Bravilor Bonamat Coffee Machine Videos: Cost, Specs and Features

Bravilor Bonamat Coffee Machine Videos

Bravilor is one of the oldest producers of coffee machines worldwide. Bravilor have come a long way from their humble beginning as only a filter coffee machine manufacturer to the modern day coffee machine manufacturing giant that they are today. Videos are the easiest way to see the functionality of a coffee machine so we have compiled a collection of all the best Bravilor Coffee Machine Videos we could find so you can see which of their range suits you best.

Bravilor Novo Video

The Bravilor Novo 2 is the newest of all filter coffee machines from Bravilor. The machine differs from other industrial filter machines due to its head adjusting hot plates whihc prevent overheating and burning of the coffee. The Novo also features 2 hot plates which house 2 pyrex filter coffee pots. Click here to view the specs and costs of the Bravilor Novo 2 (Bravilor Novo Specs)


Bravilor Quinto Video

The Bravilor Quinto is the most popular instant coffee machine in the Bravilor range. It features four instant ingredient canisters to store milk,coffee,sugar and hot chocolate or instant tea. The Quinto is ideal for users who need coffee in a hurry. Everything is mixed, stirred and dispensed in under 9 seconds. Click here to view all the specs and cost of the Quinto (Bravilor Quinto Specs)


Bravilor Esprecious 12 Video

The Bravilor Esprecious is one of the best looking bean to cup vending machines around. Featuring a colour changing backlight display as well as total touch screen interface, the Esprecious is one of the best bean vending machines we have ever review. All this doesn’t come at a cheap price however, with the Esprecious going for over R50,000 to purchase. Have a look at this machine in action below or view the specs here (Bravilor Esprecious Specs)