Bravilor Solo – Bravilor Hot Chocolate Machine

Bravilor Solo – Bravilor Hot Chocolate Machine

Bravilor continuously raises the bar when it comes to coffee machines; whether it’s an unprecedented interactive display, unsurpassed output capability or overall function.

But the introduction of the Bravilor Solo has blown our expectations out of the water. The Bravilor Solo is about to revolutionise the way we enjoy our favourite Winter-time treat, forever.

Hot Chocolate Machine

While we may be predisposed to believing that the more output and function a machine has, the better; in this case – we are wrong.

The Bravilor Solo Hot Chocolate machine is entirely dedicated to storing and dispensing quality hot chocolate. Imagine that! A machine entirely dedicated to one of the five main food groups! (I’m just kidding here).

Instant Hot Chocolate

The machine is the ultimate simplicity. It houses one internal canister, which can either be used for hot chocolate or instant coffee.

Bravilor Solo Requirements

Because of the compact nature of this machine, it does require some external inputs. It will need to placed in an area with a water connection. This can either be a free-standing water bottle, which a pump-pipe is connected to, or it can be plumbed into your water mains.

We recommend using bottled, purified water to obtain the best tasting hot chocolate, as well as maintain your machine by preventing lime-scale build up, caused by tap water. Because this machine requires the input of instant products, we do not encourage using it as a coffee dispenser – unless you are looking for a more fashionable version of an urn (because that’s basically the same output it would provide you with).

By adding powdered milk to your hot chocolate powder, you basically have a one-stop solution to providing a generally expensive item, stretched out and made to last longer by increasing it’s volume.

Bravilor Hot Chocolate Machine Output Capabilities

You can make up to 20 litres worth of hot chocolate per hour (if you’re using 175ml cups, the generally accepted size for polystyrene cups, you could easily produce about 100 cups in an average workday).

What’s better than that? It takes a meagre 11 seconds to dispense a cup of decadent, rich hot chocolate. Another reason we do not particularly promote the use of this machine for coffee is because of the bar pressure it carries; the Bravilor Solo has a bar pressure of 1 – which is not nearly sufficient to brew a genuinely good cup of coffee, but is the perfect pressure for dispensing instant ingredients into tasty drinks.

The machine comes fitted with an easy to understand, and easy to use rinsing mechanism, allowing you to prevent clogging and build-up inside your machine.

Bravilor Solo Size Specifications

It’s always important to know how big an appliance is, especially when it requires being plumbed into an existing water supply.

This beauty comes in at 17cm wide, 38.5 cm deep and 51cm high.

Bravilor Solo South Africa

Locally sourcing this machine could be a bit of a headache, but once you get it in your hands, you could expect to pay approximately R 12 000.00 – R 13 000.00 to purchase the machine. Retailers’ will have varied prices, usually based on product usage and other influencing factors.

I would have to say that this machine is the perfect accessory to accompany a Bean-to-Cup coffee machine. I say this, because as an add on, it’s a whole new world, without compromising the quality of the coffee you have come to know and love.

We’d love to hear if you’ve gotten yourself a hot chocolate dispenser and how it’s working for you!