Buying a Coffee Machine on Takealot – A 2021 Review

For many of us, when we’re looking for a new product, our first instinct is to start with a Google search. In South Africa, the likelihood of landing up on Takealot – the #1 eCommerce store in the country is – pretty high. So what about buying a coffee machine on the platform? Today, we’ll review the entire process from start to finish, giving you some tips to ensure you get your hands on the best possible options related to your price range, and the brands you’re looking for. 

Where To Go To See Their Catalogue

While the home page can be rather overwhelming, Takealot has a Home & Kitchen department that showcases all the various coffee machine options on sale. You can jump straight to this part of their catalogue, or simply do a search for “coffee machines” in the search bar. While you may be distracted by other items and banners promoting specials and such, keep your focus on the task at hand first, before dwelling off onto other regions of the store itself. 

The Sort Function is Your Best Friend

Once you’re in the right department, you may see a couple of coffee machines pop up right away. Here’s where a small tip will come in very handy. At the top right corner of the page, look for the sort function, which allows you to sort the items in their catalogue based on four parameters, namely bestselling, rating, release and price. Are you looking for a machine that has sold well among consumers before? Do you want something with a high rating? Does it matter when it was released? What kind of price are you working with? These questions can help guide you to the type of machine you’re looking for. Figure this out before starting to explore the different ranges. 

Don’t Forget About the Daily Deals

Once you’ve whittled down some of the options that fit your parameters, you can start to do some exploring and add a few items to your wishlist. This allows you to compare machines later down the line, and especially when you have a few choices lined up. Once you’ve got this done, it’s worth having a glance at their “Daily Deals” section of the store, to see if one of your products, or a similar one, is on special at the moment. This might help you to find a good deal. Alternatively, if you’re only looking to make a buying decision after consulting members of your family or the team at work, sign up for their newsletter, which will deliver deals to you every morning right to your inbox. A little bit of research goes a long way to finding what you’re looking for (or something similar) at a great price. 

If You’re Not Finding What You’re Looking For

If you go through the seamless process of finding some product options on Takealot but you’re still left unsatisfied, talking to someone who can provide some insight based on your specific situation is a good idea. A company like Aquaspresso employs coffee specialists who help pair people up with coffee machines (sales and rentals) on a daily basis. They may even have a good deal on the product you’re looking for, especially as TakeAlot can tend to lean on the pricey side from time to time. Once you’ve covered all bases, it’ll be next to no time before your coffee machine arrives at the door. Enjoy!