Should You Buy or Rent a Coffee Machine in 2020?

Should You Buy or Rent a Coffee Machine in 2020?

If you’re on the verge of getting a new coffee machine for your home or the office, you may be stuck with a single question: do we rent, or buy a new machine? In order to make this decision, it helps to look at two things, namely, your existing budget (and what you can realistically spend on a machine today), as well as weighing up the pros of renting to the pros of buying. We’re happy to help you along the way and to make the process easier, so today we’ll be discussing just this, to give you a better sense as to whether you may be better off considering a rental, or if buying a machine makes the most practical sense at this stage. 

Companies That Give You The Option to Rent or Buy

There is a growing number of companies offering rental options as an alternative to buying a coffee machine upfront, and leading the way with this for quite some time is the Johannesburg based Aquaspresso. While this type of business model has seen success in other areas like water systems and related industries, many skeptics have argued that coffee machines are more of a staple to any business or home, so people would be less likely to rent. The statistics don’t lie, and in 2020, it’s never been a better time to consider a rental over buying a machine. But what exactly are the benefits of doing so?

The Benefits of Renting a Coffee Machine

When you rent a coffee machine, you are able to do a “test run” on a machine to see if it works for your environment. This can be a great way to test out a couple of products over a short timespan, in order to see which machine you would like to buy and make a longer term commitment to. Alternatively, renting a machine gives you monthly installments to pay, rather than having to pay a large sum upfront, especially if you’re looking at a high-end model. You gain access to a regular support and maintenance team when you rent, which can be a big help if the machine gives any kind of problems. While you won’t own it outright, you could save in the long run, and also update your machine more regularly at a fraction of the cost. 

The Pros of Buying a Coffee Machine

On the other end, buying a coffee machine gives you instant ownership, and means you won’t have to worry about making any monthly payments. While you won’t have access to hands-on support and maintenance teams, you should be covered by the guarantee of the product, which will come in handy if you experience any problems. Owning the machine also allows you to take it with you if you move house or move office premises, and you also don’t have to worry about penalties incurred from breakages or general wear and tear. You could also make a little bit of cash from selling the machine, before upgrading to a new one every couple of years. 

Weighing Up Your Needs Before Making a Decision

While both options have their share of positive aspects, at the end of the day, it comes down to what your needs are at this very moment, and what you can afford at this stage. Weigh up the needs of everyone who will be using the machine, and consider whether it makes sense to pay installments over the next twelve months, or if you can wangle the cashflow upfront. Getting a new coffee machine is exciting and will put you on a path towards incredible coffee experiences, so regardless of whether you rent or buy, you’re bound to end up with a great product either way.