Comparing Buying vs. Renting a Coffee Machine

So you’re thinking about adding a coffee machine to your home or office? Great stuff! As you’ll soon notice, the market has a lot of machines on offer, and companies are innovating their designs year after year in order to meet the increased demands of technology in our homes and office spaces across the country. Before you choose which machine you’d like, it helps to consider whether you’re looking to buy a new machine, or to explore a rental. This has to do with your budget, as well as a couple of other considerations, which we’ll outline here today. 

Why More People Are Buying & Renting Coffee Machines

The first half of 2020 has shaken up the world right to its core, with the coronavirus pandemic changing the way we live, work and how we interact with people around us. With lockdown orders becoming commonplace in most nations, companies were forced to create work from home policies, which meant that consumers suddenly found themselves spending all their time at home. This meant that the running supply of coffee from the office was suddenly no longer an option, resulting in more people exploring their options beyond just making instant coffee in the morning. With entire families being forced to remain at home for an extended period, many families have found themselves in a position to look at an alternative, including exploring buying or renting a coffee machine. 

The Benefits of Buying a Coffee Machine

When you’re buying a coffee machine, you’re buying a piece of craftsmanship, designed specifically with your preferences in mind. Ownership means you pay for the machine in one go, without having to worry about any additional fees. This means that with each cup, the machine starts paying itself off. Buying a coffee machine also means that you’re getting a product straight out of the box, with a warranty included. This is not always the case with a rental, which may have been passed along from home to home or business to business in the past. This could affect performance, and operational functionality, and by buying a machine you won’t have the same concerns. 

The Perks of Renting a Coffee Machine

That said, rentals do also offer a great deal of perks worth keeping in mind. They allow you to “try before you buy”, especially if you’re looking to drop a large sum on a high-end machine. Rentals free up cash flow, allowing you to pay a small monthly fee, rather than having to get a large amount together in one go. With rentals, you’re dealing directly with a supplier, who will be able to assist with queries, installation, maintenance and servicing too. This also means you have first hand access to newer models and can switch out machines more regularly, especially if your tastes and preferences change over time. 

Where to Look When You Need Either

Whether you buy or rent a coffee machine, you’re getting great benefits from either. Both options allow you to enjoy a delicious cuppa each morning when you wake up, as well as giving you a steady caffeine supply as you go about your day, lockdown or not. Aquaspresso is one of the few companies in Johannesburg offering both purchase and rental options on some of the most popular machines for homes, offices, restaurants and even coffee shops themselves. Always keen to play open cards, their team will talk to you about your needs first, suggesting some options based on that, and always sticking to your price range. You’ll be sipping a cup of coffee from bed before you know it.