Ice cubes from the fridge freezer

Do Fridge Water Filters Work?

When you own a fridge that includes a water filter, you might think that you’ve ticked all the boxes in terms of providing your family with a clean, purified glass of water every time they need one. Although they are

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Hard water that has been treated and is safe for consumption

How to Treat Hard Water

Hard water? This may be the first time you’re hearing the term. You may also find yourself facing the problem at home, on the hunt for what you can do to rectify it. In either case, we’re here to give

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Water that has been treated for being too alkaline.

How to Treat Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is a hot topic these days. Some experts suggest that drinking slightly alkaline water can have many health benefits in the long run. Others do whatever they can to treat alkaline water to get it “back in balance”,

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