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Bootlegger Coffee Company
Bootlegger Coffee Company – A Peek Into One of Their Stores


I recently came across an unofficial Facebook poll, conducted by a respected name in the coffee industry, in which his followers voted off-hand on their favourite coffee spots in and around Cape Town. Less than an hour into the poll, I was seeing a ridiculously high amount of votes going to Bootlegger Coffee Company – so I decided to dig a little. And boy oh boy, was I pleasantly surprised!

So, apart from the tears welling up in my eyes, knowing a cup from Bootlegger Coffee Company is about 1400km away, let me get cracking on telling you all you need to know about one of the most beautiful coffee spots in our country.

Cape Town Coffee Roastries

Bootlegger Coffee Company's Raw Green Beans - Ready for Roasting!
Bootlegger Coffee Company’s Raw Green Beans – Ready for Roasting!

Cape Town has become a hub for coffee roastries and coffee shops, and might well be considered the coffee capital of South Africa; and for good reason. It’s home to some of the biggest names in coffee, and the coffee shops you can find on almost every corner offer something unique, exciting and inviting.

Bootlegger Coffee Company initially began their magic back in 2012, with a small, garage-sized lab dedicated to roasting their now-famous coffee beans; this was located in Riviersonderend. Having stumbled upon their golden concoction, Bootlegger Coffee Company officially opened it’s coffee shop doors to the fortunate residents and visitors in November 2013.

Bootlegger Coffee Company has reason to pride themselves, on many things, one of them being the development it’s taken to get their signature coffee blend to where it is today. See, they make use of one single blend, a medium roast comprising of coffee beans sourced responsibly from Guatemala, Costa Rica and Tanzania. They have put in the hard yards to get the blend to where they wanted it to be, and what it is today. According to Bootlegger Coffee Company’s Marketing Manager, this specific blend mixes beautifully with milk – but is even more exceptional without all the extras “coffee snobs” have come to live without – like milk and sugar.

You can be assured of the same unrivaled quality and consistency throughout each cup, at any time of day or any day of the week; this is in great part due to the coffee machine Bootlegger Coffee Company has taken on as their machine of choice (and you can’t blame them, I mean, the WBC chose this machine for a really good reason, too). Have you guessed their machine yet? None other than the majestic Nuova Simonelli. These machines are not only a sight to behold, but they are extremely reliable and accurate, produce a consistent, quality extraction and are actually quite easy to use (after your initial training, that is). But, credit should be given where it is due – and we know that getting the right grind level is as essential to a great cup of coffee as extraction itself is. They owe this to their shop-standard Mythos Barista Grinder. It is on it’s way out, but will be replaced by it’s close relative, the Mythos Clima Pro.

When asked who Bootlegger Coffee Company considers their favourite local and international coffee brands, we admittedly expected the run-of-the-mill answer of “We’re the best”. But we were pleasantly surprised! The simple act of answering our question in an open and considered manner let us onto another aspect of Bootlegger Coffee Company that might be overlooked. When you’re amongst the best, you have no need to bash anyone else – which just makes me appreciate their brand and company even more than I did to start with.

Rosetta Roastery was their local favourite – and for two reasons: Bootlegger Coffee Company appreciates the hard work needed to run a successful coffee shop / roastery hybrid, as well as the fact that Rosetta, too, is constantly pushing boundaries – and they keep Bootlegger Coffee Company on their toes! Healthy competition never hurt anyone!

Moving away from our local borders, Five Senses Coffee (Australia) and Stumptown Coffee (USA) featured as their favourite international coffee brands. This gave me a bit of insight to their core workings, as well, because not once did they mention their favourites as the well-known, popular brands that have become more of a window dressing than actual coffee shops. We love and cherish coffee shops that stay true to what coffee is meant to be.

The Best Cape Town Coffee – For You

Bootlegger - Tangible Passion for Coffee!
Bootlegger – Tangible Passion for Coffee!


