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Bottled water that has been treated.

How to Treat Mineral Water

Mineral water differs from tap water, in that it originates from a spring and contains salts, sulfur compounds and other minerals. Even though mineral water comes from a natural source, it still has to be treated, because it may have

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Man drinking clean water after it has been purified with a water filter

The Best Water Filters for Removing Calcium

Hard water refers to water that is higher in mineral content than it should necessarily be. It forms when water with high deposit levels of limestone or chalk (typically made up of magnesium and calcium carbonates) runs through pipes, builds

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A water droplet from a purified source

The Best Water Filters for Limescale

Limescale is a tough, chalky deposit that is commonly found building up in bottles, kettles, pipes and more. It’s mostly the result of hot water depositing high levels of calcium carbonate (found in the water itself) that end up compounding

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