How To Drink More Water on the Daily

Up to 60% of our bodies consist of water, making it one of the most important natural resources to ensure we lead a happy, healthy lifestyle. Staying hydrated and replenishing our cells with clean, fresh water each day shouldn’t have

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Should I Buy a Water Cooler This Year?

You may have been pondering the question of whether you should be buying a water cooler this year at the turn of the new decade. “New year, new you” mantra aside, getting healthier and finding ways to better look after

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A Guide to Renting a Water Cooler in 2020

Supplying your office with a couple of water coolers is not only great from a practical perspective, but does wonders in terms of the health benefits as well. For many businesses, especially startups, the capital costs are too high to

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An Overview of Water Cooler Prices in 2020

We may be dealing with high inflation and relatively uncertain economic times in South Africa, but that doesn’t mean that we have to skimp on our health and self care. Having a supply of fresh, purified water can make all

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The Best Water Bottle Brands in 2020

With so much competition on the market, it can be difficult to decide who to turn to for your still or sparkling water needs. Whether you’re buying single-use water bottles on the go, or looking at a bulk purchase for

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