a machine that allows home users a full-spectrum, hands on experience; you are required to “tamp” your own coffee – and once you’ve mastered this – you’re set. For R 3 000.00, you get a modern-looking filter coffee machine, with a huge, huge benefit. Aunt Phyllis who just loooooves her cappuccino’s will love you too – because this filter machine also has a milk carafe. It will keep everyone happy, for a fraction of the cost of other, similar machines.

Watch a quick video review on the Café Barista One right here!


Best Office Coffee Machines 2018

Bosses – listen up. Your staff has worked hard this year, and they deserve a little spoiling. Buying one coffee machine for your office can boost your staff’s morale tenfold. Trust us; you will also need some good java to get back into the swing of things when work re-opens in 2018, so why not help yourself and them out? Two birds, one stone. I’m glad we understand each other 😉


Best Filter Coffee Machine for the Office

Bravilor Bonamat Novo Filter Coffee Machine









You’ll want to avoid the small-scale ranges offered by major retailers. These machines are not designed for heavy usage, and will only lead to disappointment when it can’t keep up with the demand.

The Bravilor Novo Filter Coffee machine is the industry favourite for filter coffee in the office. It fits two, 12-cup coffee pots – a large enough amount for everyone to get their fix before the 07:30 bell. It also has self-regulating hot plates, meaning no burnt or cold coffee – ever. Get your hands on this sleek work horse for R 4 000.00 (ex VAT) and be the hero of the office!


Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for the Office

Jura WE8 Review Aquaspresso










The Jura WE8 has been the pride and joy of Jura’s continuous development team worldwide – so much so – there has been a global shortage of this machine throughout 2018! Grab one if you can, because everyone wants one. It will set you back in the region of R 20 000.00, but comes jam-packed with features. It is JURA App compatible, has a water tank capacity of 3l (beat only by the Jura XS9 at 6l) and a bean hopper capacity of 500g. This machine is modern-looking, sleek and highly multi-functional.

Jura XS9
Jura XS9



That being said, if you’re after more of a workhorse than what the WE8 is capable of, the Jura XS9, is the “older brother” who has stood the test of time. While the aesthetic is very different, this machine will not disappoint an office of 50 or more – and will set you back in the region of R 24 000.00.

Check the reviews here:
Jura WE8 Review

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Best Coffee Vending Machine for the Office

Bravilor Esprecious Filter Coffee Machine









The Bravilor Esprecious 12 should be the poster child for a great coffee vending machine looks like. It has an interactive, customisable colour screen, contained inside an excellently designed machine. It lends an air of excitement to actually using the machine, so make sure you’re prepared for the novelty factor if you choose to use this in your office.

It is deigned to cater for all coffee lovers, and a large amount of them. If you’re a large corporate who wants a plug-and play solution for your coffee, the Bravilor Esprecious 12 will cost you R 55 000.00 – but your ROI will be visible in the eyes of those who are happy o tome into the office each morning (if only for a cuppa!). Read our review right here!


That’s us, folks! If you think another machine is more deserving of our winning title, please let us know!


*This is an unofficial ranking of “Best Coffee Machines”. The opinions stated are not a reflection of the beliefs of Aquaspresso.