Cafflano Klassic Coffee Maker Review

Cafflano Klassic Coffee Maker Review

The Cafflano Klassic Coffee Maker is a 4-piece, single serve bean to cup coffee making device that ensures the freshest cup of coffee imaginable – almost anywhere!

I have refrained from calling it a coffee machine: The Cafflano Klassic is a single, free-standing portable device – the total opposite to what we have come to know as a coffee machine, which is typically plugged in to a power source and mostly immovable.

Cafflano Klassic – Components

This on-the-go coffee maker is as ingenious as it is compact and convenient. The machine looks like a basic travel mug from the outside, but upon closer inspection, we see it comprises of four major components:

  • A Drip Kettle
  • Hand Mill-Grinder
  • Filter Dripper
  • Tumbler / Cup

How Does The Cafflano Klassic Coffee Maker Work?

Apart from boiling water and coffee beans – this device means you’re ready to make coffee almost anywhere, at any time.

Using the Filter Dripper (already fitted) and the Hand Mill-Grinder, grind approximately 20g of whole coffee beans directly into your filter area. The device is designed to reduce and almost entirely remove the “bounce’ you would normally associate with a free-standing grinder, making the experience even more streamlined and convenient. Grinding your beans should take you about one minute, and this is probably the most labour-intensive part of the entire process.

Once your beans are ground, remove the Hand Mill-Grinder completely to reveal the Filter Dripper.

Fill your Drip Kettle to the brim with piping hot water; pour approximately 1/5 of the amount of water over your grounds (ensure the ground coffee is completely covered) and allow this to pre-infuse for 45 seconds. Take note – if you (like me) enjoy piping hot coffee, pop the tumbler/ cup over the top of the Filter Opening to avoid any hot air escaping during this pre-infusion process.

Once you have pre-infused your ground coffee, slowly pour-over the remaining water from the Drip Kettle until your filter is filled to the top.

Allow your coffee to brew itself – try aim for 1 – 3 minutes; after the 3 minute mark, you’re going to start extracting the extreme bitterness associated with over-extracted coffee.

Remove your Filter Dripper completely, sit back and enjoy your freshly brewed cup of filter coffee!

Who Should Buy The Cafflano Klassic?

Off the bat – be sure to know that this type of coffee solution is NOT going to be the right path to take for everyone.

Let’s get this out the way – whop is the Cafflano Klassic NOT a good fit for?

– Someone who wants to press a button and have all the “hard” work done for them.

– If you enjoy creamy, milk-based drinks, please don’t use this. You are limited to brewing only filter coffee from this type of device.

– Someone who will be making coffee for more than one person (i.e. – themselves) – throughout the day.


But then – who is the Cafflano Klassic a good fit for?

– If you find yourself camping or travelling long distances often, and cannot find good coffee the majority of the time – this nifty little device could be the answer to all your problems.

– If you enjoy the preparation of coffee as much as you enjoy the end product, you’ll love the convenient but hands-on features the Cafflano Klassic Offers.

Cafflano Klassic vs Capsule vs Filter Coffee Machines

To compare apples with (smaller) apples, weigh up your options between three three types of coffee machine that will yield the same results:

Preparation Time

– Cafflano Klassic – 3 – 5 minutes per cup

– Capsule Machines – 1 – 3 minutes per cup

– Filter Coffee Machine – Batch brewing means up to 12 cups can bee brewed in 6 minutes – i.e. – 30 seconds per cup

Output Capacity

– Cafflano Klassic – One cup (250ml) per preparation

– Capsule Machines – One cup per preparation

– Filter Coffee Machine – Up to 12 cups per preparation

Output Quality

– Cafflano Klassic – Limited to filter coffee – although quality is immense as freshly ground beans are used.

– Capsule Machines – Less freshness due to pre-packaged capsules, however, greater variety.

– Filter Coffee Machine – Limited to filter coffee, which can be bought pre-packaged or ground freshly, on-the-spot with a separate coffee bean grinder.


– Cafflano Klassic – No by-products; only coffee grounds, which contain nitrate. The can be added to top soil to assist plant growth.

– Capsule Machines – coffee capsules which are not properly recycled end up in land fills and are already having a huge environmental impact.

– Filter Coffee Machine – Filter paper is usually biodegradable, and ground coffee can be used as outlined in the Cafflano eco-friendliness indicator.

Coffee Type Limitations

– Cafflano Klassic – Limited to filter coffee.

– Capsule Machines – Varieties can include Chai Tea’s, powdered milk capsules and varied coffee strengths per capsule.

– Filter Coffee Machine – Limited to filter coffee.

In Conclusion

If you’ve ever enjoyed things like the AeroPress and the novelty of brewing your own cup of coffee from start to end, this could be a wise investment for you. You’re guaranteed fresh, quality coffee in a few minutes with very little maintenance or cleaning up.

Brewing in batches is never, ever going to work when using this as your “machine” of choice. You’ll wear it out and almost certainly never be satisfied with how much coffee it can brew.

For variety – look elsewhere. Simple.

But for the freshest ground coffee delivered straight to your mug, anywhere at any time – this is the tool for you!

To get a good idea of how to use this device – check out Cafflano’s Website Video right here!