Best Durban Coffee Machine Companies

Best Durban Coffee Machine Companies according to Aquaspresso

Durban is not typically known for its coffee culture like Cape Town or its fast pace coffee business industry like Johannesburg but there are still some great coffee companies (other than Aquaspresso) active in Durban today

Because we understand that we might not be the perfect fit for every company we wanted to create a great resource which will give you, the customer, some other options of coffee machine companies should we not be right for you. So here we go, the best coffee machine companies in Durban to choose from:

Colombo Coffee and Tea Company: Colombo specialise in fine roasted coffee beans and a selection of great teas. Their coffee bean range consists of a selection of single origin coffee beans from Colombia to Honduras as well as some great custom made coffee blends. Their coffee machine selection includes the Aeropress and the Bodum French press complimenting their wide coffee selection nicely.

Beanstruk: Beanstruk have a nice Jura Coffee Machine selection as well as having some fantastic coffee beans. Beanstruk is situated in saltrock in Ballito bringing some true coffee culture to the Ballito area. Beanstruk specializes in 100% Arabica coffee beans and can offer some great advice on the Jura range of machines.

The Bean Green Coffee Company: Peter, the head roaster at Bean Green coffee company together with his Daughter and owner of this gem Mel Winter, have done a remarkable job making the Bean Green one of Durban’s premier coffee roasteries. The Bean Green is not a coffee machine supply company but we had to include them in this list for the pure fact that their beans are just that good. The Bean Green has 6 signature coffee blends as well as an option to “create your own blend” which is great if you want them to mix up something special for your restaurant.

Crystal Coolers: Although primarily a water cooler company, still provides nice options when it comes to instant coffee vending machines and some bean to cup machines. They offer the Nescafe Lioness Instant vending machine as well as the Bianchi Sprint Bean-to-cup vending machine. They have branches in Richards bay, Durban and Johannesburg so if you are a multinational and have offices in these cities they could be a good fit.

We know if we aren’t able to help you for whatever reason then one of these great companies above will be able to provide you with a more than adequate coffee solution for your home, office or business.

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