The Best Coffee Syrup in 2021 – Spice Up Your Coffee Game

If the lockdown has given us time to do anything, it’s to get our homes and closets organised. If you also found yourself getting your hands dirty and letting go of those old items around you that don’t spark joy anymore, you may have also started to think a little bit more about other things that bring joy into your life. This includes something as simple as a hug from a loved one, all the way through to having the freedom to create the perfect cup of morning coffee. There is more to getting the right flavour than just focusing on how you brew a pot and what you’re putting into the process. Coffee syrups are a simple way to add a dash of extra zing, creating a unique experience with every cup. 

Flavouring Your Coffee To Perfection

Although espresso based coffee is on the rise (here’s looking at you, George Clooney), over time a lot of consumers may get a little bored by just having a standard cup of coffee every morning. We’re creatures of habit, but a little bit of variety can go a long way. So if you’re happy to shake things up a little, or on a mission to focus more on the small pleasures we mentioned earlier, adding a unique flavour to your cup of coffee in the day is a great way to achieve both. Commercial syrups can be very sugar rich, so it’s best to consider some of the options below, which will help you to avoid consuming something overly processed and potentially dangerous to your health. 

Monin Coffee Syrup Collection

The Monin Coffee Syrup Collection is nothing short of amazing, offering a collection of three 250ml flavours, including hazelnut, caramel and vanilla. Talk about enhancing the next cup you drink, and giving yourself options to mix-and-match during the course of the day. What we’re most impressed with is that the collection retails for under R200 at some online stores, giving you great value at less than R40 per bottle. Life will never be the same once you’ve tried these coffee syrups. You’ll be reordering in no time at all. 

Several bottles of coffee syrup lined up in a row

Nettari Flavoured Syrup Range

Another great coffee syrup range to consider comes from renowned brand Nettari. Their flavoured syrup range is often sold as a gift box, which can be the perfect treat to give a loved one that is cultivating their inner barista as we speak. Nettarri uses crafted artisanal syrup, which is concentrated with natural fruit fibres. That means that you’re getting a healthier option than if you were to buy something “over the counter” at the supermarket, so to speak. Better yet, these syrups can even be used for cocktails on a Friday night. 

Make Your Own Syrup At Home

Although not actively selling a coffee syrup, Aquaspresso has recently shared some tips for making your own flavoured syrups at home. If you’d like to get more particular about what you’re consuming, and make sure that you’re not buying a product that has a ridiculous amount of refined sugar, this is a good way to go. Making a simple syrup at home can be done by using a mixture of water and syrup, with added herbs and spices to refine the taste as you see fit. The whole process should take less than an hour, and the result can be stored in the fridge for weeks, ready for your next socially distanced gathering with friends and other loved ones.