If you’ve read even one of our articles before, you’ll know we are agnostic and don’t choose sides. Ever. So, when we asked Bootlegger which coffee they would recommend for both the coffee purist, as well as a beginner, they came back to us with a response that even Switzerland would tip their hats to (reference here to Switzerland’s neutrality).

The coffee purists are as welcome at Bootlegger as the person who has never been exposed to more than a Frappuccino. So, a coffee snob and an Instagrammer walk into a coffee bar… Just kidding.

But theoretically speaking, we would suggest that anyone who loves their coffee in it’s purest, most aromatic and unrefined form simply needs to ask for a double shot, black Americano. Unadulterated, no-frills coffee, using freshly ground beans which have had art and science applied throughout their development will undoubtedly leave you satisfied and cure that coffee craving of yours.

For those who enjoy a bit of a lighter mix, or cannot handle strong coffee in general – even those who don’t know the difference between a Macchiato and an Espresso – can comfortably walk in and receive that same warm welcome a regular would expect. The suggested drink for the coffee novice is either a Flat White or Latte.Bootlegger Coffee Company enjoys seeing the natural progression, once a new drinker has been eased into the experience, from Latte’s and milk-based drinks, gradually needing less sugar (which, by the way, completely draws away from the intended taste of coffee, as does milk, but we all have to start somewhere!). Delightfully, these patrons eventually place confident orders of Cortado’s – basically a Latte with a WHOLE LOT LESS milk! The name itself is of Spanish origin and means “to cut” – so to expand on it’s true definition – it is a shot of Espresso which is lightened with a dash of warm milk. This is basically the stage where coffee drinkers move from “crawling” to “walking” and in no time, they’ll be ordering Macchiato’s and Espresso’s!

The Place To Be!

Bootlegger - Sea Point Storefront
Bootlegger – Sea Point Storefront


So, what is going to make you head on over to Bootlegger Coffee Company if this hasn’t already convinced you? Bootlegger Coffee Company was in no way an overnight success; this should give you the confidence in knowing that years of dedication have gone into perfecting the best possible cup for you. The team behind the force that is Bootlegger lives, eats, sleeps (and drinks a whole lot of) coffee. They have people with a deep seated passion, behind the scenes, steering this growing brand by constantly implementing new, fresh, relevant and consistent ideas. The vibe is amazing, the people are incredible – and the coffee will speak for itself. When the staff are as excited about the brand as you are – you know you’re in for a great time.
Two tips from Bootlegger Coffee Company you should know: Buy local coffee beans. You’re bound to get the freshest possible blend, and their beans are as good (if not better) than the international market (which is often unregulated and exploited). Also, when it comes to making he perfect cup at home – take advantage of what modern day technology has provided us. Automatic coffee machines make the consistency, speed and ease of use you need at home as easily accessible as it would be at a coffee shop.

My own personal tip – keep your eyes on this brand, people! Having started humbly in 2012, this year has seen an unprecedented expansion on their roastery – growing form a garage-sized space to know having a proper lab in which they make the magic happen. Also, having five restaurants to date – I see big, beautiful things in the future of Bootlegger.

Bootlegger Coffee Company – Stores

Bootlegger Coffee Company
Bootlegger Coffee Company – Get Your Fix Today!

So, your mouth is watering and you need your fix.
Find Bootlegger at their locations, below:

Bootlegger Kalk Bay

The Majestic,

125 Main Road,

Kalk Bay

Cape Town


+27 21 788 1670

Bootlegger Sea Point

39 Regent Road

Sea Point

Cape Town


+27 21 434 0060

Bootlegger Point Mall

2nd Floor, Point Mall,

76 Regent Road,

Sea Point

Cape Town


+ 27 60 971 9515

Bootlegger Kenilworth

Shop G05, Pam Golding on Main

325 Main Road,


Cape Town


+27 21 761 4089

Shop 45, The Cape Quarter

27 Somerset Road

Green point

Cape Town


+27 21 421 1237

Opening hours:

Hours vary – check out Bootlegger Coffee Company’s website here! – Bootlegger Coffee Company

Contact them at +27 21 433 2599 or

In advance – you are welcome 🙂

The experience awaits!