The Best Industrial Coffee Machine Options for 2019

The Best Industrial Coffee Machine Options for 2019

If you’re a fully fledged business in the food industry, you’ll undoubtedly get to a point where your coffee machine will need to be replaced. Usually, this happens as soon as the warranty has run out (murphy’s law), so it is important to plan in advance for the needs of the business, especially if the machine is being used daily, and multiple times over the course of an hour. Industrial machines are designed for heavy use, hence why their price tags can range from tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands of rands, so doing research is essential before buying. There are many industrial coffee machine options to choose from on the market today, some of which we’ll explore here today. We’ll explore three different options at variable price ranges, to give you a better sense of what to look out for when you’re in the market for a new machine.

Rancilio Classe 5 USB Espresso Machine

If you’re business is on a serious budget or facing some tough times, a good starting point could be the Rancilio Classe 5 USB Espresso Machine. And no, this machine is not operated by USB power (something that many people enquire about when they hear the name). This elegant coffee machine is however programmable via USB, and provides the ability to regulate temperatures and other important variables via a computer program. In the R20 000 range, the Rancilio machine is best for a business that isn’t relying on coffee as its primary source of customer revenue, but rather for businesses and restaurants where coffee is a more of an added value on the menu. A mexican restaurant, for example, may be better off with a machine like this, considering that their clientele will be more likely to spend on tequila on a Friday night, than on a cup of coffee. This is something to keep in mind when analysing the needs of your particular business, which could end up saving you a lot of cash down the line.

Wega IO 2GR EVD Auto

Retailing in the R50 000 to R65 000 bracket, the Wega IO2 espresso machine comes equipped with a decent amount of power, and a boiler of around 10.5 litres. Not only does this machine look good, but when it comes to efficiency and scale, it  gets top marks from us as well. The Wega IO is considerably narrower than its competitors in the same price bracket, making it ideal for establishments with limited counter space. Easy to use and thankfully cleaning isn’t as much of a hassle as other products with a few more bells and whistles, this industrial coffee machine might well be the perfect compliment to your business, especially if you are still in the process of nurturing and growing it.

La Marzocco Strada 2GR AV

Major chains may have anywhere upwards of R100 000 to spend on coffee machines depending on their profit margins, and the La Marzocco Strada comes in at just under R200 000. Providing coffee at a constant 9 bar pressure, the Strada not only looks stylish and sleekly designed, but it is praised for its world class coffee and steam boiler functions. Power output is important with a machine of this size (85kg) and if you’re making a big investment on a coffee machine, in particular because it is a crucial component of the revenue of the business, it’s important to consider the added pressure a machine might add to the electricity bill. This machine is equipped to provide single and three phase power, and is known for being more energy conscious than a couple of its competitors, which makes it our top pick in the range if you’re happy to invest a fair share of capital here.

Industrial or Not, You Need a Reliable Coffee Machine Supplier

Regardless of the range you’re looking at or able to afford, you need a reliable coffee machine supplier, and Aquaspresso is South Africa is that and so much more. These guys are experts in the coffee machine field, not only providing great customer service, but they are always happy to give you a recommendation based on your individual needs. If you’re working with a certain budget, let them know, and they can explore all viable options with you. Their products are renowned in offices and restaurants around the country, and their rentable options have also helped many small businesses manage cashflow in the short term, before opting to pay full price for a machine. You’ll thank them for each cup of delicious coffee your business sells.