A Brand Review of Keurig Coffee Machines

A Brand Review of Keurig Coffee Machines

In recent months, we’ve been taking a look at some of the most prominent coffee machine brands in the industry, considering their product range as a whole, taking a look at the affordability of their machines, and also keeping in mind how relevant their products are based on technological advancements in the industry. Today we’ll explore the Keurig brand, delving into their history a little bit, considering their range of products, and also discovering why they are one of the leading coffee machine brands in the industry now.

An Overview of the Keurig Brand

Trading as Keurig but formally known as Keurig Dr Pepper, this North American company boasts an impressive resume of products and annual revenues of over $10 billion. Merged in 2018, Keurig and Dr Pepper now provide products ranging from soft drinks to teas and coffees, juices, mixers, coffee machines and more. With over 125 owned, licensed partner brands, its no surprise that this is a company that has grown from strength to strength. With over 120 offices, this is a company that is on the up, and worth keeping an eye on as we head into the 2020’s. 

Coffee Machine Types

Keurig caters for home and commercial coffee machines, while also carving out a niche for themselves in the surprising form of refurbished coffee machines. Their machines range from single serve to drip options, as well as coffee maker bundles to take a bit of pressure off’ consumer pockets. They have a total of 31 brewers available on their online store, showing a diverse range of products catering to the needs of the masses. 

Keurig’s Most Popular Coffee Machines

Keurig’s top three most popular coffee machines are the K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker, the K-Classic Coffee Maker, as well as the K-Mini Plus Single Serve Coffee Maker. The brand seems to be most known for their single serve coffee makers, which not only come in relatively well priced, but are prominently featured at discounts, especially if you purchase them online. While these three are not necessarily geared towards commercial use, they can be a great addition to a small office environment, or to a space where coffee is not the primary product sold by the business. Restaurants may need to look at other options, but for home use, Keurig’s range is not only reasonably priced, but the machines are made to a high standard, with decent warranties to boot. 

Keurig and Other Brands of Coffee Machines

If you’re interested in a single-use coffee machine, or you’re looking for something for a commercial space, a good place to start is Aquaspresso. They provide expert advice around the best coffee machine based on your needs, and will be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to buying a Keurig or other similar coffee machine brands. For businesses looking for a quick fix, they provide rental services on machines, giving you the chance to test out various types of machines for a month at a time before you buy them. You’ll be thanking us when your next cuppa is placed firmly between your hands.