Best Purified Water Machines of 2020

When it comes to getting a clean, healthy glass of water every time, having a purified water machine is the way to go. These come in different types, namely bottled and bottleless, and today we’ll explore both to give you a clear idea about the perks of both. We’ll also be touching on the best machines in both categories for 2020, to help kickstart your journey with a healthier way of life, and peace of mind that you and your family are getting a clean glass of water with every sip.

What is a Purified Water Machine?

If you’ve never heard of a purified water machine, you may have heard its alternative name: the water cooler. These machines are designed to filter the water before dispensing it, removing impurities and giving the drinker clarity about what they are putting into their body. Consumer oriented water distillers have been on the rise in recent decades, with many reverse osmosis machines hitting the market in the form of innovative coolers, and at times even being found in places like water bars. Having doubts about the water you put into your coffee? Don’t be shy to explore a purified alternative as additional protection from harmful bacteria coming from the tap.

Knowing Your Preference: Bottled or Bottleless

Companies like Aquazania typically offer two types of water coolers, namely the bottled and bottleless versions. The former is what you would typically expect a water cooler to look like, and comes with pre-purified large bottles of water for you to consume. This removes all elements of doubt, as the water has already gone through a purification process and is purified as it is presented to you. Bottleless alternatives plug into the main line of the building, and the machine does the purification work through a built-in filter. This has its benefits, as you don’t have to keep replacing the bottles, but also requires more maintenance in terms of keeping the machine clean, and the filters in working order.

Best Bottled Purified Water Machine: AquaCooler Floor Standing

When it comes to the right bottled purified water machine for you home, explore the AquaCooler Floor Standing version. This machine has a long history of servicing companies and homes alike, providing sterile, fresh and cool water around the clock. The grey model is a bestseller as it fits into most spaces from a design perspective, and is also easier to clean than the white alternative. The machine itself contains an environmentally friendly cooling system, and is not made with disposable plastic components. We love that it offers hot and cold water, and that it comes with childproof nozzles for new families wanting to use the machine at home.

Best Bottleless Purified Water Machine: AQA One

On the bottleless side, the AQA One is a good fit for first-timers looking to kickstart their health journey and improve the quality of the water they are consuming. This machine is very reliable, and comes at a more affordable rate than you would expect to pay for competitor machines in the same range. The AQA One offers 4.5 litres of hot or cold water per hour, which is more than enough for all forms of private and office use. This futuristic leaning machine even comes with the option for you to add your own custom stand, making it uniquely yours and tailoring it to the primary environment where you will be using it. This sleekly designed machine comes in black, and is one of the best value-for-money purified water machines on the market today.
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