Bravilor Esprecious Coffee Vending Machine Reviewed

Bravilor Esprecious Vending Machines: Esprecious 11 vs. 12 vs. 21 vs. 22 Models

Nobody likes to drink coffee alone. Nobody likes to waste time. Nobody likes limited options. What if you are somebody who doesn’t like to drink coffee alone, waste time OR be limited in their options? Hello, you, have a look at this.

The Esprecious 11:

The basic functionality of the Esprecious 11 machine involves one single bean canister, and one single instant canister. The bean canister allows for the brewing of two, fresh, bean-to-cup Espresso’s in 33 seconds flat. This is thanks to its innovative and frankly, quite genius approach to the layout of the machine – holding a double outlet. Your bean choice remains yours; this machine accepts all coffee beans (including decaf – but let’s be real, if you were a “decaf” person, you would not be reading this). The other side to this beauty is the large (3l +) instant canister; it can be filled with extra’s for your Espresso’s (i.e. – cream for cappuccino’s and latte’s) or alternatively, filled with instant ingredients to produce tasty treats such as Café au lait, Crema coffee and Latte macchiato. Various cup sizes can be used thanks to its in-height adjustable outlet. You might also be glad to know that this fancy coffee machine is able to provide data output better than most trained professionals I know; the day and cumulative counter-data is exportable to formats such as MS Excel, so you can literally have your coffee machine figure out exactly how much of your consumables are being used, the peak times of use and how much wastage you may encounter. Is this it? Are machine’s starting to take over the world? If so, this pretty little thing will make the transition sooooooo much easier!

The Esprecious 12:

This hot little thing has one bean canister and two instant canisters. This is the differentiating feature between the Esprecious 11 and the Esprecious 12. While you will still receive all the benefits listed under the Esprecious 11, you now have the added feature of an extra instant canister. This directly translates to the ability to fill the second canister with extra topping for Espresso bases, as well as cocoa for hot chocolate. Mmmm.

The Esprecious 21:

Well hello there, how YOU doin’? Wanna come over to my place? In this offering, the machine dreams are made of has two grinding canisters. What does this mean? Everything! You can use these two canisters to produce insane coffee combinations – like a single origin with a strong flavour and roast level, added to a decaf bean to create a blend that does not make you compromise on taste or quality, but allows you the flexibility and creative license to make your very own blends that meet YOUR standards and YOUR taste preferences. Also, not to worry, this coffee machine also has the spare instant canister to allow for toppings to be added to your personal brew.

The Esprecious 22:

Ok that’s it for me. How much more can these machines actually do? Everything you read about the Esprecious 21 is in this deal, plus more. Two instant canisters and a divided grinder means that you can firstly create your unique coffee blend, add a topping (i.e. café latte) AND an extra, the likes of cocoa for hot chocolate. Can you even handle it? I am frankly amazed.

My Esprecious!

After looking at what’s out there in terms of Espresso convenience and weighing up your options, the main differences will be what will help you to decide what suits you best. From the person looking for above-par Espresso, created in less than a minute and serving up two cups simultaneously – all the way through to the Barista-in-training looking for a solution to allow them to create their own coffee blends AND add toppings and, and, and. You get the picture. If you’ve considered the amount of clean-up work this may take, let me close off by setting your mind at ease. All machines listed above have an automatic rinsing system, which optimises the in-cup quality of each brew, as well as assist in the life span of your machine by preventing clogging and dispensing issues. Finally, all machines are compatible with coin exchangers or other external devices, possess energy-saving modes and are all beautifully designed – bearing a mark of quality in the brand name Bravilor. Go forth and conquer the world of Espresso!

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