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Aqua Cooler Water Dispenser – A 2020 Review

The AquaCooler water dispenser range is a bestselling one for a reason. These floor standing water coolers have done their rounds in offices and homes around the country since they were first released, and have remained competitive in the market

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The Best Mini Water Coolers Options in 2020

In a modern office environment, doing the most you can with the space you have is everything these days. Gone are the times when companies rented out excessively large office spaces, and employees had their own offices in most industries.

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Floor Standing Water Dispenser – A Review

  When it comes to choosing the right water dispenser for your home, you may have explored desktop and floor standing versions in the process of whittling down which machine you’d like to get your hands on. If you’re still

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Best Purified Water Machines of 2020

When it comes to getting a clean, healthy glass of water every time, having a purified water machine is the way to go. These come in different types, namely bottled and bottleless, and today we’ll explore both to give you

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What is Alkaline Water? A 2020 Review

Alkaline water has widely been hailed as one of the healthiest water types on the market. Advocates suggest that it can help with slowing down aging, play a part in regulating the pH level of the body, and even assist

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The Safest Water To Drink in 2020

For many people around the world, water is a universal concept and there is an expectation that one type of water should be the same as another. Just like the quality of the water you drink from the tap in

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