The Best Sugar Alternatives For Your Coffee – Healthier Alternatives

The sugar struggle is real. Even more so during the pandemic, when people have relied on sugary foods to help soothe anxieties and the uncertainties of the world. If you’ve found yourself adding an extra teaspoon or two of sugar to your morning coffee, it could have to do with your overall stress levels. Perhaps you started 2021 wanting to lead a bit more of an active lifestyle. Whether you’re already in the process of making a change, or keen to explore some healthy alternatives to sugar, the Aquaspresso team has you covered all the way. We’ve got some of the best alternatives you should consider when it comes to ditching regular sugar and consuming something a little more healthy instead. 

The Ongoing Sugar Substitute Debate

If you listen to some of the prominent food influencers online, there is a clear divide between the sugar vs. sugar substitute debate. Some argue that sugar substitutes are great, as they offer the same flavour enhancement without adding the calories. Substitutes can also be better for tooth decay, and most don’t actually raise blood sugar levels. Others have argued that there are no scientific links showing long-term improvements from using sugar alternatives, especially related to serious illnesses like diabetes and obesity. Regardless of where your opinion lands, one thing’s for sure. As with anything we consume, a healthy dose of moderation and balance is always the way to go. 

Agave Nectar

If you’re still keen to ditch the sugar, the first option you should try is Agave nectar. This is a natural sweetener that is derived from the good old cactus. People raved about agave when it first hit the market, though others mentioned that it does contain a fairly high amount of fructose too. Although the extensive research required to back this up is still relatively scarce, keep this in mind when you’re planning your consumption. Agave tastes great, won’t set your pockets back as much as other options, and is a good starting point if you’re on the sugar replacement exploration path. 

Woman holding a cup of espresso

Cocoa Powder

Another option you can try, especially if you’re a big fan of mochas, is cocoa powder. The idea is not to go with a sweetened option, and to stick to the unsweetened version. While you might have to sacrifice a bit of taste when you do this, your body will start to adjust in just a couple of weeks, and soon you won’t have the same sugar cravings you experienced previously. The chocolate taste is an added bonus, and you can enjoy a generous helping of coffee each day without worrying that you’re going to be activating the sweet tooth in you ahead of your next meal. 


Last but not least, we should mention something that tea lovers everywhere enjoy: honey. Because of its affiliation with coffee’s esteemed cousin, caffeine drinkers are quick to dismiss it as a viable alternative to sugar in their morning brew. If you don’t feel like it gives you the taste you’re after, you might consider using it in other places in your diet. It can be a gamechangers in terms of allergic reactions, especially as honey is a natural source of antioxidants and energy. Continue exploring with what works for you, and pretty soon you’ll be reaping the health benefits without even having to adjust your routine all that much. Enjoy the ride!