Bravilor Bonamat vs Coffee Queen Filter Coffee Machines

Bravilor Bonamat vs Coffee Queen

The battle of the two best filter coffee machines surely takes places between these two coffee giants. The two brands have led the market in industrial and commercial filter coffee machines since they existed.

Both brands have pros and cons so we hope we can help you decide which filter machine is right for you in this post.

A brief history of both companies:

Bravilor Bonamat hails from the Netherlands and has been making filter coffee machines since the 1950’s. Bravilor,still today, boasts probably the most sophisticated coffee machine manufacturing plant in the world with the whole manufacturing process from sheet metal fabrication to the final assembly being totally automated by sophisticated machinery.

Coffee Queen started in the 1980’s in Stockholm Sweden. Coffee Queen was then acquired by Crem International which also consists of Expobar or Spain. Coffee queen then moved its manufacturing operations to China where it now produces all its filter coffee machines.

Pros and Cons of each filter machine brand:

Both of these brands are leaders in the filter machine industry and both boast an excellent record when it comes to reliability. There are a few differences between each machine which we have listed in our pros and cons list below:

Bravilor Filter Coffee Machine Pros:

  • Head Adjusting Hot Plates – This is the one feature which really sets the two machines apart in our opinion. The Bravilor adjusts the temperature of the hot plates depending on how long the coffee pot has been there and depending on how much coffee is in the pot – This eliminates the number one problem of filter coffee machines which is coffee burning which makes it taste incredibly bitter.
  • Closed Filter Pots – Coffees number one enemy is oxidization (when the coffee comes into contact with air) which causes the stailing of coffee. The Bravilor filter pots are closed as much as possible and only consist of a small aperture to allow the coffee to drip through.
  • Hardened Pyrex – Our customers have dropped their fair share of filter pots in their time and although hardened pyrex doesn’t prevent breakage when a full pot is dropped it does ensure the pots remains intact when an empty pot is dropped.

Coffee Queen Filter Coffee Machine Pros:

  • Price – Because coffee Queen is manufactured in China, consumers can get a great deal on coffee queen filter machine prices. Prices are on average 20% cheaper than their Bravilor counterparts
  • Availability – Coffee Queen is prominent in all markets especially South Africa so spare parts are very easy to come by


Both are great options and you can’t really go wrong with whichever option you choose. We would say if coffee quality is a priority for you and you appreciate a great cup of filter coffee then we would recommend the Bravilor whereas if you are looking for a good budget option then Queen is probably the machine for you.