Bravilor Bonamat Coffee Machine Range

Bravilor Bonamat Coffee Machine Range

Finding a good coffee machine can be a difficult task, and with so many products out there, it can be tricky to find a good starting point. We recently got to take a closer look at the Bravilor Bonamat coffee machine range, exploring their different models and getting a better sense of the overall quality of the product. While generally impressive, there was one range that caught our eye in particular, which we were lucky enough to try in person as well. Not only an enjoyable experience as a whole, but we got some great cups of coffee out of using the machines as well!

About Bravilor Bonamat

With 70 years of experience under their belt, Bravilor Bonamat is a leading brand manufacturer of a range of filter coffee and espresso machines, automatic machines and hot water dispensers. Starting out as a small family business, these guys have grown to an international brand, supplying their products to restaurants, businesses and branching out into nontraditional wholesale ventures as well. A specialist in the market, from what we can see on their social media accounts, they are highly ambitious in wanting to develop products in line with technological changes, which is another notch in their belt.

Range of Bravilor Bonamat Quick Filter Coffee Machines

While offering a variety of coffee machines, their filter coffee machines tend to be the most popular among consumers. Their products in this area include the following ranges:

  • The Mondo and Matic ranges are more traditional machines you’ll most likely see at your next corporate meeting. Not too bulky, they are aesthetically similar, with the primary difference between the two being that the former does not require a fixed water supply, but the latter does.
  • The TH, Iso and Marine range of machines, unlike the Monda and Matic, create coffee in flasks, rather than glass decanters. You’ll be able to get more output using these, but keep in mind that they were each designed with specialist purpose, so explore each for their range of benefits, considering your own lifestyle and needs.
  • The Novo machine range is the one we were most interested in having a closer look at when we did some brand research, considering its sleek design, mobility and interesting range of accessories available too. If you’re looking for a trusted, affordable coffee machine solution for the office, this is the way to go. 

Product Review: Bravilor Novo Filter Coffee Machines

We were lucky enough to try out two Bravilor Novo coffee machines; the Novo and the Novo 2. Both machines are renowned as quick filter machines that are mobile and easy to use. It only took a minute or two to figure out how to use the machines from their instruction manuals, though coffee fundi’s will likely be able to figure it out without even consulting the manual. 

What impressed us the most, was the design of the machines, which don’t look like something you will find at a retail store in a mall. Elegant, future facing and with modern technology in mind, needless to say, our team enjoyed a lot of delicious coffee from both. The decanter in each provides around 8 cups of coffee in one go, with self-regulating hot plates to keep your latest brew warm, should you be rushing between meetings. Aquaspresso offers these machines, by the way, with the option to rent or buy them based on your budget, so if you’re in the market for something new for the office, they come highly recommended. Happy brewing!